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Boss points, cosmetic chest, raids, bugfixes

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Bosspoints + event
You are able to get bosspoints from these two bosses, the bosses will change once per week!
Corp beast
The event that comes with the bosspoint will be found on discord #events

Added cosmetic chest with loads of cosmetics!
Costs 50k each and 1 shard from boss point shop
Coal bag fix

Increased shooting star amount

Players online fix

Fixes done for divine potions

You can now make divines with the right levels & fixed XP with divines

Multiple slayer edits to track down some bugs

Back end work, that resulted in less functionality for character select screen

Justiciar set effect

You can now combine ancient wyvern shield

Added boss points shop

Lots of things done to The Frozen Prison raid

Added some of the custom items for the raid


The frozen prison raid is almost done!

Also coming soon: Bryopytha!



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