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  1. INSANE!!! TY so much luna been looking forward to this
  2. Has this been resolved?
  3. Hastag, bump @50K to mod and support this guy?! I'm down. Very helpful and positive player in the community, VOUCH
  4. My man! This should be really helpful for the new players or returning players, good work!
  5. LETS GO! @Hex is da GOAT!
  6. BUMP for Player Support since we don't have as many. Current playtime : 86 days 13 hours 55 minutes
  7. Dbcrazy

    GIM Recruitment

    Yo bois, Group Iroman should be released sometime today or tonight, so far I have me and @Lithy kun down for a team. Looking for up to 3 more people who want to win. Team: 1. @Dbcrazy 2. @Lithy kun 3. Comment Below! 4. Comment Below! 5. Comment Below! Leggo!
  8. Dbcrazy

    Screenshot Thread!

    YO! Here are some just random screen shots I have had on Luna, pulled some of these off old discord channels. I have also went through 2 computers since I began playing so I will have to look into the drives to see how many more I have to upload. Feel free to upload your own in the reply section! PVM DROPS
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