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  1. When an update happens it doesn't reboot the client by itself you must close out and go back in.
  2. -When clicking the chat box too left corner. It could dissapear for a wider view of your mobile screen. -there is a slight bug sometimes at revs when killing the imp. My bolts don't drop and I don't lose barely any after killing for a while. The one click button isn't available for use on the left side of the screen. There are more but I'll have to remember them. I'm retiring lol. Miynus is a boss ass helper and should probably be the next staff member. All around not selfish very helpful person. Mad props to the server. I've played popular mobile servers and for some reason Luna did catch my eye absolutely. There's more customization in Luna even in mobile than there are in alot of servers. Especially mobile. Props to Luna for pulling shit together and being active on bug requested fixes. And being on top of his shit. Although I don't play I'll still vote from here once a day and stuff. Really proud. Homie
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