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Server performance, diaries, item buffs, bug fixes & more

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Server Performance Enhancements:

We've implemented significant optimizations to enhance server stability and performance. These improvements are designed to streamline resource usage and boost overall server responsiveness.

Item Updates:

  • Dragonbone & Bonecrusher Necklace Stats: These items now feature enhanced stats, aligning with OSRS standards:
    • Attack Bonuses: +10 to Stab, Slash, Magic, and Ranged
    • Defense Bonuses: +2 across all defense stats

Diary Updates:

  • Elite Kourend Diary: Completing this diary now grants full XP for the Ash Sanctifier.
  • Wintertodt Diary Task: The task to obtain a Tome of Fire has been changed to acquiring any unique item from Wintertodt.

Pet and Drop Rate Adjustments:

  • Vet'ion Pet: The issue preventing obtaining the Vet'ion pet post-revision update has been resolved.
  • Drop Rate Increases: We have increased the odds of obtaining Zulrah uniques, the Voidwaker Blade, and the Voidwaker Hilt.

Announcements and Warnings:

  • Armadyl Twisted Bow Kit: This item's drop is now globally announced.
  • Arclight Notification: A new warning notifies players when their Arclight reaches a value of 10,000, preventing the accidental loss of shards.

Gameplay Enhancements:

  • Swimming Render: Enhancements have been made to the swimming animation, improving visual performance.
  • Fountain of Goodwill: Fixed an issue with typo in the announcements.

New Additions: Several new items have been added

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