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New Skilling Zone, Skilling points system & slayer cave!

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🎉 Hey everyone, we've got something cool rolling out - a brand new Skilling Zone! 🎉

We're spicing things up on the Isle of Souls by turning it into a skilling paradise. This spot's all about making those first steps in skilling a breeze, and trust me, there's heaps to get excited about.

🚀 Introducing Skilling Points! 🚀

Dive even deeper into the Skilling Zone with our new Skilling Points system!
Now, every skilling activity you dive into not only advances your abilities but also can reward you with Skilling Points.
Gather your points and head over to the Skilling Points Shop, conveniently located next to the bank at the ;;sz teleport.

From exclusive gear to handy resources, make the most of your skilling adventure!

You can find out how many skill points you currently have by typing ;;skillpoints or ;;sp or by opening the skill point shop!

Rewards at the moment include:

 Gloves of Silence for 300 skill points - Reduce your chance of failure while pickpocketing by 5%
Cooking Gauntlets for 100 skill points
Goldsmith Gauntlets for 120 skill points
Fish Sack for 300 skill points
Herb Box for 30 skill points
Ore Box for 50 skill points
Bag Full of Gems for 50 skill points
Dragon Pickaxe for 1000 skill points

There will be more added to the shop in the future!





🚀 Quick Access:

 Jump in with ;;sz or head north of the island with ;;sz2. ::skilling and ::skilling2 work like a charm too.

 Don't miss the teleport option in the teleport interface as well!

You can also access the zone using fairy ring BJP


🌳 What's available in the Skilling Zone:

 Trees, trees, and more trees: Maple, Yew, Teak, Mahogany – we've got an entire forest.

 Ores galore in the Mining area – because who doesn't love a good mining session?

 Fishing's never been better: nets, baits, cages, harpoons – you name it, we've got spots for it. Anchovies, lobsters, sharks – catch 'em all!

A neat flax field, Spinning wheel, and Potter's wheel are all set.

 Hunters, track down Grey chinchompas, Copper longtails, and Crimson swifts in the new areas.

Discover the fairy magic using the fairy ring BJP.

Lots of NPCs throughout the isle to battle!

Rabbits, birds, cows, imps, chickens, sand crabs, unicorns, moss giants, pyrefiends, pyrelords, butterflies, squirrels and some rats.

Items everywhere! - Bunch of item spawns throughout the zone, big fishing net, knife, hammer, lobster pot, rope, pestle and mortar, box trap, bird snares, small fishing net, planks, fishing rod, fly fishing rod, chisel, bronze pickaxe, leather gloves, bones, seaweed


🐲 Slayer Cave Alert 🐲:

 It's not just about skilling; we're adding a Slayer Cave with some badass monsters and valuable ores (dragonite, runite and adamantite).

 Get ready for some action with Lesser and Greater Demons, Fire Giants, Dragons (Blue, Baby Blue, Iron), and dont forget blue dragon scale spawns.

Thief it up with the chest inside of the slayer cave with great skilling related rewards and a high chance at the beloved medium clue scroll!

(Rewards of chest shown below)


This place is designed to make your skilling life a tad easier and a whole lot more fun. Whether it's leveling up or just exploring, the Skilling Zone's got something for everyone.


Slayer cave chest rewards:

Grimy guam leaf
Nature rune
Death rune
Mind rune
Grimy lantadyme
Grimy ranarr weed
Uncut sapphire
Uncut emerald
Chocolate bar
Bird snare
Box trap
Uncut ruby
Adamant pickaxe
Adamant axe
Uncut diamond
Adamant scimitar
Clue scroll (medium)
Dark key



Bug fix:

Fixed issue with equipment interface bugging out due to certain bows

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