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  1. This is crazy! Holy cow! Great looking Luna! Well done!
  2. 1. Is that Luna is number 1 2. Player base is helpful and enjoyable to see people who are new or veterans get the chance to feel like a kid or have that nostalgia feeling of getting a pet or a item that they have been searching for. 3. Staff members make sure to keep us entertained with events and updates as fast and as much as possible, and never disappointing. 4. Whether you want to be a f2p player or want to spend a little money to see the benefits of the donor perks, there is always room for everyone. 5. Been here for a year now and I've met a lot of nice and helpful people and consider some of them friends. It's definitely worth the experience for finding an escape from either the real world or just your mind. #Luna#1
  3. Epic!! Great work. Keep it up. Excited for new raid
  4. Wicked update. Can't wait to jump on and enjoy!!!
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