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  1. Droprates We have editted alot of items with a minor improvement with droprates. Dragon Warhammer - Was 5k now 3.5k Abyssal whip - Was 448 now 434 Basilisk Jaw/head - Was 1104 now 1004 Elysian Sigil - Was 4067 now 2324 Blood Shard - Was 1200 now 910 Bonecrusher (Barrows) - Was 250 now 125 Nightmare Staff - was 405 now 345 Inquisitor Mace - was 1300 now 1266 All Nightmare orbs - was 1485 now 1266 All Inquisitor set pieces - was 636 now 542 Galvek Draconic Visage - was 5166 now 2593 Kalphite queen Dragon chainbody - was 532 now 490 Kalphite queen Dragon 2h - was 532 now 490 Sarachnis cudgel - was 386 now 323 Voting We decided its time to spice up voting a bit. Every 6 votes you are now able to get a random clue casket ranging from easy to master. At 100 votes you will get a Mystery box. When you reach 250 votes you will receive x2 super mystery books The vote store will also be changed in a later update. You now get 75k gold each vote because all sites are now fixed and we have added rewards. Donator store We have implemented a donator store that will change items every 24 hours with a limited stock. This shop has new items and also existing items like Super mystery book that will have a limited stock with decreased prices. There are about 130+ Items and will show 20 different items every 24 hours! Also removed/added alot of items in the other two static stores. Fixed the superheat donor benefit Fixed LMS (1000) cape & added items for our upcoming Gauntlet update. (The pet, blade of saeldor etc) Broadcast said the xp scroll was 100% xp, this is now changed to 50% because it wasnt correct. Updated ::commands Inquisitor Mace now hits every 4 ticks instead of 5. Removed bronze mask from super mystery book Runite ore now requires 4 coal at Blast Furnace Fixed url directions of ::updates and ::rules Changed craw's bow ID in super book to the correct one Sigmund now buys Magic seeds for 75k each Sigmund now also buys Berserker Necklace for 700k each. Inferno cape daily task store changed points Removed "canafis" teleport Editted rogue death ticks Alot of items didnt require a magic/defense level to equip it. I've fixed about 40 items that didnt have these requirements. We have done quite some work on gauntlet & Pyramid plunder and alot of other projects, we are excited about upcoming updates that we will bring to you guys!
  2. Added ::lms takes you straight to the start of LMS lobby Increased stock of ores at Blast Furnace to 1000 Battlestaffs now drop noted All quests now also give x2 crystal keys Fixes for raids DHL now works properly against Alchemical Hydra removed bloodweld that dropped GWD key in Catacombs Reduced Dragon Pickaxe droprate at Chaos Elemental to match more Edits done to Adamant dragon made the poison hit less hard Added barbarian fishing cutting for Roe and Caviar and you can also eat them now Increased droprate totems at Catacombs Fixed extended & super extended antifire timers Fixed teleport coords Etceteria farming spot Shaman loot now spawns around the npc spawn location Fixed Abyssal Demon teleport attack, was buggy with NPCs at home Fixed getting alot of buckets at Blast Furnace Added ::wiki, you can search any item/npc etc and go straight to the wiki. For example: ::wiki adamant arrows or ::wiki nightmare
  3. Blast Furnace A long awaited update, blast furnace is now here! Nightmare HP bug fixed Added melee attack for Nightmare You can now cut Barbarian fish. Prifdinas renamed to Prifddinas Took off Morrigan NPC nerf Added killcount on item drop announcement Added blue dragon scale ground spawns in Taverley blue dragons spot Added damage cap for ruby bolts You now get a message when you get ailed how much you need to mine Changes to hot/cold for Mage Arena 2 making it easier to find the bosses Added teleport to Blast furnace & Nightmare Zone Altar at home! DHCB now has the increased damage against Elvarg and Galvek Reduced some attacks/things for Elvarg making him a little bit easier.
  4. Elvarg has been added as a fun starter boss with extras. You are able to get full rangers outfit from Elvarg. Also if you chisel the head you get dragon bones. Depending on your crafting level you get different amount of bones & green dragonhide! 1-70 crafting 1-2 bones 70-98 crafting 3 bones 99 crafting 4 bones (PER HEAD!) With the release of Galvek I was debating what gear to add. I figured Morrigan would be a good fit with Galvek. Morrigan has been restored to its original stats so its the BIS ranging gear at this moment on release. Reduced droprates a bit at GWD, bandos and Kree'arra + mobs Bob the cat at home can now unimbue your Berserker, archers and seers rings to make them tradeable again. Added some more items to loot announcements First players that receive a piece of Morrigan or D claws from Galvek will receive a super book. First player to receive a piece of ranging gear gets a super book. <- this one won by Envy First player with a full set of ranging gear obtained throuh Elvarg will get a special reward! ^^^ BE SURE TO MAKE SCREENSHOTS WITH TIME! ^^^
  5. Galvek got some bug fixes and to celebrate we also editted the loottable and changed some things about him. From now on you can start the Galvek fight straight from home using the boat south, the teleport will also take you there. And the loottable, has more then this picture shows. Be sure to check it out! Hotfixes for previous update LMS fixes In LMS the key will now appear under you after killing a player Changed drop values of all nightmare staffs You can now use hammer on godwars again Fixed the issue of players nulling NPCs because of daily task. Other small fixes
  6. LMS: Added LMS double points event Changed shop a bit, added twisted horns & crystal armour seed Fog now comes after 5 minutes. Multiple other small edits Edits done to Lizardmen shamans: Purple spawns spawn less decreased explode ratio Added hunter trap restrictions Small buff for VLS: Stab attack from 86 to 90 Slash attack from 95 to 100 Melee strength bonus from 85 to 91 Sigmund: VLS = 35m Snapdragon seed = 55k Avantoe seed = 380 Bread = 30 Chocolate slice = 100 Silk = 100 Silver ore = 150 Uncut sapphire = 150 Uncut emerald = 160 Uncut ruby = 170 Uncut Diamond = 250 Dragonstone = 1000 Bloody Merchant: Added XP scroll for 150k BM Added Double drops scroll for 300k BM Added crystal tool seed for 750K BM Changed prices of items Added ancient wyvern shield right stats Increased value of items for when it drops You can now use DWH at godwars to ring the gong Fix for Motherlode mine for players that were stuck at a specific ore amount. Defenders are now properly added to collection log & more small edits to Cyclops Collection log wont spam now if you already own the item in the log. Wildy bosses: Removed some items First place now gets 400k instead of 500k Added (hard) and (elite) clues to wildy bosses droptable (Event ones) Added Darkness set You can now create and open barrow boxes that were in Grand Exchange. Use on Bob at home with a dharok set to get the box. Also works making a whip tradeable if you used the volcanic/frozen whip mix. Fixed farming bugs Removed abyssal sire from daily tasks Dragon Harpoon is temporarily disabled till we found a fix. You can now fish with a normal harpoon. Amulet of blood fury now only heals when using melee Added amulet of the damned to barrow chest & barrow loot announces now Added smoke battle staff to announcements Changed all buy prices of donor store to 0 Wyrm loot should no longer spawn on clipped tiles Brimstone chest now opens and closes, announces rare loot to discord, logs on collection log & announces how many chests you have opened. Collection log & announcement fixes for larrans key Changed "daily luna" to "broadcast" Changed announcements to every 10 min instead of 5 Changed icon for announcement Added zuriels staff to broadcast Changed barrow items to the boxes in donator store Multiple nightmare boss edits Imbued mage arena 2 capes now costs 100k each to get a new one if you pray at the statues. Decreased value when killed with the cape Fixed being able to get stuck on rune/addy dragons barriers
  7. Last Man Standing Im proud to announce that we will release Last Man Standing today. LMS in short: There is fog that can kill you if you are not in the right safezone Chests around you can open for epic loots when you kill players Boxes around for loots A awesome shop with great items! (To the right is the amount you get if you purchase one of these products) Vesta's longsword is now obtainable through LMS. Once you purchased the sword you need 50m to unlock the actual VLS. You need a minimum of 4 players to start a game of LMS Questlog We are starting to get loads of different events which kind of spam the chat. We added toggles for these broadcasts so you can take off a few event timers from chat. Also other small edits to make the questlog look better overall. Anti bot system for thieving We've added a anti bot system for thieving making it a little bit harder to autoclick. You get rewards if you talk to the guy, kind of like a random event. If you dont respond within a time limit you will be jailed for 150 ores. Replaced Rejuvenation Pool The new rejuvenation pool only allows you to charge your special attack once every minute Fixed Desert treasure quest appearin yellow after quest Reduced monkey custom boss defence greatly You can now look down and check fountain of goodwill. (Was Well of good will) Donation logging discord Replaced spnning wheel at home Fixed a weird grace mark placement at seers village Increased starters GP amount Did a fix for the weird dragon harpoon fishing Added a tick delay for thieving Added teleports to: Last Man Standing Sarachnis Myth's guild Added more staffs to autocast
  8. Last Man Standing Last man standing is set to release this weekend if everything with tomorrows testing will go fine. You can fight against a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 24 players in a battle to the death! You can find crates all around to get epic loot. After you kill a player you can take his blood or bloodier key and use on a chest for even better loot! Be careful of the fog and get to the safezone intime! LMS will have a really good shop too, including Vesta's longsword. Discord announcements/clan chat Our discord now has some new channels showing of accomplishments and more stuff happening in the server! - Pet announcements - New player in server - Main clan chat in discord - Announcements for 99s - Rare drop announcements - Alot of other misc things we will add/you will run into! Our custom monkey boss has his stats greatly reduced, Making him easier to solo/duo now. Increased repair cost for void because everyone PKs in void because of the very low repair cost. All loot from Chambers Of Xeric will also be announced now Added dark crab fishing in original spot OSRS Added dagannoth kings dwarf cannon restriction Fixed Nightmare staff autocast normal/ancient Added zuriel for ancient autocast Demonic gorillas droptable changed, made the table a bit easier to obtain good items. Fixed multiple other staffs that didnt autocast before, about 6. Changed some small things in the questlog You can now combine to create Kodai wand. Removed restriction special attack button on minimap in Wilderness. Moved the welcome player message to a later spot Questlog now shows right amount of players online. Changed "luna-ps.com" to "lunaors.eu" in questlog
  9. + Fixed alot of bugs regarding clues - Dig spaces 1 tile off - Some crates that didnt work - Other small fixes + Be sure to leave in bug reports if you find more bugs regarding clues! + Welcome broadcast for new players + You can now sell Torstol and ranarr seeds for a way higher price at Sigmund (more will be added as we go) + Added Max cape with perks of all other cape & teleports + Fixed stats bandos & zamorak at GWD + Increased respawn time bandos & zamorak + Bandos mage NPC edits make it similar to OSRS + Fixed drinking wine + Increased damage of kindlings at Ice Demon in CoX + Multiple fixes for inferno regarding the revival mage + Bug fixes for the new teleports at Prifdinas and Ferox Enclave + Removed the blood money pouches from alot of pouches + Kraken pool gave magic XP if you didnt hit the tentacles + Added a teleport to Inferno located in minigames + You can now actually attack all Kalphites on a slayer task + Blood shard is now 1/1200 + Fixed potion protection timers for antidote+ and ++ and a few other pots + Dwarf cannon restriction for Darkmeyer & slayer tower + Max cape upgrading at Mac improved + Fixed a bug at shaman in dungeons. + Harpoon fishing fix + Fixed an issue regarding Tokkul + Increased stock sizes in slayer stores + Added dark relic XP lamp to Crystal tree shop + Added Gold leaf to general store at home
  10. New event! First player to receive one of the items or pets listed below Will win the reward that comes with the item/pet! Note: YOU HAVE TO MAKE A SCREENSHOT OF YOU GETTING THE ITEM WITH THE TIME ON THE PICTURE BETWEEN 26-01-2021 AND 26-02-2021 ELSE IT WONT COUNT All game modes can participate. Make a screenshot of your in-game username, the chat showing you got the drop, you have to show you got it around the time of the event. Post you receiving the item in this forum post! First person to receive Dragon Claws Receives $10 donator First person to receive a Twisted Bow Receives $30 donator First person to receive Ancestral Bottoms Receives $10 donator First person to receive Volatile Orb Receives $10 donator Won by @Envy First person to receive Tanzanite Mutagen Receives $10 donator Won by @Jevrock First person to obtain Arcane Sigil Receives $10 donator First person a random PVP armor piece from Wildy bosses Receives $15 donator Won by @no0rdinario First person to Obtain a piece of Morrigan Receives $10 donator First person to receive the Bonecrusher from Barrows Chest Note: Picture must be made of the bonecrusher obtained on the chest screen. Receives $10 donator Won by @Kanoot First person to receive Armadyl Crossbow Receives $5 donator First person to receive Treasonous ring Receives $5 donator First person to obtain Rocky Receives $15 donator Won by @Kinhdaddy First person to obtain Hell puppy Receives $10 donator First person to obtain Zulrah pet Receives $15 donator First person to receive Giant Squirrel Receives $15 Donator First person to receive Little Nightmare Receives $20 Donator
  11. First of I figured home map really needed a revamp - Everything closer - Houses moved/changed - Tournament at home - Make it look overall better and added small details etc - Replaced all NPCs at home & editted tutorial to work with the new map. - Overall improvements and new things added to tutorial Nightmare zone Some NPCs hitting through prayer is now fixed - Increased points overall - Decreased alot of item prices in shops. + XP scroll from 800k to 750k + Herb box from 15.5k to 15k. + Rock cake from 400k to 100k + 24-carrot sword from 5m to 4m + Absorption potion from 5k to 2k GWD altar donor fix Your auto cast will now be remembered when switching weapons Added dharok recoil effect for amulet of the damned Alot of edits to saving Fixed d claws & zamorakian spear & dhl wearable by level 3s Increased GP amount playing tournament. Voting 135k instead of 125k Fixed Paladin loot (ardougne) Fixed paladin & guard not dying in ardougne Agression & safe spot fix for Olm, Vorkath, Bandos and Zamorak boss at god wars. Superior Nechryarch fixed Fixed dropposition for baby krakens at whirlpool and cleaned up Kraken cove. Multiple NPCs now open shop with talk-to and trade option. Same for sigmund Mac now displays all capes Multiple runelite edits (coming soon) Skillcape perks Herblore skillcape perks added - Search cape for pestle & mortar. - +1 boost with "boost" Added defence skill cape perks - Ring of life perk Ecumenical key can now be obtained through wilderness god wars. Keldragrim is now open with all its shops and future updates. - Loads of shops More cannon restrictions added to prevent cannons entering at places it shouldnt. Fixed crafting/smithing silver bar into various jewelry with a now working interface Anti venom and ++ also cures you of venom & poison now, not just the timed protection. You can now drink wine Fixed desert amulet Added a pool and teleporter in Nardah, Prifdinas and Ferox Enclave Editted super mystery book, added Nightmare items & removed some shit items Added coin pouch to aerial shop Decreased prices aerial shop PVP: Your autocast wont be remembered in wilderness Restriction to use the spec bar next to minimap in Wilderness Last Man Standing is almost done and will be released soon!!
  12. PVP armor (Vesta/Zuriel/Statius) is now obtainable through 3 wilderness bosses. Statius = Scorpia Vesta = Vet'ion Zuriel = Callisto All armor drops 1/2500. Added Aerial Fishing You can get the Bonecrusher & fish sack & the awesome fish below through the shop. More will be added to it! You can find the teleport in the interface at the skilling tab. Bonecrusher is now also obtainable through barrows chests. Added Karil's effect with amulet of the damned (Rest of the effects will also be added!) Added God wars altar donator benefit timer (Details on benefits list) Added Stray dog pet! Fixed slayer helms not working in certain dungeons Fixed kraken boss not counting for slayer Shamans was safespottable. This is now fixed Changed droptable of Demonic Gorillas. Made Heavy frame ballista etc easier to obtain Ironman didnt get the starter set. This is now fixed Soon you are able to auto complete clues daily. With restrictions how many times everyday depending on your donator rank.
  13. The Christmas map was long overdue so we moved back to our old trusty map. I added a small hunter starter zone with the map and some overall improvements. Also added a tanner inside the hunter zone. Tutorial The tutorial we had wasnt the best. I reworked alot of the tutorial explaining new things about the server + added a new starter set and alot more stuff for a better starter experience. All players now start with level 3 herblore aswell. Sigmund All barrows gear now sell for a way higher price to Sigmund! Donator benefits New added: Superheat with noted coal for donators $1000+ Increased yield amount with farming $1000+ You no longer need stone boots in Karuulm dungeon $100+ Slayer chest & coin box now automaticly go in inventory $100+ Bird nests now adds to inventory $100+ Donators wont burn food anymore $100+ Increased GP in Pest Control $250+ Donators now get increased Blood Money while PKing $250+ Donators now get an extra PKP point $500+ Donators will receive 15 points back after cancelling slayer task $500+ You will get more currency from Skilling events $500+ Double slayer points $500+ Changed location of Character selection screen Multiple changes in Nightmare zone Removed Jungle demon Removed multiple other weird NPCs Increased points amount Overall other small improvements Increased overall pet odds Increased amount you get from skilling events Increased respawn time for Bandos boss Decreased respawn tme for Thermonuclear boss Slayer We did multiple fixes for slayer & hopefully for a insane amount of kills with tasks. Cannon Added restrictions to Lizardman shaman dungeon and Taverley Underground dungeon
  14. Nightmare Zone needed some edits to make it functional - Fixed multiple npcs inside NMZ - Added a shop with cool rewards including (t3) Twisted league outfit & herb boxes & more! - Added absorption potion - You can only buy a maximum of 15 herb boxes & 2 xp scrolls everyday - Lots of other fixes + Note, some items have a pretty decent price, this can always be editted to a lower price, I want to see what everyones average points per hour will be. Fix for slayer bosses, Players could get a task like Vorkath and could just kill any boss, this is now fixed You can now use the ancient spellbook for Eldritch and Volatile nightmare staffs Added Neitiznot helm to ironman shops Added Crystal Implings to Prifdinas Slayer caskets coin boxes & brimstone key drop fixed for kraken Fixed super mystery book freeze issue Removed pet droprate scroll from Revenants Fixed Dark Relic Tells you you need inventory space now when you try to withdraw from Trading Post Fixed all reanimation spells etc arceuus spellbook Changed price of imbue page to 5 donor points & slayer skip page 3 points ea You can now light bug lantern & candles Fix for adamant dragons Increased Wyrm bones XP Pest Control You can now range and mage pest control portals Did other small improvements & bug fixes for PC Fixed "Unknown" location for Crystal trees & Shooting stars events Removed some bugged swords from blood money store Temp disabled luna pet Nightmare totems is now weaker against magic and stronger defence against melee God wars altars now have a 5 minute timer once you pray on them Fixed pipe at barbarian outpost
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