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Barrows rerolls, ranging guild, werewolves daily tasks & more

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The update is a bit smaller then usual, this is because we've been working on a huge trading post update (with offline possibilities!) & Theatre of Blood.


I still wanted to get some updates out meanwhile!

Barrows re-roll scrolls

You can now obtain the barrows re-roll scrolls at:

Rise of the Six
Wise old man moving donator store in low quantities



The npcs in Canifis now turn into a werewolf when you attack them



Village tasks:

Changed what kind of tasks you can get

Combat level 116+ can receive medium/hard tasks now

Combat 78-116 can receive medium/easy tasks now

78 and lower is still only easy

Added new village tasks:


Kill 3 imps


Kill 25 werewolves
Kill 20 any revenants
Kill 35 guards
Kill 30 moss giants
Kill 25 hill giants
Kill 5 imps
Kill 40 black knights


Kill 30 mogre



You now get teleported out of the tournament waiting area when tournament doesn't start with one player

You can now only join tournament till the one minute mark

Misc/bug fixes

Increased chance at barrows pets from rise of the six

You can now properly enter the ranging guild & mage guild

Range shop NPCs at home has been replaced

Corrected item IDs shayzien armour smithing

Fixed a spot that allowed you to walk on water

Fixed a not working lovakite ore for mining

Mac cape/hood fix

Fixed a scorpion id not dropping items

Editted price of coal in dz3





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