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The Muffin Mans Request for Staff

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Your Name: Cody

Age: 29

Your Location: Us, Oklahoma

Average Amount Of Gameplay: 5-6 hours varies due to my children

Which role would you like: Why Should I Receive This Position: I think I would be useful as a moderator I’ve been playing RuneScape since 2005 I know a lot of the games content and some boss mechanics I’ve coded and hosted servers when I was 14-16 so I’ve got a grasp of the dedication and pressure of the development team as well as the experience in Java and gradle, with a long list of servers that I’ve been appointed staff back to the days of all star styled servers I’ve been mod and admin on many servers and have never received a ban or any kind of previous offense on any of my accounts.

Staff Experience:  As stated above I’ve hosted coded and worked with some big names in the community while most people might like him I’ve done a lot of work with king fox for those that know of him as well as helped with bugs found on other servers in the past as to not advertise I will not list there names unless requested with picture proof of bugs found and reported I’ve been mod countless times even when some of the other staff members would over play there powers I would document and inform the rest of the team of the actions and reputation upheld by our staff team. I’ve been admin a lot of times but with great power comes great responsibility and as a father of 4 I understand responsibility.

Rs/Rsps Experience: I’ve coded and hosted servers since 2010 played RuneScape since 2005 I started learning Java after joining a server around 2008 becoming promoted to mod then admin and then to Co-owner as the main owner left for military duty so I held down the server and made sure the host didn’t have any issues until he couldn’t afford the time to continue the. I met another developer named Nate he was a really good friend that showed me the basics of coding and we would develop the server together at the time this was a 508 source so it was different from the normal 317-474 servers however I’ve got experience few with 317-718+ I no longer code or wish too the stress and time isn’t worth it anymore 

Goals: Max my account and help contribute to the servers player count and community wellbeing as well as focusing on the support side of the forums to help every players issue become resolved and if possible without having to climb the ladder or bother someone else if it’s something I can explain to get resolved.

As a father of 4 and a working man I do have time restrictions however when my family goes to sleep is when I relax and enjoy my time within Luna. And going above and beyond to fix things that sometimes are unfortunate not fixable.

Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggresive and toxic, how do you handle the conflict: First I would ask him to submit a support ticket if it’s an issue that can’t be solved by chatting then if I have the ability I would teleport us to a private place so that the players aren’t involved anymore while we discuss what can be done. If we can’t not resolve the issue I would then seek to have him contact a higher staff member if the toxicity continues I would inform him of our rules once again and advise to keep the toxic chats to a minimum to avoid a temporary mute to then which if they continue I will contact if available a higher staff member for approval of the temporary Mute as I don’t want to overstep my abilities. While not afraid to use the power it’s about reason and balance. He could have had an issue with another player through private message say he’s only being toxic and asking questions due to the toxic private messages in this instance I believe we would have to contact Luna so that he could recall the logs. Not everyone can be satisfied but if you believe and evaluate the situation most conflicts can be solved but you also can’t be afraid to intervene when it comes to community wellbeing.

You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: Screen record screen shot and report the findings to Luna/Steve Jobs for further analysis. Because this is an overstepping of power with said powers responsibility is a big key. At the end of the day it’s a game. 
“Treat others how you wish to be treated”

A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: I would give them the things I have no use for to help them but I wouldn’t continue to give them free items if they aren’t willing to put forth the effort of earning something on there own. There’s no issues in asking for help but asking for hand outs while you know that you’ve just given them plenty is when I will draw the line don’t go to one person get free stuff and then 20 more asking for more free stuff because your not satisfied.

If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive?
Depending on the offense toxic chat and harassment will be met with a warning that I would screen shot the chat as well as my warning for logging and then would proceed to follow the case if it continues then I believe a temp mute is justified if the mute is lifted and it continues perm mute or temp ban if they don’t understand still then I would report to Luna for a ban. I believe a ban is only responsible when someone is actively making irl threats of harm or when someone is bug abusing on a global scale if a bug is found it needs to be documented and reported to the staff team with as much information as possible to track down what is causing said bug so it can be patched within the next update.

Will you follow the rules when you punish a player? As a Player Mod I would follow all rules set by Luna No one is above the Rules they’re in place to provide a fun and wellbeing experience for our community.


also provided is a picture of my cat for good luck. Her name is Pumpkin Pie and she is a tortoise shell.IMG_5182.thumb.jpeg.80e8e1f79382ad4746c285db89c71741.jpeg

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