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Theatre of blood fixes & multiple other fixes & more

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Theatre of Blood:
Xarpus scales properly now
Sotetseg does 10 damage if player is doing a solo run

Fixes done to spider waves at nylocas
Other various fixes & improvements

Other fixes/misc

Temporarily added a restriction on the $ scrolls on trading post so players know its current price.
$10 scroll is 100m
$25 scroll 250m
$50 scroll $500
I would like for players that keep trying to overpay for these to consider staying at around 100m so the starters also have a chance to buy some!

Why this change?

We've noticed some of our veteran players, blessed with some wealth, have been trading at much higher rates.
While we love seeing our community thrive, we also want to ensure our new players have a fair shot at getting started.

This price guide is a temporary measure to help balance the playing field and provide clear price indicators for everyone.

Normal trades are still an option, but we hope this update helps everyone make more informed decisions in the marketplace.



::search function and the button in trading post now shows all items again if you search, including $10 scroll etc custom items, you can find any item now

Increased odds Armadyl Crossbow

Fixed creating ultor ring and magus ring, were 81 instead of 80

Fixed issue with the slayer interface removing blocked tasks

Fixed an issue that caused a server-wide DC

Fixed issue with ancient godsword

Non donators can now use 2 presets instead of 1

Improvements done to Trading post

Fixed Vardorvis time title description and announcement announcing incorrect time

Fixed Vardorvis 4th emote when Awakened Vardorvis has been killed

Awakened Vardoris entrance is now a tick faster

I can now remove TP offers (set them to 14 days) if its a fake/troll offer



Discord updates throughout the weeks (ignore if you seen these on discord):

Added ::vestige command to check current vestige rolls, requires bronze donator+

Added ::search or ::search (item name) ingame to look up items on the market ::prices leads you to the market now

Theatre of blood: Fixed maiden HP not scaling properly

Fixed Verzik HP not scaling properly certain phases

Sotetseg now doesnt shoot a new attack as he shoots the ball

Fixed able to get out of the Vasillias zone through barrier during spider phase or boss phase

Xarpus was broke

fixed Various other bugs

Added bunch of fixes for Vardorvis:

Shouldnt do the interface attack and axes in area anymore at the same time anymore or way less often at least 

Done fixes to awakened and normal enrage phase 

Does attacks less often 

Re-added HP bar interface normal vardorvis 

Much more small improvements and fixes Also done bunch of TOB improvements

Start is now a tick faster so you dont get stuck

Added the Reaper title, obtainable at 50 seconds

Normal Vardorvis now does the interface attack again at 80% hp not above it

Multiple other fixes and improvements done to Vardorvis


Fixed issue with collection log spam while wearing an Avarice in the revenant caves

Fixed Scythe of Vitur in the traveler store and now holds uncharged variant

Replaced coords black chinchompa hill task with wilderness clue keys

Reworked some logs

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