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  1. This guide is written on phone, so no fancy pictures only text Step 1: Find Rick at the bridge before wizard tower. And help him out. Teleport from home to Draynor Village and run south (BEWARE LVL 33 Black Knight if you are low level) Step 2: Go to 1st floor in wizard tower in the room where there is boxes and search the boxes and you will get a blue box, go back and talk to Rick. Step 3: He wants you to go back to mizgog (imp catcher guy) and you will need to answer 4 riddles 1st: 4 2nd: special dagger 3rd: 10 4th: O Wizard tells you who you will go to next. Step 4: Teleport home, and use portal to canifis (BEWARE OF LVL 24 HUMANS, IN THE CITY. AND BEWARE OF LVL 25 EXPERIMENTS FOR THIS PART OF YOU ARE LOW LEVEL) Follow the path north-east out of Canifis until you reach memorials, down to experiments. You can only push the last memorial. Go north-west in the cave until you come to a metal door open it and go up the ladder. Talk to the Witch, and now you are going to place 4 different busts on the right plinths. Go stand in the middle of the 4 plinths. 1) Place Robert North-West 2) Place Camorra South-East 3) Place Aivas South-West 4) Place Tristran at the last spot (If you fail you will respawn at the memorial outside the cave again) Talk to the witch after the puzzle is done. Step 5: Teleport home, then Teleport to Rick at wizard tower and talk to him. A cinematic scene starts, after that you will complete the quest and back at the witch again.
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