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Loot keys, Tournament, cooking, multiple bug fixes & more!

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Deadman Mode-style Loot Keys

Loot Keys for PKing!


With this new setting enabled, you can opt to have your PvP opponents drop their loot in the form of a key

That key will contain all of your target’s items, which would otherwise have been dropped on death

You’ll need to purchase the ability to gain keys from Skully for 1 million GP

You can also speak to him to toggle your ability off and on at any time

    You’ll be able to receive loot keys by killing players in the Wilderness
    Using the Loot Key on the chest next to Skully will allow you to see all the loot stored inside the Keys.

You can also find a chest at home next to the brimstone chest by the slayer masters, donator zone 1 & 3.

    You can hold up to five Loot keys at any one time. Should you receive a key after hitting this limit, your next keys dropped will compare value with your others keys and swap your lowest value key with the new key

    You'll be able to customize your drops from the following options:
    Decide whether your opponent's food and potions go to the Loot Key, or are dropped normally, allowing you more survivability

    Change the value threshold of Loot Keys, so that items above a certain threshold will appear normally on the ground

Skully is in Ferox Enclave, located slightly East of the banker


Skulled players will have a Skull icon over their head that shows how many Keys they hold


- Removed Golden boy from the schedule

- Added 4 new presets in the tournament schedule!

- Void ranged
- Full bandos
- Karil - Dharok combination
- Ancestral NH

Amulet of Avarice

Amulet of Avarice will now spawn noted drops in Revenants cave & Wilderness slayer cave while wearing

Fixed issue if you logged out/in while wearing avarice losing skull

Fixed issue avarice sometimes not skulling you properly while equipping

Yell command

Player names will also be colored now depending on their donator rank

If you ignore a player you wont see their yells anymore


Being able to hit Zulrah as she switches phases fixed

Fixed issue zulrah dying as soon as she switches phases and freezing


Corrected Wym, drake and hydra bones XP to match OSRS


Fixed being able to safespot Mimics 3rd age NPCs


Switched sarachnis attack style for one attack to match OSRS

You can no longer safespot Sarachnis spiders


Added ability to press the cooking objects (like cooking range) to open the skill dialogue with your current raw food in your inventory if you have the level for them to cook them

Crystal Crown

You can now properly change crystal crown into any color at anytime


Trade now checks if you exceed max value with gp so you can't accidently trade over the limit and lose gp



Fixed spirit trees farming issue

Added broadcast for Golden tench and slightly lowered droprate

Fixed animation for dragon pickaxe(or)

Fixed herb patch in Farming Guild

Added sanfew effect to Nightmare boss

Fixed granite longsword attack stats

You can no longer put untradeables into your looting bag

Edits done to Wintertodt that allowed you to gain KC outside of the zone

Fixed servant hiring diary bug





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