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New vote system, ToA beta, bottomless bucket fixes, dwarf cannon & moremore

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Tombs of Amascut

Tombs of Amascut beta has been added to World 1!

Starting of with Zebak & part of Ba-ba (puzzle)

You can earn beta points killing Zebak or completing the Ba-ba puzzle

You can earn additional beta points by reporting not yet reported ToA related issues

The beta shop will be added soon but you can earn points now.

Bunch of fixes has been done ever since the ToA beta release & more will come.

Ba-ba and the Akkha room is almost ready for you! 😉


Top 15 voters system

Once a month now the top 15 voters will receive a juicy reward and it will be reset once a month. You can claim your reward using ;;claimvote!

Because its a seperate counter it will start counting from now on (this update) instead of the first day of this month (obviously from then on out every first of the month is when the counter starts)

Also for a limited time vote bosses will only require 30 votes instead of 60!!




Misc/other content

Dwarf Cannon will no longer consume charges of currently worn items

Fixes done to Bottomless bucket

Added dragon pickaxe(or)

Bots on server specific announcements now have a name & new profile picture





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