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  1. Nex: The Fifth General Nex has officially been released! Long ago, in the Second Age of Gielinor, the land was ruled by a tyrannical ancient god. At the height of his power, one of his closest allies overthrew him and the most loyal followers were imprisoned by powerful magics – including Nex, his faithful general. Years later, at the height of the God Wars, a mysterious individual fooled a group of Saradominists into freeing Nex and her allies. This unprecedented threat forced the armies of Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl and Bandos to unite and drive their foes back into the Ancient Prison – but in the process, the magical protections sealing Nex and her bodyguards inside were damaged. This leaves Nex’s prison somewhat… vulnerable. And while officially speaking, the followers of her old master have been purged from Gielinor, certain nefarious types would be happy to see Nex freed once more. Items obtainable from Nex: Torva Armor: Zaryte Vambraces: Zaryte Crossbow: Ancient godsword: Ancient Ceremonial Robes This set consists of a Mask, Top, Legs, Gloves and Boots. It has the same stats as Monk Robes and will be added to the Collection Log. Ecumenical Key Shards Ecumenical Key Shards are untradeable. 50 shards can be converted into one key. If you’re capped out on Ecumenical Keys, you won’t be able to forge a new one. Mobile edits: Fixed issue with keyboard brightness & overall improvements done for keyboard to ensure keyboard working properly on most devices Fixed issue with things appearing for mobile that shouldnt appear Mobile client will now remain active, screen wont go inactive if not used while game is open Removed options on left up side of the client Fixed issue with prayer information appearing above prayers for mobile users Other small fixes Other fixes: Re-added discord announcements Increased amounts potion pack Re-did XP fire spirit bonfires Fixed diaries that did not work Fixed grotesque guardians Fixed certain diaries showing wrong title Crystal chest, Larran chest, enhanced crystal chest now properly adds in collection log Added more clue items to collection log Fixed issue with tome of fire not being able to take out pages Fixed hide roofs & attack options Fixed issue with super mystery book Reworked questlog for better stability for server Multiple other fixes to fix server lag Changed mvp system slightly so mvp has higher chance at unique in TOB Slightly made the tob event better Fixes reported on discord past weeks: Fixed ability to create your own keybinds in the advanced settings interface Fixed issues with certain diaries The traveler next to Sigmund now shows 30 items every 12-16 hours instead of 12 Fixes and improvements done to Vet'ion Fixed wizard that teleports you to runecrafting Fixed Carpenter & golden prospector and can now be worn again Multiple fixes done to create a better overall experience for Luna (think about less lag etc) Fixed Kalphite lair Journal edits Tome of fire fixes Advanced settings interface fixes Multiple collection log fixes Fixed callisto trap still causing damage after boss died Fixed super book issue Fixed galvek map Added missing clue items to Collection Log Added wilderness bosses drops to Collection Log Fixed slayer issue Fixed staying online for a considerable amount of time Changed multple icons of announcements Added new GIM icon Added preset statues at dz1 & dz2 & tob Added Phantom Muspah to slayer bosses (Sorry will be added soon, had to be added!) Fixed Blighted saradomin brew Fixed AFK dust & made stackable again Fixed issues with advanced settings interface Added ability to disable prayer filters Made all voidwaker parts & wildy weapons tradeable Fixed broken NPC around world (Aubury, Abbot langley & more) Reworked parts of slayer & varpbits/varps Poison spider now does ranged attacks Updated all items to latest protection value Rise of the Six fixes & more small edits and fixes Re-added clan chat to discord
  2. Easter event You can now talk to the easter bunny at home to start the easter event! The easter bunny will ask you to gather eggs around various cities. You can get some awesome cosmetics & more from the event! After the mini quest you can farm for eggs dropped by NPCs or from pyramid plunder, eat these for additional loot! You can get various cosmetics like.. Giant bronze dagger Gregg's eastdoor Easter hat And more! Various fixes: Fixed theatre of blood party interface issues caused by update Re-added ability to create planks at sawmill Added in all 10th anniversary items Fixed dogs issue at vetion Fixed osrs keybindings option Took out weird item spawns Fixed venenatis daily task Fixed pyramid plunder interface Added presets statue to Ferox Enclave Added various missing item spawns around the world Some more fixes reported on discord: Fixed callisto trap still causing damage after boss died Fixed super book issue Fixed galvek map Added missing clue items to Collection Log Added wilderness bosses drops to Collection Log Fixed slayer issue Fixed staying online for a considerable amount of time Changed multiple icons of announcements Added new GIM icon Added preset statues at dz1 & dz2 & tob Added Phantom Muspah to slayer bosses (Sorry will be added soon, had to be added!) Fixed Blighted saradomin brew Fixed AFK dust & made stackable again Fixed issues with advanced settings interface Added ability to disable prayer filters Made all voidwaker parts & wildy weapons tradeable Fixed broken NPC around world (Aubury, Abbot langley & more) Reworked parts of slayer & varpbits/varps Poison spider now does ranged attacks Updated all items to latest protection value Rise of the Six fixes & more small edits and fixes Re-added clan chat to discord
  3. The time is finally here for one of the biggest updates on Luna so far! Before we start I would just like to mention this update will be huge, even tho we've tested lots there could still be issues we have not found, be sure to report these bugs, would be greatly appreciated! With this update we will be on the latest version. This will include things like Tombs of Amascut, Phantom Muspah & much more which will all be introduced in due time! We have updated our PC & mobile clients. New login screen: Our PC client has received many updates including a launcher with multiple ways to open it for mac, linux & windows also making it easier for us to update the client itself! Our runelite client has a plugin hub now, in this hub you may find 600+ different plugins you can put on, including plugins like 117HD! All new interfaces, this includes interfaces like: - Character selection - Quest tabs - Advanced settings - Collection Log - Items kept on death - New Arceeus spellbook - note: only reanimations & teleports will currently work, adding new spells at a later time! - Prayer filters - Equip character through bank interface - Skill lamp Wilderness bosses rework Vet'ion, Callisto & Venenatis has been completely reworked, they all have their own dungeon now and offer new variaties of weapons! Please note: At release only the multi variants of the bosses will be available, the easier single+ versions will be released somewhere after this update. And ofcourse we have also added the escape caves. After you leave a boss area you will be put on a random position in the escape caves, you have to find the exit through there to get out! Be careful of PKers lurking around. Voidwaker Similar to Korasi they have implemented voidwaker, and so have we! You can obtain a piece for every wilderness boss, put them together to create the voidwaker. Webweaver Bow An upgrade to the craws bow(u) this bow also has a special attack able to attack a player or NPC 4 times! Thammaron sceptre/Accursed sceptre Thammarons sceptre has been reworked, and now acts like a staff similar to trident and has been buffed overall! The accursed sceptre also has a special attack, which hits an enemy for 50% increase to max hit and accuracy and drains the targets defence and magic by 15% Ursine chainmace An upgrade to the Viggora's chainmace This mace also has a special attack. The special attack hits an enemy with doubled accuracy and upon a successfull hit also deals 20 damage over 6 seconds and prevents them from running for 3.6 seconds and reduces the target's agility level by 20. Pick your slayer task We have added a way to pick your own slayer task, not every NPC is added to the list but most are! Bank size We have increased the bank size currently to a limit of 1200. You may increase your bank size depending on your donator rank only currently. Normal players receive 816 spots, so 16 more than before Every rank after that will receive an additional + 40 space. Titles If you right click a player you will now see their title! Can no longer use blighted spells outside of the Wilderness Can now change directions of the wilderness obelisks properly with wilderness hard diary achieved Dwarf cannon can now hold 60 max ammo Added cadavaberry seeds to master farmers Added Ferox Enclave dungeon Duel arena has been taken out of the game for now. If players want it back we could always do this ofcourse but we can always think about doing something with the PVP arena instead I figured this would be fine considering we have FP and other means to gamble and duel arena wasnt used as much anymore
  4. Added brimstone ring effect: When casting combat spells, the ring has a 25% chance to ignore 10% of the target's total magic defence The drop value of all items has been edited and now matches GE prices of osrs to have a better more logical value New perks: Infinite run outside of the Wilderness Perfect Ava's - 95% chance to save arrows instead of 80% Both perks can be purchased here: https://lunaors.eu/index.php?/store/category/3-perks/ Bug fixes/content Multiple fixes done to Verzik & Tob Cure me spell also cures venom now Fixed some items with incorrect level requirements Christmas event is now over, back to original map Fixes done at Revenant cave concerning an interface popping up constantly Fixed achievement cape, added teleports, emotes and proper trim/untrim capes Added cannon checks Dz3 altar edits Fixed dz3 xp boost Lots of work has been done to Nex, bingo system & Tears of Guthix, will be released later!
  5. Sandstorm grinder You can now grind your sandstone in the sandstorm grinder & deliver buckets/talk to Drew to get buckets of sand! You can hold a maximum of 25000 buckets & sand at Drew before claiming the buckets of sand. You can head to the area quite fast by using the teleporter! In skilling > Sandstorm grinder Misc/bug fixes For the remaining time of the christmas event, the boss now drops buffed GP & unique items Added new items to wilderness event bosses - Abyssal whip - PK key - Extra GP - Increased GP rewards overall - Berserker ring - Seers ring Added skis Increased amount you can sell at one time at the traveler XP in dz3 increased from 10% to 20% More mimic chest edits to ensure everything working properly You can now disable chance of mimic chest dropping at the mimic chest (where you enter boss) Decreased aggro of maiden so she doesn't reach the players at barrier anymore before they enter You can now obtain dragon arrows from TOB Added function rusted anvil in Lumbridge Increased droprate black tourmaline core Added zombie head obtainable for collection log Temporarily took out rewards from pvp leaderboards If no one participates in a tournament you will now receive 250k GP and 2k blood money as compensation Took out some broadcasts for less spam Announcement vote lottery just before reward is handed out Increased GP amount from clue caskets Added damaged books in lighthouse shop Can now get beginner scroll boxes Fishing clue bottle now appears as a scroll box when opened Added gnome teleport thing to pkp shop & blood money shop Reduced chance at archaic emblems dropping during wilderness slayer Increased Statius warhammer from 55m to 60m in store
  6. Theatre of Blood Bloat now dies faster Corrected pillar positions at Nylocas Lots of work done on back-end of TOB to ensure a better overall experience - Dev note: There will be more fixes/content added to TOB Crystal crafting You can now talk to Reese or Conwenna next to the singing bowl to create crystal armour/weapons with crystal shards/seeds for an additional crystal shard cost to create the items without a crafting/smithing requirement. Corrected shard amount needed for crystal helm (was 40, now 50) Pets Mole perk 80% chance at additional mole claw and/or skins from the Giant Mole Potions Can now properly create battlemage & bastion potions and drink them Advisor Players can now talk to the Tower Advisor located at the home bank to receive a small compensation for recent issues Misc content/bug fixes Added ability to create jewelry at the dz3 furnace You can now use scroll boxes on Arthur the clue hunter to receive caskets Fixed attack animation of the abyssal bludgeon Galvek now counts as a red dragon for slayer
  7. Archaic emblem upgrading Wilderness slayer tasks now have a chance to upgrade your archaic emblems. You need to have your emblem in your inventory to have a chance to upgrade your emblem. Example: If a player has a tier 4 in his inventory & hits the chance to upgrade the emblem to tier 5, turn emblem to tier 5. If the player does not carry a archaic emblem in his or her inventory, you will not receive upgrades. Emblem store - Added Statius' warhammer for 55m bounty points - Added new dagon'hai robes ornament kit, for 5m each kit - Took dragon dagger out of store Chambers of Xeric In preparation for an upcoming update introducing challenge mode for Chambers of Xeric, we are fixing existing issues in CoX first and add the missing rooms that were taken out at the time because of a bug etc. This is just some small fixes now, more to come for CoX! - Added corrupted scavenger chamber - Increased point amount from ice demon chamber - Fixed issue with teleport attack of Olm, should hopefully be fixed (I cannot recreate it myself anymore!) Fixed issue at Verzik Scythe of Vitur (uncharged) now works properly Christmas boss is no longer cannonable & increased overall loot from boss Fixed issue with commands like ::vote ::prices etc not showing correct url Added waterbirth teleport Fixed issue creating hydra helm imbued
  8. Christmas update! Sir Vyvins squire needs your help! You can find him west of home, or by typing ::xmas! He has made Sir Vyvins armour pink and needs your help to make the armour white again. You will be doing various tasks like build a snowman to help save christmas! After you've completed the quest you will be able to slay our new christmas boss, yellow snow! Christmas boss information: - Pray ranged! - The boss is weak to magic and ranged - You can dodge his blood attack which will heal the boss if you dont dodge it, shadows will surround you, run away from it! - The boss has an attack similar to Hunllef and place down tiles you cannot stand on, else it will damage you! He has 3 different types of floor attacks, run from these! Some of the rewards obtainable from the event: Snowman ring Transform into 3 different type of snowmen! Armadyl (or) kit! Wearable candy cane! New pet! Festive hat! And many, many more rewards obtained from the christmas chest, you can obtain keys by completing the quest and killing the christmas boss. Rewards like - Penguin pet - Anti santa outfit - Santa outfit - Imp outfit - Sack of presents - Prop sword - GP & Much, much more! Other misc fixes/content Added Amrod, ability to exchange seeds for crystal shards Fixed step & clue count in collection log Fixed some things with Zulrah, like able to attack her while going down. Your damage is now delayed till she goes back up instead of being immune. Added ability to create a kalphite queen private instance Lots of edits done in preparation of our new website Fixes done to Verzik Spin flax spell edits Added bad words usage
  9. Christmas Start of christmas event! Home has been changed to a christmas theme! You can now gather snowballs again at home from various snowpiles to throw at players The christmas tree at home has a free present for everyone! $10 donators: Receive a orange mystery box! $100+ donators receive a super mystery book! $1000+ donators receive 2 super mystery books! Verzik Only Verzik only has been added onto TOB! A chance to learn the boss & still obtain some uniques & vials of blood & more! These uniques can be obtained from verzik only: Justiciar, avernic, Sanguine/holy kits, vials of blood At a rate of 1/600 Revenant boss Added pvp weapons to revenant boss Added Elder maul (or) to loottable Shops Added a dedicated skilling shop to home and removed 5 NPCs, making shops even easier now! Reworked bunch of shops as well. Chambers of Xeric Fixed olm safespot Fixed proper olm head movements, matching osrs now Clues Increased droprate chance of boots (ranger boots, wizard boots, holy sandals) Added 4 kits to master clues: Anguish ornament kit Dragon kiteshield ornamen Dragon platebody ornament Tormented bracelet kit Increased chance at bloodhound pet Elvarg Changed droprates of Elvarg Increased chance at unique loot (ranger boots etc) Increased chances at high alch loot Updated ::boosts
  10. Revenant Boss Revenant Maledictus has been added! The boss spawns the same way as on osrs, you kill revenants inside the revenant caves and chance for it to spawn increases depending on the revenants combat level that died (like if revenant dragon is 120 combat it increases by 120/X and if you kill a 60 imp, 180/X) The X will always remain the same The revenant boss also has a failsafe and will spawn after some time if no one kills a revenant The announcement of the boss spawning only appears inside the revenant cave Upon death, top-damaging players wearing an amulet of avarice will receive the Forinthry Surge () skull, which provides an additional 15% accuracy and damage buff against all revenants for 30 minutes. (Stacks with amulet of avarice) Top damage player also has 5% chance to receive a ancient effigy. Else a ancient totem or emblem The revenant boss shares the droptable of the revenant dragon as well, and even players that didn't do most damage will receive one roll of loot & one blighted restore & two pieces of blighted food In an upcoming update you can obtain a revenant pet from the revenant Maledictus, the perk of this pet: Act like a amulet of avarice while pet is out (Doesn't stack with another amulet of avarice if you wear this) - Waiting on pet to see how boss will go first! Revenant boss can spawn here: Revenant cyclops/Revenant demon chamber (north) Revenant dragon's chamber (north) Northern revenant imp's area (north) Revenant hellhound's/old revenants' ruins (middle) Eastern revenant pyrefiend's area (middle) Western revenant pyrefiend's chamber (middle) Revenant dark beast's chamber (middle) Northern revenant ork's chamber (middle) Southern revenant ork's chamber (south) Southern revenant demon's chamber (south) Outside the southern revenant demon's area (south) Theatre of Blood The theatre had lots of issues that caused server to lag, therefore we had to disable TOB temporarily past week, our apologies for that! We've made sure and tested toroughly that everything gets deleted/destroyed properly inside the theatre and causes less lag with lots of improvements made in code overall. Hunter Added ability to catch butterflies Fixed issue with not being able to release salamanders Chambers of Xeric Skeletal mystics improvements Re-added old guardians temporarily since there was a bug with it Client edits Information about how to create an account when player presses "create account" Misc/bug fixes You will now get more GP over all from clue reward caskets You can now change your own XP rate (in questlog, you can only go up in XP rate, not down!) Added abyssal sire TP Justiciar now counts as saradomin item at god wars Fix for GP of coin box if you got village level for increased gp (didnt show correct amount in chat) Gem stall at home now also gives gems More time at Seren to dodge the whirlwind attack Fixed toktz-xil-ak (obsidian sword) Candies are now taken out of game (Bye halloween event) Updated demon category for arclight Anti bot updates (camera now shakes to warn you about the bot because some people dont see it properly)
  11. Home Renamed all npcs at home to what shop they are/use of npc Added normal map back again (no more halloween map) Added icons in the combat store Arthur the clue hunter Increased amount of daily clue skips at Arthur for donators, even allowed f2p players to skip 3 clues a day up to easy Fixed issue with clue hunter not properly showing how many clue skips you have left after doing it the day before Bloody Merchant Bloody merchant has been re-added and better than ever! Reworked most of how the shop works Added way more teleport locations the merchant can teleport to Added a max quantity per item & new items added to the merchant! Keris dagger & Keris partisan It deals 33% bonus damage against all kalphites and scarabites and has a 1/51 chance of puncturing a hole in their exoskeleton, dealing triple damage. The Keris dagger can be obtained through the pvm store The Keris partisan is obtained through ToB/TFP! New pet perk Tangleroot now has a 90% chance to save compost when compost is used on a patch while pet is out (This also works for bottomless bucket) Wilderness Edits done to wilderness counter If there are 0 players in Wilderness, counter says 0 If there are between 1 and 5 player(s) in the wilderness, the counter shows 1+ If there are 5 or more than 5 in wilderness, show actual counter Added KC overlay interface Misc/fixes/additional content Increased alchable rewards inside gauntlet to make it more profitable Added jar of smoke to smoke devil & ability to create the display at construction home Fixed moving donator store issue with null items appearing occasionaly Increased aggressive level ammonite crabs Scythe is now a chargeable item Fixed certain items not having correct stats/arms going through the armor Reduced impling jar reward for impling scroll amount from 2 to 1 Added seers ring (i) to pk chest Create crystal armor fixes & killing a player wearing crystal armor now gives you seeds & other player loses the armor Clue caskets give +1 count now for collection log instead of after completing a clue so the count goes up claiming a vote casket etc too Added beginner clue count in collection log Fixed scorpia's offspring pet issue
  12. New pet perks: Olmlet: Save points dying inside of the Chambers of Xeric Youngllef (normal version): Start gauntlet with a weapon frame & 50 crystal shards (Works in both normal & corrupted gauntlet) Youngllef(Corrupted version) 10% Increased damage & accuracy inside The Gauntlet (Works in both normal & corrupted gauntlet) Misc/new additions/bug fixes Droprate boosts X1 droprate boost has been increased from 6% to 8% X10 droprate boost has been increased from 3% to 4% Note: These droprates might change to 10% for x1 and 5-6% for X10 Can now cannon at Chasm of fire & Karuulm hellhounds Olmlet is now a obtainable pet (oops) Made Bryophyta staff (uncharged) a tradeable item Fixed jelly proper attack (for prayer) Added Sraracha pet dialogue & fixed pathing issue of that pet Fixed issue with Theatre of Blood parties not disbanding properly & player stuck not able to create a new party because of it Fixed issue at Nightmare Reduced droprate Beaver pet Made stage advancement for farming message a filtered one
  13. Theatre of Blood We felt that the current reward system wasn't very good over all so we reworked it The reward system has been reworked to match osrs more with the mvp system etc. Made rewards from Theatre of blood slightly better as well Scythe of Vitur Quick note: This scythe of vitur will be in tomorrows update. Scythe of Vitur is now a chargeable item Every player that owns a scythe right now will receive 10k free charges You can charge your scythe at the vyre well close to the theatre of blood entrance, with 1 vial of blood & 300 blood runes for 100 charges Ash sanctifier Added ash sanctifier - You can now claim it at Tyss near the Dark Altar after completing Medium Kourend & Kebos diary. The ash sanctifier acts like a bonecrusher, but for the new prayer ashes instead! Donator benefits: Increased points inside of Chambers of Xeric 250+ Receives 4 points instead of 3 from damage 1000+ Receives 5 points instead of 5 from damage Note the benefit above will be experimental and may be subject to change Get more GP from voting: 1000+ 120k GP per vote 500+ 105k GP per vote 250+ 100k+ GP per vote 100+ 95K+ GP per vote 50+ 90k+ GP per vote 10+ 85k+ GP per vote Normal: 80k GP per vote Misc/fixes Changed mogre max hit Added a fix for Lizardman shaman PJ issue while jumping in the air Added ability to give $ scrolls to ironman, simply use a scroll on an ironman to hand it over! Fixed crystal armour & hidden accuracy/damage boost now boosts item specific instead of set specific Fixed minotaur reanimation spell Can now deliver all candy in your inventory at once Fixed cape shop at Theatre of Blood Made loot of Larrans chest overall better & increased chances at dagon'hai Added correct animation for Zaryte crossbow Added ability to cook & eat bird meat Fixed dwarven remains item in changing dono shop Made chargeable scythe untradeable & uncharged tradeable Can now grab pickaxe at CoX guardians Guardians fix able to use BP/other ranged items to safespot them Changed guardians attack range to 1 Fixed issue vial of blood not adding properly to the collection log Fixes done to wilderness count Added a warning of player is combat locked attempting to gain xp with xp lamp Added white wolf mountain teleport Fixed bone bolts pack Fixes done to Nechryael spawning npc Added message at mage arena when killing a mage, now revealing current mage arena points in chat Fixed correct pet droprate Skotos & fixed skotos loottable overall Added ::tfp ::cox ::tob ::rts commands for easier teleporting to these activities Fixed The Frozen Prison middle barrier issue Fixed issue allowing you to obtain nests from Chambers of Xeric Fixed certain mage weapons like trident of the seas attacking with 5 ticks instead of what it should be, 4 Made the theatre of blood kits sanguine & holy a tradeable item Fixed vorkath safespot Lots of behind the scene edits done to issues the server been experiencing past week & been fixed
  14. Crystal Implings You can now catch crystal implings in Prifddinas. There are 5 implings flying around with a respawn timer of 30 minutes. The crystal implings got lots of great loot, including the elven signet which has a 10% chance to save a charge using crystal weapons/armor QoL/bug fixes/misc Fixed damage from Hespori to match osrs Greatly made the vote boss loot better, better overall items & higher chance at uniques Fixed placeholders for all graceful & necromancer & staff of armadyl Vorkath spawn now spawns further from the player Added rogue's den teleport & changed troll teleport location & Added Karamja teleport Fixes done to farming to prevent able to get it almost unlimited Fixes done to farming contracts Added berserker ring (i) in pvp chest & archers ring (i) & warriors ring (i) Wilderness count now shows if there are more than 4 players in the Wilderness Fixed barbarian fishing for shark etc Added spinning wheel to home Added ability to note weeds at the tool leprechaun Fixed bird house issue using seeds on the spot & no requirement needed for bird houses Lots of fixes done to ensure servers uptime
  15. World support We've done lots of changes to allow for better & more smooth world support. This has been done to allow us to start on a world 2 pk spawn world, coming soon! We also plan to host leagues/DMM & many other exciting minigames will be coming up Edits/misc fixes Added ability to create placeholders for charged items in banks Prayer ashes are now tradeable Added a admin control panel Fixes done to Eldritch nightmare staff Fixed Gnome Stronghold doors Added working doors/underwall tunnel at Piscatoris Fishing colony (monkfishing TP) Added ale of the gods correct animation when equiping the item Increased GP amounts from coin boxes & coin pouches Can now properly charge crystal armor & when creating armor now sets your unique value to 2500 instead of 10k Can now properly milk cows Fixes done with troubles from the Halloween event
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