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Halloween event, Bow of Faerdhinen, new items, new quest, CoX edits + Much, much more!

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Halloween event:

The halloween event starts off great with a new halloween-themed quest named "Rick's head"


You will also be able to obtain red candy (1 point) and black candy (2 points) doing various activities.

These activities are:
Rick's head quest
Any object inside Pyramid Plunder
Any impling you catch
Praying at Ectofuntus

The event shop!
The slayer helmet will only be available through this event for a little bit.

Use code "HALLOWEEN" for 15% off your order.

New quest:
Rick's head

Rick needs your help! His twin brother is in big trouble and he needs you to save his life!


The quest has a puzzle, riddles & a surprise!

During the Halloween event you can obtain:
Banana cape
Banana hat
Red candy (for the halloween shop)
Black candy(for the halloween shop)

Main rewards:
Speak to Wizard Miglog daily and solve a riddle to receive daily unique rewards! (<- this is coming soon)

50k GP
1x XP scroll
(During halloween event: banana hat, banana cape, red candy, black candy)
10k hunter XP
Goldsmith Gauntlets


New items:

Added alot of new items (The full item list is below)
Most noticeable items:
- Amethyst darts
* You can also now create the amethyst darts and use them.

- Scythe color kits from TOB hard-mode
- Bow of Faerdhinen and much more!


Bow of Faerdhinen is added to The Frozen Prison loottable

Chambers of Xeric:

Chambers Of Xeric event
50% increased chance at obtaining loot during it!

You can now also use SWH as hammer Jewelled Crabs

You can now pick up the hammer at Jewelled Crabs

Arrows drop less often inside COX

Added prayer enhance
Restores 1 prayer point every 6 ticks



Flower poker is nearly finished just some final testing days

Added KC announcements The Frozen Prison & Hespori

Fixed Holy Wrench

Fixed x1 rank title

Alot of edits done to Grotesque Guardians

Fixed slayer titles

Fixes done to the crystal armor (in terms of damage & accuracy increase bow of Faerdhinen & crystal bow)

Nightmare edits increasing performance

Added chance for gems at Motherlode mine

Fixed the buff with Lance/DHCB against Wyverns

Teak logs now drop noted from wyverns

Fixed accounts freezing at chest in Yanille

Poison now resets after tournament

Bruma torch can now light a brazier in Wintertodt

Fixes workshop Construction

Karuulm dungeon teleport in "Dungeons"



All newly added items:
Bow of Faerdhinen + placeholder noted
Bow of Faerdhinen (uncharged) + placeholder noted
Bow of Faerdhinen corrupted + placeholder noted
Bow of Faerdhinen (uncharged) corrupted + placeholder noted
Amethyst darts
Amethyst dart(p)
Amethyst dart tip
Amethyst dart(p+)
Amethyst dart(p++) + Noted/placeholders variants

Sanguine ornament kit
Holy ornament kit
Sanguine scythe of vitur
Holy scythe of vitur
Holy Sanguinesti staff
Holy Ghrazi rapier

Two Dragon hunter crossbow skins
Tzkal slayer helm normal and (i)
Vampyric slayer helm normal and (i)
Tztok slayer helm normal and (i)
Enhanced crystal weapon seed
Banana hat
Little parasite
Sanguine dust
Plank sack
Propeller hat
Great blue heron
Dark flippers
Golden prospector helm
Golden prospector jacket
Golden prospector legs
Golden prospector boots
Star fragments
Banana cape
Cursed banana


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