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Expeditious & slaughter bracelets, Multiple new additions & bug fixes!

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Added Expeditious bracelet

When worn, the bracelet provides a 25% chance for a monster killed to count as two kills toward the player's Slayer task without granting additional experience.

Added Slaughter bracelet

When worn, there is a 25% chance for a Slayer task kill to not count as a kill towards it, but still granting the appropriate slayer experience


Multiple fixes done to the mole boss to ensure the arrow always pointing towards it & not bugging out after digging down.

Kril' Tsutsaroth:

Fixes done to prayer attack of Kril hitting too often, now matches osrs.


Sarachnis spawns are similar to osrs now, only spawning at 66% and 33% health.

Sarachnis is also aggressive now

Multiple other fixes done to Sarachnis


Misc/bug fixes/new additions

Pets also show in table now if you search for them in the bestiary

Updated ::commands with new commands

Edits done to rock cake to ensure players do not die from it

Fixes done to various Farming Guild patches

Re-added mithril seeds with a small delay for flowers so FPing with them wouldn't be possible - You can buy them in the shop keeper at home

Fixed usage of blighted super restore in fun pk zone

You can now dismantle the holy kit from scythe properly

Added tournament wins in questlog in PVP Statistics


Revenants now also show the droprates of the pvp weapons like Statius's warhammer







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