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  1. PVP armor (Vesta/Zuriel/Statius) is now obtainable through 3 wilderness bosses. Statius = Scorpia Vesta = Vet'ion Zuriel = Callisto All armor drops 1/2500. Added Aerial Fishing You can get the Bonecrusher & fish sack & the awesome fish below through the shop. More will be added to it! You can find the teleport in the interface at the skilling tab. Bonecrusher is now also obtainable through barrows chests. Added Karil's effect with amulet of the damned (Rest of the effects will also be added!) Added God wars altar donator benefit timer (Details on benefits list) Added Stray dog pet! Fixed slayer helms not working in certain dungeons Fixed kraken boss not counting for slayer Shamans was safespottable. This is now fixed Changed droptable of Demonic Gorillas. Made Heavy frame ballista etc easier to obtain Ironman didnt get the starter set. This is now fixed Soon you are able to auto complete clues daily. With restrictions how many times everyday depending on your donator rank.
  2. The Christmas map was long overdue so we moved back to our old trusty map. I added a small hunter starter zone with the map and some overall improvements. Also added a tanner inside the hunter zone. Tutorial The tutorial we had wasnt the best. I reworked alot of the tutorial explaining new things about the server + added a new starter set and alot more stuff for a better starter experience. All players now start with level 3 herblore aswell. Sigmund All barrows gear now sell for a way higher price to Sigmund! Donator benefits New added: Superheat with noted coal for donators $1000+ Increased yield amount with farming $1000+ You no longer need stone boots in Karuulm dungeon $100+ Slayer chest & coin box now automaticly go in inventory $100+ Bird nests now adds to inventory $100+ Donators wont burn food anymore $100+ Increased GP in Pest Control $250+ Donators now get increased Blood Money while PKing $250+ Donators now get an extra PKP point $500+ Donators will receive 15 points back after cancelling slayer task $500+ You will get more currency from Skilling events $500+ Double slayer points $500+ Changed location of Character selection screen Multiple changes in Nightmare zone Removed Jungle demon Removed multiple other weird NPCs Increased points amount Overall other small improvements Increased overall pet odds Increased amount you get from skilling events Increased respawn time for Bandos boss Decreased respawn tme for Thermonuclear boss Slayer We did multiple fixes for slayer & hopefully for a insane amount of kills with tasks. Cannon Added restrictions to Lizardman shaman dungeon and Taverley Underground dungeon
  3. Nightmare Zone needed some edits to make it functional - Fixed multiple npcs inside NMZ - Added a shop with cool rewards including (t3) Twisted league outfit & herb boxes & more! - Added absorption potion - You can only buy a maximum of 15 herb boxes & 2 xp scrolls everyday - Lots of other fixes + Note, some items have a pretty decent price, this can always be editted to a lower price, I want to see what everyones average points per hour will be. Fix for slayer bosses, Players could get a task like Vorkath and could just kill any boss, this is now fixed You can now use the ancient spellbook for Eldritch and Volatile nightmare staffs Added Neitiznot helm to ironman shops Added Crystal Implings to Prifdinas Slayer caskets coin boxes & brimstone key drop fixed for kraken Fixed super mystery book freeze issue Removed pet droprate scroll from Revenants Fixed Dark Relic Tells you you need inventory space now when you try to withdraw from Trading Post Fixed all reanimation spells etc arceuus spellbook Changed price of imbue page to 5 donor points & slayer skip page 3 points ea You can now light bug lantern & candles Fix for adamant dragons Increased Wyrm bones XP Pest Control You can now range and mage pest control portals Did other small improvements & bug fixes for PC Fixed "Unknown" location for Crystal trees & Shooting stars events Removed some bugged swords from blood money store Temp disabled luna pet Nightmare totems is now weaker against magic and stronger defence against melee God wars altars now have a 5 minute timer once you pray on them Fixed pipe at barbarian outpost
  4. Multiple PVP improvements: Added PKP points & pkp shop You get 2 points every kill you get The shop is located next to emblem trader at home Kills & killing spree announcements! Grubby chest is now added and working Monkey boss changes: Decreased HP, overall damage and splash damage of his NPC attack Added local loot Few other small bug fixes done for monkey boss Changed various things in ::help, added new things + changed some questions Motherlode mine shortcut now works Blood money increase killing players Added a message after receiving rune defender drop to head downstairs to get the dragon defender Changed multiple crystal tree event spawns making them easier to find Players in Wilderness will now show when there are more than 4 players in Wilderness instead of 5 Nightmare: Husks now spawn right Spores have been fixed Totems sometimes scuffing up is now fixed After a party leader died or left all players that are still inside got stuck because the map gets removed This is now fixed Few other small nightmare boss bugs are now fixed DHL now works correct against Vorkath. Barbarian outpost agility course the pipe leading to it is now working Edits done on Shooting star event making it all a bit smoother Royal seed pod coords changed you now spawn same place as you do teleporting home in Edgeville
  5. Added a list with frequently asked questions to help new players get familiar with everything about the server. This list can be accessed through the book new players now get in their inventory or through ::help. Also if you talk to the NPCs you can change your home at you can get access to the list aswell. In preperation for more players you can now change your home to Prifdinas or Ferox Enclave aswell by talking to the NPCs by the house where the makeover mage resides. It costs 5m to change your home and another 5m to change it back to the normal home teleport. Added plant cure spell & Fixed all teleports for Lunar spellbook God wars donor edits Fixed timers for antipoison and super antipoison Cannon restriction Nightmare lobby Sarachnis cudgel fixed & now usuable Loottable revenants editted, you can now get looting bag and bracelet easier and added another tier of emblems to the middle-level revenants Fix for nightmare distance Sarachnis double attacks removed Added cannon restriction to revenants, not the whole cave More GP from Pest Control Relekka fence & fremennik slayer shortcut You can now create tiaras Fixed farming growth timers Removed some shit drops from Nightmare (Yew logs + some smaller things) Removed ancient cave ladder functions Sarachnis now spawns 2 minions instead Fixes for wyverns (respawn and death timers) Pyrefiend fix loot & respawn ticks Removed zul andra and key master teleports from loottable Fight caves wave changes for players & donors Added GP drops for skeletons & ghosts & scorpions Fixed corsair cove dungeon entrance Added all teleports to lunar spellbook Added fixes for a huge amount of slayer tasks & other fixes to make everything more stable Added support to add multiple homes Added Q&A, type ::help or use the beginner help book from home Did a fix for shooting star weird attack Added teleport to Home
  6. We have added more events! (Wintertodt, increased points & XP) Double PC points Double Blood Money Added more items to the skilling event shops. The new coin pouch will now give between 400-500k. Added herb box gives you 10 different herbs. Clay pack Bag full of gems Mining gloves Dragon axe Seaweed Magic logs GP changes We have changed some ways to obtain more GP. Coin pouch from events give between 400-500k Increased GP amount for alot of quests Increased GP amount from crystal chest & elven crystal chest Increased GP amount daily tasks. 75k ea task and complete all tasks = 250k Caskets from rock crabs GP increased Increased coin box from slayer amount Abbysal whip high alch increased to 150k You can now pray the range attack from Angry monkey custom boss to make him easier to solo/duo Fixed timers for Crystal trees, shooting stars & Bloody merchant event. Nightmare has correct projectile height now. Fertile soil now gives magic & farming XP Decreased hit amount skilling events & increased delay gives you more time to run from the attack Fixed pickpocketting issue with the dwarf at home Fixed a dupe with herb box & re-added to event shop Fixed ore depleting too fast for shooting stars event Pest Control now spawns less spinners NPCs desert treasure now despawns after killing them Imbued page is now 300 slayer points in slayer store Crystal tree spawns changed a bit you now wont get "somewhere in Prifdinas" anymore
  7. Two new skilling events + shops to buy awesome items! These events will appear every few hours (shown in questlog) at different places. (Announcement will tell you where) You can earn different type of currency with both events to use in the event shop at home. These shops will be updated with more items with players suggestions! The events can damage you. Be sure to bring food, if you dodge the attacks you wont lose HP, be careful! With the release of Nightmare I figured it would be a good time to release Sarachnis because he has a pretty good crush weapon to use at Nightmare and other things, and a good loottable in general. Now available in Forthos Dungeon. Teleport added for Forthos Dungeon in the teleport interface. Desert Treasure quest The Archeologist needs help! He needs you to defeat multiple monsters because they are pestering him! Rewards: Holy Wrench 250k GP 15 min XP scroll Ancient staff Full ghost robes Minimum req. to start quest: 60 magic Nurse A nurse that heals you or gets rid of poison/venom etc. Will be used at duel arena, donor zones, funPK andmultiple other spots. Blade of Saeldor Will be released soon! Fixed quickprayer for runelite & mobile Changed savings of donator ranks for support staff being able to have donator rank & staff rank at the same time. Nightmare lag fixes (deletes map after and other small things) Temporary removed spores for phase 3 Nightmare. Nightmare orbs are now tradeable You now need a mirror shield to fight Basilisk knights Dragon spear fixed Wyverns dropped a really weird fire rune, fixed now. Fixed several drops, made alot of items drop noted instead of unnoted instead. Fixed second singing bowl at Prifdinas. Hide hair is fixed for multiple items now DFS special fix, you sometimes get stuck after using it. Weapon poison++ with abby dagger fixed All the teleport tabs now got their correct teleport coords and you can teleport with them now. Removed Revenants cave cannon restriction Position changed Taverley teleport Position changed Mos le harmless teleport Cows will now Moo! Instead of moo. (The ! added) Crystal Halberd PVP fix
  8. Crystal armour/tools/weapons Includes fulll crystal armour All tools (Pickaxe, axe, harpoon) Weapons(Crystal bow, halberd + spec attack, crystal shield) The crystal armour seed is obtainable through the Elven crystal chest. You can find the chest by teleporting to Prifdinas, run north up the stairs and then east. Added crystal weapon seed to Nightmare loottable Increased droprate of crystal weapon seed from Alchemical Hydra Crystal tool seed will be obtainable soon! The armour and tools and Halberd are degradeable and will turn back into the seed once fully used. Nightmare Has sounds now for range & magic attacks makes it easier to pray. Rest of Nightmare sounds added soon! You cant re-enter a party if the fight started now. Flower power special attack should now appear more often in phase 1 Loottable changed. Added various alchables & items to earn some extra GP Added weapon crystal seed to droptable Increased damage if you get hit by Nightmare without the right pray. Spore damage increased if you get hit. Did a fix to fully prevent cannon entering Nightmare. Scythe will only hit one time against the turrets now. All orbs are now tradeable. Editted bloody merchant shop prices & removed pet drop scroll (adding more items soon) Various other small edits More updates for nightmare coming soon let me know how this is!! Stalls at home except for cake stall also gives GP now. Did a fix for favorite teleport bug, it should work now, let me know! Nightmare orbs tradeable now
  9. Nightmare Of Ashihama Im proud to announce that we will release The Nightmare this update! The boss is almost identical to OSRS. Drops the nightmare staffs, pet, inquisitor armor set and much more! The boss has a "join with friends" and create instances for solo plays. Donator zone 3 This will probably the the last and final donator zone for $1000+ Portal, GP shop, bank Mahogany trees, deposit box, tree ^ We will add much more to the zone as time goes on! The zone has a multizone slayer cave with loads of monsters to kill. Includes: Nechryaels, abby demons, dark beasts, gargoyles, smoke devils, Drakes, Wyrms, and some spiritual rangers/magers Added ::dice You will now get more slayer points. Loot drops are now fixed (For example loot staying forever or when you go to Rev caves and loot dissapearing) Fixed shards spawning weird at Prifdinas course Added bank chests at every donator zone Did a fix at Prifdinas agility you could jump back to houses Wyson will no longer walk outside his house Removed cannon restriction outside lizardmen shamans. Xeric Talisman can now be uncharged to be able to drop it for UIM Fixed multiple shortcuts in Relekka slayer cave Added weapon poison ++ combining and added to slayer & Blood money store Karil now drains Agility instead of Magic Changed dialogue a bit of slayer masters and did some Tureal fixes Added teleport to lizardmen shamans dungeon Added teleport to Nightmare boss Added teleport to Slepe Added teleport to Corporeal Beast Updates from discord: Greatly reduced monkey item droprate Added alot of shortcuts at Trollheim to get to the trolls Added hard task slayer chest/coin box drops New client backrgound Item names for runelite Get 10k coins per daily task completion Revenant hobgoblin fix Added teleport to Tai bwo wannai and monkey boss Monkey boss now heals if everyone is dead. Monkey boss does way less damage now with his range/mage attacks but his boulder and reincarnated monkey splash is increased. Monkey has a new HP bar now Fixed monkey boss tele now teleports you close to the boss. Made more changes to the boss, you really dont want to get hit by the boulder now. Lizardmen shaman purple NPCs exploding range decreased Dorgeshuun crossbow fixed Added ::dz3 tele for $1000+ Double drops scroll price decreased in donor store from 13 to 9
  10. A angry monkey escaped Ape Atoll and is causing havoc in Karamja. Stop him before its too late! A new boss to defeat to obtain various great items! The boss has alot of different supply items, ranging from herbs to seeds to much more! Also drops the Dark Dye to obtain black graceful And Morrigans! Boss location: The monkey is a very strong boss and is ment to be a "world boss", you will be able to defeat him with multiple players! General tactics: He has a 5 minute respawn timer for now. The monkey is immune for all melee attacks. His weakness is range. The monkey has 4 different type of attacks. Attack 1. The monkey throws a rock at you, this is a range attack and also his main attack. Be sure to pray range. Attack 2. Prepares a spell - as soon as you see purple flying towards you, pray magic. Attack 3. Reanimated monkeys will be summoned by the boss, run from these to avoid splash damage. Attack 4. A huge boulder is thrown by the monkey, dodge this boulder because the boulder will do high amount of damage. Bug fixes & Misc Kree'arra combats now match with OSRS. All custom items have names on runelite only right now (runelite names soon available) Added Baba Yaga shop. Available in the moving house on Lunar Isle. Added cannon restrictions to Zulrah, Jad Inferno + some other misc places Slayer chest & coin box drop should now spawn in correct positions (for bosses like Kraken) Fixed all the weird drop tables for every NPC, removed some of the shit items like "beer" Tradepost fix randomly crashing Serpentine colored helms now have their correct stats. Fixed mythical cape object in Construction not giving back the cape. $500+ Donators now have access to ::deposit (or ::dep, ::depositbox) With a few restricted areas like Wilderness, tournament, duel arena and many considering too OP places. We've done alot of work to upcoming projects. We are currently fixing icons appearing in chat for both mobile & runelite Zalcano is close to completion done alot of work on him. Also done quite some work on GIM. We hope you enjoy the updates!
  11. Elven crystal chest The Elven Crystal Chest is a chest found in the upper level of the Tower of Voices in Prifddinas. It can be opened with an enhanced crystal key, and gives better average loot than the crystal chest. Including: Dragonstone armor! You can obtain the enhanced crystal keys from Conwenna and Reesee next to their singing bowl. A enhanced crystal key costs 15 crystal shards and 1 crystal key. You can also now obtain crystal shards through these ways: Agility course Prifdinas (Fixed issue crystal shards spawning weird) Killing guards around the city (Added all drops from wiki) Pickpocketting Killing the mobs in the slayer dungeon More ways coming soon! You can now combime the crystal crown in all the colors available in the shop. Fixed more shops around Prifdinas Normal crystal chest Gives guaranteed dragonstone everytime now & updated loottable a bit Zulrah Zulrah spawns less snakelings now and fixed overall snakeling issues & more ticks on jad phase Coin/slayer chest Changed amounts of the coin box and slayer chest, decreased gp a little bit. Fixed slayer chest and coin box spawning weird for some mobs Changed emblem ID slayer chest to right one Raids Scavenger beast planks guaranteed now Increased amounts material/pot drops in raids Misc Increased XP lamp amount Removed double dragon daggers from revenant loot Dwarf cannon can no longer be used in fight caves
  12. Prifdinas We worked really hard on Prifdinas and almost completed most of the city. Not everything is done yet, like Zalcano, gauntlet farm patches and some minor things. But wanted to get this update out for you guys to get a feel how amazing the city is! Agility course for best Agility XP Ingame right now Red Chinchompas north of Prifdinas New slayer cave! Mahogany trees & teaks & willow & Sawmill close to the trees! Thieving Sandpit Spinning wheel Crystal Implings You have countless shops All small things fixed + Much more I didnt mention! You can now just press stores at home to open store instead of an annoying dialogue beforehand. Added slayer skip task pages in slayer shop & donator shop (Secret Page) Added Imbue page, imbue your gear! (Berserker ring (i)) for example! Found in multiple shops including donator, slayer. (Mysterious Page) Free players start at wave 41 at Fight Caves now & Donors different waves Coinbox & Slayer Chest added to slayer to make the skill more profitable Slayer Chest also contains crystal key, half key and some other cool stuff. Added The Pirate quest You now get GP and 15 min XP scroll EVERY quest. Get skull at emblem store guy now, right click "skull" Added dark dye in store to use on graceful to obtain black graceful. Re-added Sanguin staff to donator store for a short time + Fixed CoX saying TOB completion + Fixed Null drop bloodveld + Fixed multiple items visually + Dorgeshuun Crossbow now obtainable going through normal way in OSRS + Fixed bridge leading to mythic guild + You can now eat anchovies + Updated ::commands with working commands for players/donors + Fixed a bug with special attack & magic + Added revenant hob goblin + Added 15 min XP scroll + Temp disabled cooking karambwanji +Added cannon restriction to myths guild dungeon Lowered overall damage of Xmas bosses Safe spot fix for Xmas bosses Fixed showing xp rate before tutorial Added multiple commands & more fixes Scavenger Beast now give guaranteed Mallignum planks Volcano timer is now 2 hours You can now get 50k+ Blood Money every event from Volcano and you mine between 400-650 instead. Changed strange floor shortcut in Taverley dungeon from 80 to 10 agility Zalcano More bug fixes ofcourse! More added to Prifdinas & fixed New website homepage!
  13. Oh boy its that time of the year again We added a awesome christmas event quest Sir Renitee needs help! He lost his map! After the event you get access to the CHRISTMAS BOSSES! The bosses may drop a key that you can use on a chest to get all kind of Christmas goodies! Think about anti-santa outfit, santa outfit + much more! BOSS: Xmas map: Note: The items are ONLY obtainable through the christmas bosses, after christmas this event is over. 25 days of Christmas From december 1st till December 25th everyday a player can win an item listed in Updates & Announcements 25th day of december every player online will get something! DIsk Of Returning Players are given a disk of returning which allows players to teleport themselves back to the location where their most recent teleport occurred. Excluding some instances and player suggested places this shouldnt be allowed. ^ _ Disk Of Returning will be in store at a later time! _^ Increased vote reward from 50k each vote to 125k. You can now also earn some GP at Tournaments Increased GP earned at Wilderness Boss Events Increased GP overall for thieving Increased GP drops for ALOT of bosses/slayer mobs Added combat for moss giants Removed crab puzzle of raids Re-added Ice demon to raids Fix to upgrading elite void Increased overall slayer points from tasks Temporarily re-added mithril seeds for FP in general store for 50k ea seed. Wall safe thief quest works again Added potion pack in vote and donator store, the packs contain various potions from stamina to saradomin brews, super attack potions and much more! Its a small amount of potions because I dont want potion economy to R.I.P Changed multiple prices and removed and added stuff in all donator stores. Prifdinas We've done some great work on Prifdinas and we're closing to releasing the city to you guys with the full description what this server has to offer.
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