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Leviathan, new pet perks & fixes & more

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The next installment of the DT2 bosses is out now!

Only one to go for the soulreaper axe and more...


You can fight the Leviathan at ;;levi or through the teleport interface.

The Leviathan drops the bis range ring & much more!



Pet perks

REV IT UP (Pet CALLISTO CUB): 15% increased accuracy and damage against Revenants. (Stacks with Avarice)

Farmer (Pet TANGLEROOT): Increased farming yield amount.

Warm (Pet PHOENIX): The phoenix will cast a warmth aura around you in Wintertodt.

COOL LOOT (Pet LIL VIATHAN): 50% more loot at Leviathan if a perfect kill is made.

IM POSTING (Pet PETE): A 60% chance at 100% more loot from slayer and village chests.

CHEMICAL (Pet IKKLE HYDRA): 10% increased chance at unique loot from Alchemical Hydra.

PHANTOM (Pet MUPHIN): Deal higher damage using smite during shielded phase.

SMOKELESS (Pet SMOKE DEVIL): No longer need to wear protection in a smoky environment.

Faster faster (Pet BARON): (BUFFED) Only need 1 poison during skilling phase & 70% chance for double mushrooms during skill phase.

Nex rampage (Pet NEXLING): 10% increased ranged accuracy & damage against any NPC in the Nex fighting zone.

Vardorvis blood (Pet BUTCH): (BUFFED) 5% chance while pet out to heal yourself, melee only.



Added Lucky Lightning effect for Opal bolts

Fixed ability to fire bolts you werent supposed to with crossbows

Worked on slayer interface/options

Added lots of content for upcoming Tempoross

Added scarred tablet for 90k Sigmund

Rats no longer aggressive against higher levels

Changed some stats Vorkath




Updates from discord:

Adjusted damage for Big Muttadile: Slightly buffed stomp attack, buffed melee attack, and nerfed magic attack to match OSRS.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Additions

Fixed a bug with the Ancient Godsword special attack regarding players.

Added a warning for enchant crossbow bolts regarding available inventory space.

Removed the Consecration seed drop.

Increased crystal shard rewards at Gauntlet, basicly tripled

Increased timing for Celastrus Crop.

Updated starter bow and starter staff to have 1250 charges instead of 500.

Introduced a new donator deal in ⁠💲discount-codes💲 Speak to the Wise Old Man for more details.

Remember: You can also get the points through $ scrolls to claim the deals, no need to buy yourself!

Various new content added to World 1, with announcements coming very soon.


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