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Farming guild, farming contracts, skill of the day, UIM storage, TOB edits & more!

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Farming guild

Farming contracts

Guildmaster Jane at the Farming guild needs your help!

She will give you farming contracts!

Complete these contracts to receive a seed pack, you get a different seed pack depending on the tier/difficulty of your contract task.

There are 5 tiers of seed packs.

You can pick either easy, medium or hard contracts

$500+ donators have the ability to pick their own task 10 times a day.



$500+ benefit, pick your own task 10 times a day.



Other Farming guild fixes:

Fixed redwood patch

Fixed Celastrus tree patch

Fixed spirit tree patch

Fixed most other patches that didn't work before

Skill of the day

Once a day a random skill will be picked and all players  receive a 15% experience boost in this specific skill!

You can press the skill of the day in the questlog to see the remaining time for the next skill.


UIM storage:

Ultimate ironman can now buy a storage for 9 items maximum.

The storage costs 5M, you will be able to put a max of 14 items in an upcoming update!

The chest can be found south of home, by the shops where NPCs like King Arthur recides. (The same chest group ironman uses for their storage)

Theatre of Blood:

Fixed issue entering the raid

Added the proper interface for Theatre of blood rewards

Fixed issue at Xarpus when a player died the player didn't get teleported to Verzik after Xarpus died

Fixed other smaller issues in the raid

Misc content/bug fixes

Hellpuppy pet perk:
Cerberus souls will not drain your prayer

Lil' champ pet perk:
10% increased damage inside The Frozen Prison (all attackstyles)

Lil' verzik pet perk:
Increased chance at loot in Theatre of Blood & Increase damage by 5% (all attackstyles)

Fixed little Nightmare perk

Reworked most of Inadequacy boss

You can now properly take pets out of the menagerie room in your Construction house

Clue nests goes to inventory if you have enough space

You can now properly take pets out of the menagerie room in your Construction house

Increased stock size cannonballs & ::dz & falador shops cannon shops are now seperate

Fixes done to reward interface

Added event winner title

You can now also type ::titles to open the title list

All NPCs at home "trade" option works now

Anti bot fixes

Fixed a diary


Lots of work done to the pet perks system, available in a future update!


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