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Pet perks, blighted usage in fun pk/pvp instances & more!

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Pet perks:


1/10 chance receiving double logs


1/10 chance to note the fish you've caught

Rock Golem:

1/10 chance at mining an additional ore

Imp vote pet:

Double vote points if you claim votes while pet is out


Chinchompa explosion will target a maximum of 12 targets instead of 9


Highly increased chance at totem/shard drops inside Catacombs of Kourend

Abyssal Orphan:

 Deal 8 poison damage instead of 4 against NPCs using tentacle whip

If you charge your tentacle whip while having pet out you will gain 15k charges instead of 10k


5% chance at additional loot while pickpocketting.

Corporeal Critter:

Less damage reduction using other weapons at Corporeal Beast


Misc/bug fixes

You can now use sacks/blighted items in the white portal fun PK or pvp instances

Fixed ::yell "null" appearing

Fixed Trailblazer axe

Fixed attack level Blade of Saeldor

Fixed XP gain from Karambwanji

Re-ordered the new tournament presets

Fixed a preset that suddenly had ancestral top instead of Ahrim top

Fixed looting bag untradeable issue



We've done lots of work on a surprise update, coming soon! 😉


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