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Updated OSRS version, gauntlet event, more fixes

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Revision Update

We've updated our data to #204, which includes lots of new things from osrs, think about Nex, the new RC minigame, Tempoross & much, much more!

We've got 200+ new items, objects, NPCs and more. This will all be released throughout upcoming months/weeks



A little taste of the new revision we've already added the shattered relics variety ornament kit in the PvM store.

Which allows you to create multiple different items!



We've already been working on Nex and expect to be released within a week/two weeks!

The slayer helmets all got a visual update aswell.

Added new revenant cave entrances!


The Gauntlet:

Added two new gauntlet events, a normal gauntlet event that increases your chest rolls by x1 and a EXTREME gauntlet event, which increases your rolls by x2!

Can no longer trade at Gauntlet entrance

Can no longer drop items at the Gauntlet entrance

Fixed issue grinding T3 items and receiving dust instead of shards

Increased loot overall obtained from The Gauntlet

Bug fixes/misc

Trading Post offers now don't appear in the interface anymore after exceeding 14 days

Fixed issues being able to take the bird from Aerial fishing outside of the zone

You can now place down cannon in upstairs zone in Karuulm Slayer Dungeon

Fixed ring of wealth issue obtaining gp etc while not having the ring in either inventory/equipment

Fixed cannon shooting reducing crystal armour charges

Lots of fixes done for the revision update

Temple spider loot fix

Fixes done for farming contracts

Fixed vote boss pk key drop

Added all possible combinings for Blade of Saeldor/Bow of Faerdhinen (c) editions, released when corrupted gauntlet is released!





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