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Theatre of Blood edits & bug fixes & more!

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Theatre of Blood

Fixes done if entire party dies at the same time

Slightly increased Vasilia pillars HP

Other small fixes to ensure a smooth run


Other fixes/misc

Fixed Al Kharid shortcut by the palace

You can now properly enter the lighthouse and go down the stairs & enter through the door

Fixed superior basilisk NPC not being able to get attacked

Added Elvarg discord messages with certain loot

Fixed some clue steps with wrong location

Added animations for ogres

When you enter Armadyl boss at GWD you get teleported a bit further now so she doesnt just kick you out of the room

Zalcano is finished & will be released soon

Multiple other fixes done to ensure a better overall experience in the server




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Can you tell me how can I change my password?
Can I create a new username and password?
Need your help.
Yours faithfully.

Кто то может ответить, как изменить пароль ??
Может я делаю что то не так?
Нужна Ваша помощь.

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