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LMS edits & QOL additions & more

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Last man standing:

Fixed all ladders & outpost ladders & basicly all objects in LMS, including crossing the water

Added 30+ more spawn points

Fixed issue spellbook being weird after a game

Your rune pouch runes doesnt go in bank now when you start a LMS game

Fixed infernal cape & elder maul in LMS


The LMS map has been moved. Be sure you have restarted your mobile/runelite client before entering after the update!


Misc / bug fixes

Added Dinh's bulwark special attack

Multiple npc fixes

Fixed Xerician armour level requirement

Replaced vorkath head in donator store to the correct id

Changed price inquisitor's helm in traveler shop

Fixes done to music player, your music should update more often now as you run through
the world

Added jad fest challenge - Available soon!

You dont lose your kill streak at the high risk zone anymore

Added rug merchant traveling in the desert


Added torva &  virtus armour.

The armour is not yet obtainable



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9 hours ago, Kalazno said:

Will you ad nex in the future?😃

I think we need TOB first xD

Great fixes and content Luna! Thank You ❤️

Edited by Fe Nezuko

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