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  1. I think we need TOB first xD Great fixes and content Luna! Thank You
  2. Agreed! Btw nice Avatar, Erza
  3. Awesomesauceeeeeeee Thanks for the hard work! And congrats to the new Admins!
  4. Wooooooooot, hell yeah! I love Xmas cuz it's my birthday month, thank you for the updates and 'updates'
  5. Awesome sauce! Thanks for the updates Luna and staff
  6. Herrow

    Looking forward to getting to know some of you guys whenever I can get back online

  7. What if you can't login to mobile with your email?
  8. Christmas reminds me of my birthday, being around family, and enjoying being able to spend some time with loved ones! - Nezuko
  9. Fe Nezuko

    Can't login?

    Game doesn't let me play on mobile ? How come? Can't connect to Google, or game doesn't sync?
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