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Trading post icons, crystal armour colours & rework, lots of bug fixes

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Added item icons to the Trading Post


Crystal Armour rework

The armour has received some changes!

When your armour degrades now you will just get a uncharged version of the armour instead of seeds

You can also wear the uncharged version now (no bonuses)

You can now colour your armour in 8 different colours, you can buy these colours in Prifddinas.

The colours are..
Light blue




Fixed an issue with Vorkath attack that spawns NPC and Vorkath becoming stuck because of it

Fixed Callisto shock attack & Callisto is now immune to magic

Fixed issues at Phantom Muspah with shield phase & reworked phases

Added global announcement for Ancient Icon and Frozen cache

Fixed Dragonite smithing

Double drop scroll now works at Phantom Muspah and gives one additional drop instead

Added Asgarnian ice cave agility shortcut

Fixed lighthouse ladder leading to Dagannoths

Fixed crystal item IDs & decreased odds for them from Crystal Chest

Fixed issue when opening "Open links" in questlog and not being able to type anymore

Added a fix for the XP counter covering up certain interfaces

Casting Vengeance will no longer stop your special attack

Fixed issue with Necromancer quest

Attempted fix Rune Dragons

You can now wear the Kandarin Headgear (4) again

Fake XP added back to the Tournament

Re-added Spirit tree at Gnome Stronghold

Fixed ladders at Ape Atoll

Fixed issue with Necromancer bottoms

Fixed typo & issues Fountain of good will

Fixed issue with terrorbird achievement diary

Fixes done to Arceuus spellbook & adding new spells, fixes done to Thralls aswell - spellbook releasing soon!


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Wonder how the rune drags are now. Also good looking out on the degrading cry arm. 


Wtf was actually causing the necro bottoms to do what it was?

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