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  1. New updated donator zone! Exciting times ahead! We've updated our donator zone! The zone has a hub at ::dz, from there you can enter all zones, dz4 has a special ::dz4 too, here is some of the information regarding new zones: All Donator Zones come with: XP boosts: DZ hub & DZ1: 8% XP boost DZ2: 12% XP boost DZ3: 18% XP boost DZ4: 22% XP boost A wearable trophy, bronze mithril rune and dragon obtainable in zones Banks Preset Statue Reju Pools Occult Altar Teleporter Sandpit Chaos Altar Fairy/Spirit Tree Larrans/Deadmans/Brimstone Chests Slayer Masters Dz1 -> karambwan and angler fishing willows/maples/teaks woodcutting zone gem rock mining orange salamander farming patch Dz2 -> Karambwan/Angler/Sharks fishing Maples/Yews woodcutting zone mithril/coal/gem rock mining red salamander thieving stalls death altar runecrafting furnace Dz3 -> Monkfish/Angler/Karambwan fishing Mahogany/Teak/Maple/Yew woodcutting zone Red chinchompas and orange salamanders thieving NPCs death/blood/soul/dark altar runecrafting furnace and anvil proximity to bank Dz4 -> Angler/Karambwan/Barbarian fishing + cooking next to bank Teak/Maple/Yew and Redwood woodcutting zone Red Chinchompas/Orange and Red salamanders thieving NPCs death/blood/soul/dark + dense essence mining close to bank furnace and anvil next to bank Updated home map We've done it! We went through the maps and voted, in just a few hours this is the current outcome: Thank you for voting! You are the ones that make Luna better everyday! Because of such a SMASHING result we will update this map right now: Bug fixes/QoL: Ring of wealth (i) now properly removes "Empty" tables, increasing odds on better items greatly Instead of a bucket of water you can also wear ice gloves now for a fire spirit to spawn using the bonfire at Wintertodt or donator zones Shooting stars rock has been updated to match osrs one with special animations as it gets mined! Can now check loot of PK chest again Greatly increased odds for leveling tier emblems during Wilderness slayer, the rates are more than halved! Tier 2: 1/80 Tier 3: 1/150 Tier 4: 1/150 Tier 5: 1/150 Tier 6: 1/195 Tier 7: 1/230 Tier 8: 1/230 Tier 9: 1/300 Tier 10: 1/400 Canceling slayer task Donator benefit change, points return when canceling task, before it was 50% as master donator and above, this is the change: 50+ spend: 15% return (5 points) 100+ spend: 20% return (6 points) 250+ spend: 25% return (8 points) 500+ spend: 35% return (11 points) 1000+ spend: 45% return (13 points) 2500+ spend: 50% return (15 points) 5000+ spend: 60% return (18 points) 10000+ spend: 75% return (22 points) Updates from discord: Fixed issue at Zamorak with the black interface not fully filling the screen Fixed issue with Divines not properly working, they should now properly function! Alchemical Hydra loot now appears at same time as the other loot Fixed issue with Venator Bow bounce arrow not bouncing after shooting and instantly walking away The new donator zones have been added but not made functional yet, coming soon! Added more bot checks You can now only destroy looting bag in Ferox Enclave or the Wilderness Other fixes
  2. New homes I hear you thinking.. homes?! Yes! We want to experiment with something, see what kind of home players prefer. We will have this coming home for 3-4 days, after that we'll load the other home map for 3-4 days then players will decide which map they want! This new upcoming map looks alot like what we had before just changed to make it easier to understand! Not only has home been changed but the bounty/pkp/task points and BM store is also just one NPC now! The store has also been changed now, when buying 1 you no longer get the warning, when buying 5 or more the interface re-opens after confirming your purchase and many other QoL! Certain prices has also been changed Home teleport has also been changed and teleports you in random spots now to battle bots aswell! Map 2 This is the second home we will upload in 3-4 days, a simpler map. We are curious what players will prefer! QoL/bug fixes Spawned dust devils at desert dungeon at part of map that were missing them Ice barrage message now shows in actual seconds, not ticks Home teleport has been changed and now teleports players to random positions Can now use leaf bladed arrows aswell at kurasks Statius warhammer now acts like a hammer at GWD door Bunch of other smaller fixes & more done to home Bunch of fixes done to Tempoross Can now store ancient d'hide shield in POH Auto cast no longer resets in the Wilderness
  3. New shop interface! Some of the new additions: - Warning if you buy so you dont buy too much of an item - Unlimited stock - Lots of new great QoL additions like unlimited cannonballs - Added swift blade & more We'll start with just these shops for now, if all goes well they will be added for blood money shop, daily task store etc aswell! New boost pages: DT2 boost, lasts 1 hour: Changes Chromium ingot 3/8 chance to 1/8 and boosts vestige piece from 3/8 to 4/8 and soulreaper piece from 1/8 to 2/8 CoX boost, lasts 2 hours: Instead of lower chance to hit unique this boost works a it different, if a player does hit the unique table an increased chance obtaining some of the more valuable unique drops, tbow etc, basicly I will lower the chance to get the prayer scrolls therefore increase odds for all other uniques Home: Due to the new interface with more NPCs getting removed we will be changing our home very soon! Moved certain NPCs and deleted some Leviathan: Fixed an issue with Leviathans special attack, if player stood behind rock at certain areas it didnt properly not damage player Slightly reduced Leviathans ranged defence from 50 to 35 Fixes done to Leviathans volley attack Tempoross: Increased rewards per permit GP from 15k to 30k Increased overall quantity of rewards Fire no longer destroys totems Fixes done to ensure Tempoross cannot get stuck at 1% Tempoross interface now removes on exit Fishing spots south of Tempoross now properly moves Wave attack now has a chance to destroy totems QoL/bug fixes Fixed issue with starter weapons not showing correct charges Fixed issue at DCing in High risk zone Added Soulreaper axe Fixed title descriptions Fixed some clues Fixed issue with superior not dropping stuff Fixes done to Venenatis hitting through prayer Fixed an issue within Pyramid Plunder players getting stuck
  4. Tempoross Tempoross has been added! Our Tempoross is slightly different.. The boss is more profitable, making this a very valuable way to earn GP & more great rewards! You also get 15k GP for every permit you fish, making Tempoross very valuable Some of the notable drops: Tome of water, crystal tool seed, big harpoonfish, spirit angler outfit Seagull wing, which is a seagull pet! Tackle Box, which allows you to store all sort of fishing equipment! Lots of great skilling supplies like herbs, snape grass & more! DT2 bosses unique chance high increase: Old rates - New rates First rate is with event on, second with event off Leviathan 1/88 - 1/94 to: 1/50 - 1/60 Vardorvis 1/110 - 1/126 to: 1/65 - 1/75 Awakened Vardorvis 3/110 3/126 to: 3/90 - 3/100 Duke 1/80 - 1/90 to: 1/60 - 1/70 Wilderness bosses fixes: Vetion: Hellhounds now have 30 HP Callisto: Increased chance to do magic/shock attack Venenatis: Doesnt hit through prayer anymore if small spiders are dead Slayer: Added 4 missing superiors & their respective loot. - Hydra Colossal - Spiked Turoth - Drake Guardian - Shadow Wyrm Pet perks: Tiny Tempor: More points from the Tempoross minigame Lil'Viathan: Player is immune to the melee orbs Blast furnace: Ores now require the right amount of coal Titles: Leviathan: Serpent Killer: Kill The Leviathan 500 times Serpent Slayer: kill The Leviathan 2500 times Leviathan: Defeat The Leviathan in 60 seconds or less Tempoross: Master Baiter: Defeat Tempoross 500 times Captain: Defeat Tempoross 1000 times Sea Conquerer: Defeat Tempoross 5000 times Pirate: Obtain the Seagull pet Misc QoL/bug fixes Fix done to RCB broad bolts Fix done to ammonite crabs hitting through prayer and ignoring defence Leviathan teleport renamed Smoke devil pet perk also works while fighting smoke devil now Removed the null loot from all Revenants & boss You now have a 1/80 chance to get a crystal shard while woodcutting within Prifddinas Jar of smoke now appears in Collection log Kodai wand kit now announces properly Duke slayer chest now appears under players current location Added untradeable scythe Worked on Leviathan and fixed a couple reported issues Updates from discord: Crystal armour: Can now charge the chargeable variants too Only charges armour now if player is hit more than 0 Various other fixes & improvements & added part of Tempoross to world 1 already in preparation. Leviathan Improvements: Multiple fixes implemented for Leviathan Greatly increased Leviathan's drop table with new additions and increased amounts Crossbow Fixes: Resolved issues preventing crossbows from firing bolts they should be able to fire (caused by a recent update) Vyre Well Charging: Now checks for both unnoted and noted vials of blood Bow Fixes: Fixed Magic Composite Bow Fixed Kodai Wand (i) NPC Updates: Replaced Nechryael at Catacombs of Kourend with Greater Nechryaels Village Chest Drops: Drops now appear under the player instead of at the NPC position Vorkath Head Drop: Now drops at 50 KC instead of 51 Wizard's Mind Bomb: Now properly boosts magic Trading Post Messages: Now displays the correct amount sent to the bank after purchase Fight Arena Zone: Now designated as a multi-zone Construction Updates: Added 50+ items to the custom storage construction A Armadyl twisted bow: Can now be dismantled
  5. The next installment of the DT2 bosses is out now! Only one to go for the soulreaper axe and more... Leviathan You can fight the Leviathan at ;;levi or through the teleport interface. The Leviathan drops the bis range ring & much more! Pet perks REV IT UP (Pet CALLISTO CUB): 15% increased accuracy and damage against Revenants. (Stacks with Avarice) Farmer (Pet TANGLEROOT): Increased farming yield amount. Warm (Pet PHOENIX): The phoenix will cast a warmth aura around you in Wintertodt. COOL LOOT (Pet LIL VIATHAN): 50% more loot at Leviathan if a perfect kill is made. IM POSTING (Pet PETE): A 60% chance at 100% more loot from slayer and village chests. CHEMICAL (Pet IKKLE HYDRA): 10% increased chance at unique loot from Alchemical Hydra. PHANTOM (Pet MUPHIN): Deal higher damage using smite during shielded phase. SMOKELESS (Pet SMOKE DEVIL): No longer need to wear protection in a smoky environment. Faster faster (Pet BARON): (BUFFED) Only need 1 poison during skilling phase & 70% chance for double mushrooms during skill phase. Nex rampage (Pet NEXLING): 10% increased ranged accuracy & damage against any NPC in the Nex fighting zone. Vardorvis blood (Pet BUTCH): (BUFFED) 5% chance while pet out to heal yourself, melee only. Added Lucky Lightning effect for Opal bolts Fixed ability to fire bolts you werent supposed to with crossbows Worked on slayer interface/options Added lots of content for upcoming Tempoross Added scarred tablet for 90k Sigmund Rats no longer aggressive against higher levels Changed some stats Vorkath Updates from discord: Adjusted damage for Big Muttadile: Slightly buffed stomp attack, buffed melee attack, and nerfed magic attack to match OSRS. Miscellaneous Fixes and Additions Fixed a bug with the Ancient Godsword special attack regarding players. Added a warning for enchant crossbow bolts regarding available inventory space. Removed the Consecration seed drop. Increased crystal shard rewards at Gauntlet, basicly tripled Increased timing for Celastrus Crop. Updated starter bow and starter staff to have 1250 charges instead of 500. Introduced a new donator deal in ⁠discount-codes Speak to the Wise Old Man for more details. Remember: You can also get the points through $ scrolls to claim the deals, no need to buy yourself! Various new content added to World 1, with announcements coming very soon.
  6. Tombs of Amascut Tombs of Amascut beta has been added to World 1! Starting of with Zebak & part of Ba-ba (puzzle) You can earn beta points killing Zebak or completing the Ba-ba puzzle You can earn additional beta points by reporting not yet reported ToA related issues The beta shop will be added soon but you can earn points now. Bunch of fixes has been done ever since the ToA beta release & more will come. Ba-ba and the Akkha room is almost ready for you! Top 15 voters system Once a month now the top 15 voters will receive a juicy reward and it will be reset once a month. You can claim your reward using ;;claimvote! Because its a seperate counter it will start counting from now on (this update) instead of the first day of this month (obviously from then on out every first of the month is when the counter starts) Also for a limited time vote bosses will only require 30 votes instead of 60!! Misc/other content Dwarf Cannon will no longer consume charges of currently worn items Fixes done to Bottomless bucket Added dragon pickaxe(or) Bots on server specific announcements now have a name & new profile picture
  7. Agility & Thieving Improvements: Agility Courses Overhaul: Agility courses have undergone a significant transformation, introducing new opportunities to earn Marks of Grace even at lower levels! Key updates include: Marks of Grace: Marks are now obtainable at both the Gnome Stronghold and Barbarian courses. Improved chances of acquiring Marks of Grace across most agility courses. Level Adjustments: The Draynor course now welcomes players starting from level 1 agility. Experience Gains: The following courses now offer significantly boosted XP: Barbarian Course (Strength XP too!) Gnome Stronghold Course Al Kharid Course Ardougne Course Draynor Course Falador Course Pollnivneach Course Rellekka Course Varrock Course Thieving Upgrades: Pickpocketing: New loot is now available from specific NPCs: Paladins: Hard clue scrolls Gnomes: Medium clue scrolls Heroes: Hard clue scrolls Stalls: Improved respawn rates and XP gains, with new loot items for the following stalls: Crafting: Added Amulet and bracelet molds, gold bars Monkey Food Monkey General Tea & Wine Seed, Fur, Fish Crossbow: Added Mithril crossbow limbs, mithril bolts Silver: Added Tiaras, silver bars Spice Magic: Added Nature and law runes Scimitar: Added Adamant and mithril scimitars Gem Ore Miscellaneous & Quality of Life Changes: Clue Geodes: Increased chance of finding clue geodes while mining. Fixed an error in login message double drops Updates posted on Discord: We've revamped how the droprate bonus operates for an even better experience. Previous Droprate Bonus Method: Previously, the droprate bonus aimed to decrease item probabilities proportionally to the boost percentage. The intention was to increase the chances of items falling below their weight threshold in the droptable loop, theoretically making them easier to obtain. However, this approach encountered issues when multiple items were boosted, leading to a higher likelihood of selecting items earlier in the droptable. New and Improved Droprate Bonus Method: Now, the droprate boost first adjusts the weights of all items according to any applicable drop rate boosts before selecting which item to drop. This means that the droprate bonus fine-tunes the weights, ensuring a fairer and more accurate selection process. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the previous droprate boost not working as intended. Rest assured, the new implementation should provide a smoother and more rewarding drop rate experience. Thank you for your understanding and happy hunting! The Blood Ancient sceptre has been added and can now be made with an ancient sceptre and a blood quartz. It will increase the effects of Ancient Magicks by 10%, with the added effect of being able to overheal up to 10% over the player's base Hitpoints. (similar to anglerfish) Vardorvis axes have been fixed Significally buffed the ancient vault chest to make it way more profitable now across all quartz Buffed Vardorvis table a bit more Made the frozen & strangled tablets 90K ea in Sigmund right now, was 60k for frozen tablet and 70k for strangled tablet before Added blisterwood flail Added some new commands
  8. Server Performance Enhancements: We've implemented significant optimizations to enhance server stability and performance. These improvements are designed to streamline resource usage and boost overall server responsiveness. Item Updates: Dragonbone & Bonecrusher Necklace Stats: These items now feature enhanced stats, aligning with OSRS standards: Attack Bonuses: +10 to Stab, Slash, Magic, and Ranged Defense Bonuses: +2 across all defense stats Diary Updates: Elite Kourend Diary: Completing this diary now grants full XP for the Ash Sanctifier. Wintertodt Diary Task: The task to obtain a Tome of Fire has been changed to acquiring any unique item from Wintertodt. Pet and Drop Rate Adjustments: Vet'ion Pet: The issue preventing obtaining the Vet'ion pet post-revision update has been resolved. Drop Rate Increases: We have increased the odds of obtaining Zulrah uniques, the Voidwaker Blade, and the Voidwaker Hilt. Announcements and Warnings: Armadyl Twisted Bow Kit: This item's drop is now globally announced. Arclight Notification: A new warning notifies players when their Arclight reaches a value of 10,000, preventing the accidental loss of shards. Gameplay Enhancements: Swimming Render: Enhancements have been made to the swimming animation, improving visual performance. Fountain of Goodwill: Fixed an issue with typo in the announcements. New Additions: Several new items have been added
  9. Vardorvis Greatly increased drops of Vardorvis Also perfect kill is more rewarding now giving you 70% increased loot instead of 50% for normal Vardorvis and 80% instead of 50% for Awakened Vardorvis! All the loot increased overall for min/max of all items Added Saradomin brew(2), our first method to obtain some through a boss (low amount tho) Added bunch of alchable items like dragon platelegs, rune platebody and GP drops - Many other improvements and touches on Vardorvis loot Fixed issue with Awakened Vardorvis Skilling zone & new event Changed a fountain of good will event (pyramid plunder) to a new event! Skilling zone will have 10% increased XP in the entire zone & double skilling zone points for only 30M! Made rates of obtaining skilling points even better across all available skilling in the zone now Stackable with other XP events/bonuses Bug fixes, other various content & QoL The Twisted bow armadyl kit is now available as a drop from Kree'arra When frozen when timer reaches 1 second will say "1 second" instead of "1 seconds" now Changed AFK tree pet droprate from 1/9.5k to 1/50k Added bolts from bronze till mithril in the ranger shop at Varrock & increased overall stock Added Invandis flail
  10. Hey everyone, we've got something cool rolling out - a brand new Skilling Zone! We're spicing things up on the Isle of Souls by turning it into a skilling paradise. This spot's all about making those first steps in skilling a breeze, and trust me, there's heaps to get excited about. Introducing Skilling Points! Dive even deeper into the Skilling Zone with our new Skilling Points system! Now, every skilling activity you dive into not only advances your abilities but also can reward you with Skilling Points. Gather your points and head over to the Skilling Points Shop, conveniently located next to the bank at the ;;sz teleport. From exclusive gear to handy resources, make the most of your skilling adventure! You can find out how many skill points you currently have by typing ;;skillpoints or ;;sp or by opening the skill point shop! Rewards at the moment include: Gloves of Silence for 300 skill points - Reduce your chance of failure while pickpocketing by 5% Cooking Gauntlets for 100 skill points Goldsmith Gauntlets for 120 skill points Fish Sack for 300 skill points Herb Box for 30 skill points Ore Box for 50 skill points Bag Full of Gems for 50 skill points Dragon Pickaxe for 1000 skill points There will be more added to the shop in the future! Quick Access: Jump in with ;;sz or head north of the island with ;;sz2. ::skilling and ::skilling2 work like a charm too. Don't miss the teleport option in the teleport interface as well! You can also access the zone using fairy ring BJP What's available in the Skilling Zone: Trees, trees, and more trees: Maple, Yew, Teak, Mahogany – we've got an entire forest. Ores galore in the Mining area – because who doesn't love a good mining session? Fishing's never been better: nets, baits, cages, harpoons – you name it, we've got spots for it. Anchovies, lobsters, sharks – catch 'em all! A neat flax field, Spinning wheel, and Potter's wheel are all set. Hunters, track down Grey chinchompas, Copper longtails, and Crimson swifts in the new areas. Discover the fairy magic using the fairy ring BJP. Lots of NPCs throughout the isle to battle! Rabbits, birds, cows, imps, chickens, sand crabs, unicorns, moss giants, pyrefiends, pyrelords, butterflies, squirrels and some rats. Items everywhere! - Bunch of item spawns throughout the zone, big fishing net, knife, hammer, lobster pot, rope, pestle and mortar, box trap, bird snares, small fishing net, planks, fishing rod, fly fishing rod, chisel, bronze pickaxe, leather gloves, bones, seaweed Slayer Cave Alert : It's not just about skilling; we're adding a Slayer Cave with some badass monsters and valuable ores (dragonite, runite and adamantite). Get ready for some action with Lesser and Greater Demons, Fire Giants, Dragons (Blue, Baby Blue, Iron), and dont forget blue dragon scale spawns. Thief it up with the chest inside of the slayer cave with great skilling related rewards and a high chance at the beloved medium clue scroll! (Rewards of chest shown below) This place is designed to make your skilling life a tad easier and a whole lot more fun. Whether it's leveling up or just exploring, the Skilling Zone's got something for everyone. Slayer cave chest rewards: Coins Feather Grimy guam leaf Nature rune Death rune Mind rune Grimy lantadyme Grimy ranarr weed Uncut sapphire Uncut emerald Chocolate bar Bird snare Box trap Uncut ruby Adamant pickaxe Adamant axe Uncut diamond Adamant scimitar Clue scroll (medium) Dark key Bug fix: Fixed issue with equipment interface bugging out due to certain bows
  11. Chambers of Xeric Scaling You can now scale the raid up to 15! With this new scaling system added we have also fixed scaling of certain NPCs that did not properly scale. Think about NPCs like.. Ice Demon Vasa Nistirio Tekton Muttadiles & more! Added the HP bar interface to Olm hands too and Ice demon Other small improvements & fixes done to COX Fixes/QoL Droprate boost changes: Changed command ;;drboostlist to ;;drboost Reworked the ;;drboost interface Silver donator: 3% to 4% Gold donator: 4% to 5% Platinum donator: 5% to 6% Master donator: 7% to 8% Godlike donator: 10% to 11% Legendary donator: 13% to 15% Milkman: 15% to 17% & 1% extra added for GWD items Rich kid: 15% to 18% & 1% extra added for GWD items Added Smolcano pet Fixed servant hiring diary Added blazing blowpipe Added Armadyl twisted bow kit Fixed issue with a wall for The Bank quest Replaced magic trees at ;;dz Fixed an issue receiving the village dr boost Fixed NPC at TOB not considering new blowpipe venom Fixed up ;;commands a bit
  12. Hey Luna we have to talk,
    I'm an Ethical Hacker
    contact me asap at [email protected]

  13. Hello! Should work, be sure to make sure your internet isnt blocking the download, we are live!
  14. Equipment interface Has been fixed fully, including set effect bonus, the new weapon speed feature & more! Fixed multiple other interfaces There were a bunch of custom interfaces with fixes too, below is highlight of a few of them with major fixes, in total around 10 custom interfaces had some improvements done. Misc/bug fixes Divine rune pouch is now fully functional Changed 150+ items in the market to prices we had in our old price guide Replaced Pharaoh's sceptre with a new ID Reworked magus/ultor creation Salve amulet (normal not the ei one) did 15% damage increase before, it should be 16.67%, fixed this Multiple fixes to Theatre of Blood Reduced sotetseg ball attack for solo players Fixes done to Awakened Vardorvis Can now get a perfect kill count at Vardorvis normal/awakened and duke with the resource drop and unique drop too Removed summer tokens TOB Started work on Herbiboar & development of ToA ongoing!
  15. Theatre of Blood: Xarpus scales properly now Sotetseg does 10 damage if player is doing a solo run Fixes done to spider waves at nylocas Other various fixes & improvements Other fixes/misc Temporarily added a restriction on the $ scrolls on trading post so players know its current price. $10 scroll is 100m $25 scroll 250m $50 scroll $500 I would like for players that keep trying to overpay for these to consider staying at around 100m so the starters also have a chance to buy some! Why this change? We've noticed some of our veteran players, blessed with some wealth, have been trading at much higher rates. While we love seeing our community thrive, we also want to ensure our new players have a fair shot at getting started. This price guide is a temporary measure to help balance the playing field and provide clear price indicators for everyone. Normal trades are still an option, but we hope this update helps everyone make more informed decisions in the marketplace. ::search function and the button in trading post now shows all items again if you search, including $10 scroll etc custom items, you can find any item now Increased odds Armadyl Crossbow Fixed creating ultor ring and magus ring, were 81 instead of 80 Fixed issue with the slayer interface removing blocked tasks Fixed an issue that caused a server-wide DC Fixed issue with ancient godsword Non donators can now use 2 presets instead of 1 Improvements done to Trading post Fixed Vardorvis time title description and announcement announcing incorrect time Fixed Vardorvis 4th emote when Awakened Vardorvis has been killed Awakened Vardoris entrance is now a tick faster I can now remove TP offers (set them to 14 days) if its a fake/troll offer Discord updates throughout the weeks (ignore if you seen these on discord): Added ::vestige command to check current vestige rolls, requires bronze donator+ Added ::search or ::search (item name) ingame to look up items on the market ::prices leads you to the market now Theatre of blood: Fixed maiden HP not scaling properly Fixed Verzik HP not scaling properly certain phases Sotetseg now doesnt shoot a new attack as he shoots the ball Fixed able to get out of the Vasillias zone through barrier during spider phase or boss phase Xarpus was broke fixed Various other bugs Added bunch of fixes for Vardorvis: Shouldnt do the interface attack and axes in area anymore at the same time anymore or way less often at least Done fixes to awakened and normal enrage phase Does attacks less often Re-added HP bar interface normal vardorvis Much more small improvements and fixes Also done bunch of TOB improvements Start is now a tick faster so you dont get stuck Added the Reaper title, obtainable at 50 seconds Normal Vardorvis now does the interface attack again at 80% hp not above it Multiple other fixes and improvements done to Vardorvis Misc: Fixed issue with collection log spam while wearing an Avarice in the revenant caves Fixed Scythe of Vitur in the traveler store and now holds uncharged variant Replaced coords black chinchompa hill task with wilderness clue keys Reworked some logs
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