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  1. Revenants cave: The cave is now single+ Revenants are spread around the cave Spawn ticks of Revenants matches osrs now Revenants cave has the same PJ system as OSRS for attacker & defender Blighted sacks & food can now be dropped Revenants Amulet of Avarice: 20% increased damage and 20% increased accuracy against Revenants Permanent skull while equipped Noted items revenants Added a new special PK store with some simple supplies to get started quick Includes blighted super restore & blighted saradomin brew Pkp shop changed (picture below) - Cape of skulls (skulls on equipped too) Added blighted sacks - Blighted ancient ice sack - Blighted bind sack - Blighted snare sack - Blighted entangle sack - Blighted teleport spell sack - Blighted vengeance sack Added blighted food - Karambwans - Monkfish Changed pkp amount you can obtain killing players 10 pkp killing a player 5 additional pkp for kill of the day 500+ donors receive additional pkp Killstreak 25+ receives additional pkp Increased timer farming PK check Farming: Curry tree now shows as curry tree not apple tree Dragonfruit tree farming added Added Crystal Tree farming in Prifddinas Misc/Bug fixes Fixed alot of connection issues regarding players waiting to get kicked offline Added XP Hespori after killed 1/30 chance for looting bag from all NPCs in the Wilderness Fix done for Mage arena 2 boss able to be locked and stuck Fixed teleport Dareeyak Reduced gmaul price from 2m to 1.5m Enhanced crystal chest added to home Added DHL damage to olm hands Increased repair price for Void Multiple prices in shops are changed You get pkp tickets instead of points now You can now use looting bag inside Ferox Enclave
  2. Added barrow pets of all barrow brothers Note: The pets will be available to obtain really soon! 44aaa38ab7b99c94e9960aa285e588d4.mp4 You can now give your ice gloves, goldsmith gauntlets and cooking gauntlets to NPC at blast furnace and he will keep it for you, you can obtain it back at anytime. ce2d0207a3289f360d28d0e2317cc8c2.mp4 Added ability to exchange Pyromancer pieces and tome of fire for burnt pages 362b60152ff813b735c4f76c7a999354.mp4 Discord announcements for events - Active volcano - Shooting stars - Crystal trees - Wilderness bosses - Wilderness hotspot - Fountain of goodwill Misc/bug fixes Tome of fire beyond 0 charges fixed Added tool leprechaun to lletya added colour to text for totem drops fixed issue with lighting fires in rogues den Increased clue rate for barrows Removed broadcast for ancient shards Lottery rewards now go to bank (except UIM) added cakes back to cake stalls Bucket now removes and adds properly in Blast Furnace Multiple blast furnace edits Multi zone dagannoth lighthouse Kandarin headgear 1 2 and 3 fixes Added fishing spots to Al Kharid and fixed various spots around world Fixed enchanced crystal key creating Increased droprate to hit unique table Elven crystal chest added anti-safe spot for rune dragons You can now cut hollow trees for bark Wyvern shield combat check Multiple Grotesque guardian edits Lots of work done to Rise of the six, should be available soon!
  3. Added Swamp & bloodbark armour - The scrolls needed to create them are available in the skilling stores Fine cloth added in slayer & skilling store and you can now also create splitbark armour Fixed tournament viewing orbs Added golden prospector to skilling shop DWARF CANNON: Fixed dwarf cannon NPCs running away/appearing behind wall Re-enabled bunch of dwarf cannon spots that were disabled because of the bug Increased XP Dwarf cannon Trading post: With trading post you can now search specificly for players offers Doesnt show your own offers anymore in the list Donator zone 3 Donator zone 3 got a new map with lots of new extras! - A smithing area with close smithing & anvil & bank! - And much more announced as we go! Misc/new additions/bug fixes Fixed bracelet crafting Shooting star varrock mine now shows actual location Can now bury raurg bones Home stalls now give just coins Increased superior rate event Changed TPs dice and donator zone 3 Fixed ladders leading to gem mine in Shilo village Fixed GIM storage Increased XP dwarf cannon Changed dagannoth respawn time to match Runelite Changed aggressive level Prime Changed clockwork message Fixed FP items dropping too early & removed unnecesary messages Bonecrusher necklace fixed Added Shilo Village furnace Added no charges message for bonecrusher when you reach 0 charges Reduced discord clue spam Changed create anti venom+ at horse shoe mine achievement to anti venom at horse shoe mine Increased droprate for uniques in TFP Previous updates posted on Discord: - Trident now adds to collection log - Added Dragon Chainbody to collection log - Fixed aggressive level for farmer - Fixed issue with item charges not working properly after previous update - Renamed Relleka slayer cave to Fremennik slayer cave - Inadequacy received a bunch of edits - Edits done to highscores to support XP rates - Added message in chat when a totem/shard piece is dropped in Catacombs - Superior slayer monsters now 100% drop totem pieces in Catacombs - Fixed Dragon Harpoon - Fixed bludgeon special attack animation - Some fixes done to Rick's head puzzle - Hiscore edits - KBD heads now 1/127 - x100 XP rate Hiscore updated by Hello: + Filter by Game Mode & (NEW) XP Rate! + Display XP Rate under the Experience Column (main page & compare page) + Display XP Rate next to player Name (lookup page) + Replaced Ugly RS3 Skill Icons to OSRS + Further fixes to Page Counter + Fixed random occurrence of thematic line break above and below game mode options
  4. Automatic Flower Poker: At ::dice you can now gamble players and do a game of flower poker, all done automaticly! 843d895df2c022cbbb39d55534234a87.mp4 Fixed impling halloween candies issue Made Amethyst dart tips tradeable Galvek now drops Crystal armour seed SATURDAYS UPDATE INCASE YOU MISSED IT: Halloween event, bow of Faerdhinen, new items, new quest, COX EDITS + MORE! Saturdays update!
  5. Halloween event: The halloween event starts off great with a new halloween-themed quest named "Rick's head" You will also be able to obtain red candy (1 point) and black candy (2 points) doing various activities. These activities are: Rick's head quest Any object inside Pyramid Plunder Any impling you catch Praying at Ectofuntus Birdhouses The event shop! The slayer helmet will only be available through this event for a little bit. Use code "HALLOWEEN" for 15% off your order. New quest: Rick's head Rick needs your help! His twin brother is in big trouble and he needs you to save his life! The quest has a puzzle, riddles & a surprise! During the Halloween event you can obtain: Banana cape Banana hat Red candy (for the halloween shop) Black candy(for the halloween shop) Main rewards: Speak to Wizard Miglog daily and solve a riddle to receive daily unique rewards! (<- this is coming soon) 50k GP 1x XP scroll (During halloween event: banana hat, banana cape, red candy, black candy) 10k hunter XP Goldsmith Gauntlets Requirements: None! New items: Added alot of new items (The full item list is below) Most noticeable items: - Amethyst darts * You can also now create the amethyst darts and use them. - Scythe color kits from TOB hard-mode - Bow of Faerdhinen and much more! Bow of Faerdhinen is added to The Frozen Prison loottable Chambers of Xeric: Chambers Of Xeric event 50% increased chance at obtaining loot during it! You can now also use SWH as hammer Jewelled Crabs You can now pick up the hammer at Jewelled Crabs Arrows drop less often inside COX Added prayer enhance Restores 1 prayer point every 6 ticks MISC/NEW ADDITIONS Flower poker is nearly finished just some final testing days Added KC announcements The Frozen Prison & Hespori Fixed Holy Wrench Fixed x1 rank title Alot of edits done to Grotesque Guardians Fixed slayer titles Fixes done to the crystal armor (in terms of damage & accuracy increase bow of Faerdhinen & crystal bow) Nightmare edits increasing performance Added chance for gems at Motherlode mine Fixed the buff with Lance/DHCB against Wyverns Teak logs now drop noted from wyverns Fixed accounts freezing at chest in Yanille Poison now resets after tournament Bruma torch can now light a brazier in Wintertodt Fixes workshop Construction Karuulm dungeon teleport in "Dungeons" All newly added items: Bow of Faerdhinen + placeholder noted Bow of Faerdhinen (uncharged) + placeholder noted Bow of Faerdhinen corrupted + placeholder noted Bow of Faerdhinen (uncharged) corrupted + placeholder noted Amethyst darts Amethyst dart(p) Amethyst dart tip Amethyst dart(p+) Amethyst dart(p++) + Noted/placeholders variants Sanguine ornament kit Holy ornament kit Sanguine scythe of vitur Holy scythe of vitur Holy Sanguinesti staff Holy Ghrazi rapier Two Dragon hunter crossbow skins Tzkal slayer helm normal and (i) Vampyric slayer helm normal and (i) Tztok slayer helm normal and (i) Enhanced crystal weapon seed Banana hat Little parasite Sanguine dust Plank sack Propeller hat Great blue heron Dark flippers Golden prospector helm Golden prospector jacket Golden prospector legs Golden prospector boots Star fragments Jalrek-jad Banana cape Cursed banana
  6. Titles Added player titles, there are multiple titles you can obtain right now. We will add more as we go! The titles at the moment only show in ::yell You can access titles by typing ::title Collection Log: Pets now add properly Font of consumption now adds properly Wintertodt is now added Fixed barrow chest KC Fixed KC Demonic Gorillas Fixed KC Thermonuclear Vorkath head now adds properly Medallion Revenants Fixed raids tab Added lizardman shaman KC Construction: Added multiple storage Cape rack Dress box Magic wardrobe Armour case Fixed clockwork creation (steel instead of silver bar) When creating mounted dragon shield/glory/legends cape and destroy it you now get the item used back 5e22bae12b6270f3c203d7a1999cd8b8_HdEpCWwJ_oPeV.mp4 Dice zone: Changed coords ::dice command to the NEW dice zone! Automatic Flower Poker will be available soon just needs more testing! Nightmare: Changed The Nightmares loot to match OSRS, the entire party will receive loot now and the player with most damage receives 6% chance at double loot. Added a timer before the fight starts Added Nightmare KC Chambers Of Xeric: Chambers Of Xeric points needed reduced from 6675 per 1% to 6575 Fixes done to the recruiting board to stop it from crashing Re-added jeweled crabs Misc content & bug fixes Fixes done to Stronghold Agility course Added bonecrusher necklace Added stew Fixed gold bracelet & gold necklace creation Added Fossil Island wyvern task for Konar Editted 99 and 200m announcements, they also show the players current XP rate now More item announcements with clues: Ranger boots Holy Sandals Wizard Boots Multiple cosmetics Bloodhound If NPC has no combat it now says "this npc has no combat information" instead of "test1 has no combat information" Added announcements Font of Consumption Added announcements Wintertodt + Dragon Axe chance Larrans chest fix (now checks if you have enough inventory space) Added Waterfall Dungeon teleport properly in interface Replaced Hill Giants with Bloodvelds in Catacombs of Kourend Changed coords Kill wolf inside Ardougne to make it easier to obtain Added Yanille Underwall tunnel shortcut Edits done to Tzrek zuk pet Small edits done to Olm head movements Lots of edits done to Grotesque Guardians Fixed bug being able to continue a boss slayer task after 0 Took TFP book out of donator store Removed the easter egg event (still gave eggs sometimes) Added snape grass farming Increased stock Baba Yagas Astral runes from 250 to 1000
  7. Birdhouses Birdhouses have been added and are available at Fossil Island! There are 4 birdhouse spots you can place your birdhouse at. You can place seeds in the birdhouse (seeds found on wiki or below!) and after 50 minutes claim a bunch of bird nests and other goodies! - Creating birdhouses through crafting has been added You need a clockwork and a log between normal and redwood, use them on eachother with a hammer and chisel in your inventory. - Clockworks can be made on a crafting table 2 or better in the Workshop of a Player-owned house. A clockwork requires a silver bar and 8 crafting Fossil Island Added mushroom teleportation Fossil Island Added hardwood tree patches Added agility shortcuts Fossil Island Added house On the hill + Mysterious machines The most southern machine is used by using your ruby necklace on the machine to create digsite teleport necklaces. The northern machine is used to create a Wyvern shield with a visage and elemental shield. Added teleport to Fossil Island and Birdhouses Added ways with boat to enter Fossil Island XP rate benefits We are working on adding more benefits for xp rates as we go. We've been working on the droprate benefit and expect it to release soon! 1x XP rate benefits: Increased run regen while wearing graceful Increased prayer amount prayer potions Konar Fixed all of the remaining buggy tasks (wrong coords & npc IDs) All the areas should be fixed now and Konar can officially be used! Konar can be found at home by the other slayer masters and at its original spot. New daily tasks Kill Abyssal Demons 50 times Kill Bryophyta 2 times Kill a player inside a pvp instance Hespori Fixed Hespori timer Fixed Hespori Patch spam clicking issue Fixed hespori seed spam chat issue Chambers Of Xeric You can now obtain points in the Ice chamber in COX Edits done to Large Muttadile POH Added Crafting table in workshop You can now build a spirit tree in POH Lunar Signet now sold at Baba Yaga shop MISC: CONTENT/BUG FIXES Increased XP Chaos Altar Wilderness Added toy horses Editted message achievement lottery Fixed Seagull & elder chaos druid slayer task not counting Removed banker castle wars Added Inventory warning reclaiming cannon to prevent player not receiving full cannon Fixed crevice shortcut at Brimhaven dungeon by the dragons Added bank is full check at Trading Post to prevent item loss Changed attack style Dust Devil to match OSRS Fixes done to banning Kourend spirit tree patch fix Correct burn level for Monkfish Pay-fare to Karamja now works You can now create tiaras & any other silver bar related items again Fixed range issue fighting against players added owner rank to ::players and ::staff Changed coords and removed message farming cape Zulrah edits Some behind the scenes work in terms on owner commands Fixed stairs at Lithkren Fixed various diary tasks
  8. Added Hespori: We've added Hespori, the Farming Guild boss. Hespori can be found through the teleport interface or at the farming guild dungeon. You can obtain Hespori seeds from all patches when you check-health or clear the patch. $500+ donators can claim a free Hespori seed everyday at ::dz2 475224b942bbeed4d29b5cbce6ebad15.mp4 Multiple fixes done to Zulrah: Fixed the arrow issue & fixes done to Zulrah phases and sometimes Zulrah got stuck when you killed her during phase swap, This is now fixed. Added ogre key coffins. The ogre coffins can be opened with an ogre key or You can picklock the coffin to obtain some starter items. + Teleport to Jiggig to access them Trading post is now integrated in Discord in #server-tradepost and shows items put in it. Bugs/Misc content Fixed multiple items Fixed Abyss DC issue Added chat announcement for mysterious emblem & Larrans key Fixed an issue with smithing silver and making rings Fixed the granite maul fast spec for all mauls Added range level to green d'hide vambs Fixes done to OSRS GP key event Elvarg loot announcements Replaced "Obtain phoenix pet" Kourend elite diary with "kill 5 Hespori" Replaced Ardougne medium agility course task to hard and moved Grapple Yanille to medium You now have a 1/3 chance to obtain an additional wilderness key with diary benefit Fixed Explorer's ring teleport coords Fixes done to Olm Kourend herb patch has been fixed
  9. Ectofuntus: Ectofuntus has been added and is now a reliable source for prayer XP & ecto tokens. There is also a 1/1000 chance to obtain a ectophial while praying at Ectofuntus And a 1/3000 chance at receiving big prayer XP! Forthos Dungeon: Added Undead druids loot & combat & animations Added temple spider loot & combat & animations Misc/bugs fixed Nurse restoring special attack Fixed the cosmetic chest message, showing the wrong item Fixed Kraken cove private instance Added dragon arrows to PK chest PK leaderboard fixes, if you killed a player you already killed it still counted in the instance leaderboard this is now fixed. Fixed The Frozen prison dragon Renamed coin box to "Coin box" instead of aluft box. More fixes and work done to Theatre of Blood
  10. Preset interface has been fixed & re-enabled Added starter bow & staff The starter weapons has increased damage compared to Other weapons at this level range. Starter weapons has 500 charges each Fixed the duel arena interface There was an issue with mobile players DCing pressing certain buttons, this is now fixed! Added new items to PK chest: Dragon Boots Spiked Manacles Dragon Mace Imbue page Dragonstone bolts (e) Opal dragon bolts (e) Dragon bolts Increased amount food items Renamed items so mobile can also see them now: Imbue page Clue step skip page Double drops scroll Slayer skip page PVP armour mystery box Experience Scroll Droprate scroll Pet droprate scroll Quest XP scroll You now also get XP from quests. Fishy situation quest: 30k Fishing XP Darkmeyer quest: 20k Thieving XP 12.5k Runecrafting XP Desert Treasure: 25k Magic XP Mage Arena 2: 25k Magic XP 10k Slayer XP Wall safe thief quest: 22.5k thieving XP Necromancer quest: 20k Fletching XP 20k Hitpoints XP 15k Smithing XP Pirate quest: 10k Agility XP Added more items for announcements: Dark Bow Abyssal Dagger Warrior Ring Bugs/Misc Fixed an issue with Bloody Merchant DCing Added special attack restore Nurse Fixed level issues reset level NPC Removed the anglerfish guaranteed loot Mogre Increased XP dwarf cannon XP lamp also works on combat skills now
  11. Edits done to farming checks You can now properly get all skilling pets Enabled discord killing spree messages You now have a chance at obtaining a gold chin changing its colours Added PK leaderboards: They can be found: North of home, next to the white funpk portal The pvp instance leaderboard is in all PVP instances. Overall leaderboard High wildy leaderboard Edgeville leaderboard PVP instance leaderboard Added PK key to LMS & Tournament (LMS shop and tournament first place) Changed bandos tassets from 15m to 8m from Sigmund Took off home teleport restriction at pvp instance Presets has been temporarily disabled
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