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Vardorvis loot buff & Armadyl Tbow kit & Skilling zone boost FOGW & Bolts to varrock shop & bug fixes & QoL

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Greatly increased drops of Vardorvis

Also perfect kill is more rewarding now giving you 70% increased loot instead of 50% for normal Vardorvis and 80% instead of 50% for Awakened Vardorvis!

All the loot increased overall for min/max of all items

Added Saradomin brew(2), our first method to obtain some through a boss (low amount tho)

Added bunch of alchable items like dragon platelegs, rune platebody and GP drops

- Many other improvements and touches on Vardorvis loot

Fixed issue with Awakened Vardorvis

Skilling zone & new event

Changed a fountain of good will event (pyramid plunder) to a new event!

Skilling zone will have 10% increased XP in the entire zone & double skilling zone points for only 30M!

Made rates of obtaining skilling points even better across all available skilling in the zone now

Stackable with other XP events/bonuses


Bug fixes, other various content & QoL

The Twisted bow armadyl kit is now available as a drop from Kree'arra


When frozen when timer reaches 1 second will say "1 second" instead of "1 seconds" now

Changed AFK tree pet droprate from 1/9.5k to 1/50k

Added bolts from bronze till mithril in the ranger shop at Varrock & increased overall stock


Added Invandis flail


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