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The Inn quest, bug fixes & more

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The Inn quest

The final quest of the Village saga.

Eira in Prifddinas needs your help! She has guests coming over but she doesn't have the proper drinks for her quests!

Help her obtain these drinks as you do fun minigames like rock paper scissors along the way.


Misc/bug fixes

You will now get 10% increased XP everywhere in ::dz3

Fixed wrong loot key ID in Last man standing shop

Fixed issue with ::yell after updating it

Runelite API fixes

Trialblazer axe has been added

Fixed issues with adding the holy/sanguine variants of the sang/scythe items

Increased vote boss HP by 1k HP

Changed color of certain donator ranks in ::yell

Changed PK leaderboard rewards, you will no longer get super mystery books, you can now get normal mystery boxes instead


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