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Traveler changes & GIM fixes & more

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Group Ironman

Multiple improvements & fixes to ensure normal players/random ironman cannot join a group

Adam now kicks you out of the group when you de-iron

Donator zone homes

You can now talk to Savant at ::dz to change your home location to either of the 3 donator zones


Wanderer trader

Since the release of the improved trading post

I feel like the trader should receive a slight nerf since trading is easier now.

Wanderer trader now changes store every 16 hours

Removed items from store:

Primordial boots/crystal
Pegasian boots/crystal
Eternal boots/crystal
Bandos chestplate
Nightmare staff
Volatile orb
Eldritch orb
Volatile orb
Elysian spirit shield
Spectral spirit shield
Arcane spirit shield
Ancestral hat
Ancestral robe bottom
Ancestral top
Twisted Bow
Scythe of Vitur
Zenyte shard


You can now properly reset a trap that has failed a catch

Blast Furnace

Temporarily took out starter ores from Blast Furnace since they caused a problem (copper, tin)


Added a timer for the vote lottery


Fixed being able to go through a bank booth at lunar isle

Fixed werewolves not respawning in Canifis

Fixed multiple npcs at Canifis not becoming werewolf

Changed diary "kill Nikolai within Canifis" to "Kill a werewolf within Canifis"

Fixed coords Cook dark crab port Khazard diary

Increased revenant ether drops from Revenants

Added trailblazer pickaxe with a 1/25 chance to receive a bar instead of ore while mining

Added a fire near fishing spots at ::dz2

Fixed portal at ::dz3 DCing you when you try to use previous teleport

Added animation & graphics creating wine


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