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Starter weapons, Presets re-added, Mobile fixes, Duel arena, quest XP & more

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Preset interface has been fixed & re-enabled

Added starter bow & staff


The starter weapons has increased damage compared to
Other weapons at this level range.

Starter weapons has 500 charges each

Fixed the duel arena interface 
There was an issue with mobile players DCing pressing certain buttons, this is now fixed!

Added new items to PK chest:
Dragon Boots
Spiked Manacles
Dragon Mace
Imbue page
Dragonstone bolts (e)
Opal dragon bolts (e)
Dragon bolts
Increased amount food items

Renamed items so mobile can also see them now:
Imbue page
Clue step skip page
Double drops scroll
Slayer skip page
PVP armour mystery box
Experience Scroll
Droprate scroll
Pet droprate scroll
Quest XP scroll

You now also get XP from quests.
Fishy situation quest:
30k Fishing XP

Darkmeyer quest:
20k Thieving XP
12.5k Runecrafting XP

Desert Treasure:
25k Magic XP

Mage Arena 2:
25k Magic XP
10k Slayer XP

Wall safe thief quest:
22.5k thieving XP

Necromancer quest:
20k Fletching XP
20k Hitpoints XP
15k Smithing XP

Pirate quest:
10k Agility XP

Added more items for announcements:
Dark Bow
Abyssal Dagger
Warrior Ring


Fixed an issue with Bloody Merchant DCing

Added special attack restore Nurse

Fixed level issues reset level NPC

Removed the anglerfish guaranteed loot Mogre

Increased XP dwarf cannon

XP lamp also works on combat skills now

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