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  1. Enjoy some of the memories I've made on Luna over the years Images from the OLD OLD original source
  2. Hey guys, thanks for checking out the post. I wanted to see what your top 5 reasons to join and spend your time on Luna would be, if someone who has never played this server asked you. Post your responses below, as I will be making them into a YouTube video giving you credit. The comment with the most reactions to it will receive a $10 donator scroll straight out of my pocket, gl guys and I look forward to seeing your responses
  3. Good points made above. I Agree with @The Weak in regards to PKP shop needing a buff. Maybe add all the barrows sets in set form, Fire / Infernal Cape, Dragon / Avernic Defender, Coin Boxes, Regular Mystery Boxes, Imbue Scrolls, things of that nature. I also agree with @WDN. The Rev caves getting updated to being a Singles + zone where you can't be piled by more than one player, however a player can PJ you off of a rev would help out the newer undergeared players have a chance at survival if someone was to try to pk them. Make the entrance fee 500k, and if the player dies they drop the GP on death, as well as re-arranging the Rev caves to match OSRS's latest update with it.
  4. I agree with all above - Although Slayer Tasks kind of already have that rare drop table with Larran's Keys, Brimstone Keys, Wilderness Boss keys and Superior Creature drops. @Jevrock hit it on the head regarding the importance of finishing the announced upcoming content, something @Luna already knows @Umadbro What kind of vote rewards do you suggest? I think possibly a shift in the voting store items could be good, but we already get Mystery Boxes / Super Mystery boxes in intervals, as-well as the opportunity to win a Mbox every day by entering the vote lottery - Perhaps add different rewards to vote lottery every week? EXAMPLE: Week 1 Vote Lottery - Infernal Cape, etc. Maybe?
  5. INSANE!!! TY so much luna been looking forward to this
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