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Gamemode select & benefits & shop interfaces, pet perks, home changes & more

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We will be adding more custom interfaces as we go to increase the quality of Luna!


Gamemode selection interface

We felt like a good start with the interfaces is to introduce a gamemode selection interface.

Which should leave a better first impression of the server overall




Donator benefits interface

We want to attempt to change lots of the commands that lead to the website to also be ingame (mostly for mobile users so they don't have to keep going to the website)

Starting with the benefits!



Shop interface

This shop interface below is a temporary interface until we've added the newly made one.


I just wanted to get this out as soon as possible to tackle the confusion home has become and drastically lower the amount of NPCs found at home



Home changes

After all the updates we've done the home felt way too cluttered and confusing

These probably wont be the final edits but its a great start

Some of the noticeable changes

- Reduced size bank booths
- Reduced size big building with all the shop NPCs
- Took out most shop NPCs and replaced with King Arthur
- The south building with all the shops now houses the cosmetic chest & group ironman chest aswell
- Moved Traveler next to Sigmund
- Reduced size building where slayer masters recide
- Removed lots of trees & unnecesary statues
- Removed lots of flowers
- Added more grass
- All bank booth "presets" options work now
- More smaller edits



Pet benefits/perks

Our first pet perk has arrived!

Stray dog when out will act like a Ring of Wealth & pick up all GP


Vote shop:

Vote shop has some new items added to be bought!

- Mystery box
- Super mystery book
- Blood shard
- Coin pouch
- Crystal key
- Royal seed pod



Sir Palomedes/ skill reset NPC

Sir Palomedes no longer has the below level 30 requirement to reset your combat levels to 1 (10 for hitpoints)

Sir Palomedes asks for 2.5M per reset instead



Zalcano bug fixes to ensure him not getting stuck in mining phase


Misc content & fixes

Fixed issue with items dropped by NPCs that were not deleting properly

Reduced pet droprate of all skills + pickpocket thieving pet chance

Ironman can now use the mage arena shop

Text changed Sigmund prices scroll

Fixed yell timer for donators to match interface/website

Added more rewards for the daily chest common rewards

Bunch of edits done to the tutorial

Anti-bot edits have been done

Fixed dialogue issue with Bob the cat at home

Brimhaven shortcut

Increased HP vote boss






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