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Vardorvis, fixes & More

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The next installment of the DT2 saga has been released.

You can now fight Vardorvis..

Not only for the awesome Virtus but you can also get the best in slot melee ring Ultor ring now!

Also a step closer to the soulreaper axe..

And the awesome pet Butch, which has an "Emote" option doing 3 of the bosses emotes, first pet of its kind that has this option!

Added personal perfect/global perfect to the statistics interface


New titles come with the boss:




New calendar

From now on we will try to get a new calendar made every month with events & more!



Vardorvis event:

Vardorvis Velocity: Speed Run & Pet Hunt Challenge
Vardorvis is now officially released!!
're going to be doing two events for this one: The first challenge will be to see who can defeat him the fastest!
you can see the rewards for the top 3 players below
First place: 1x $10 scroll, 2x SMB, 3x DD Scrolls, 2x XP Scrolls
Second place: 1x SMB, 2x DD Scrolls, 2x XP Scrolls
Third place: 1x Vote Mystery Box, 1x DD Scroll and 2x XP Scrolls
This will end next Sunday (10/03/2024 @ 19:00 GMT+5)

We'll also be doing a secondary challenge - this one has no time limit.
The first person who manages to snag the Vardovis pet
"Butch" will receive the following:

  • 1x $25 scroll, 2x SMB, 3x DD Scrolls, and 2x XP Scrolls

Other bug fixes

Fixed ability to create soft leather

Fixed Desert treasure 2 quest

Added fix to certain interfaces scuffing up on login

Fixed a Callisto safespot

Re-worked player logs a bit & fixed compile-time errors

Increased odds blood shard drop

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