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Update forums #3 (Now I will really update on forums instead)

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So.. I didnt post the updates on forums, not really smart, so I will post a few topics now with updates from 14th of August until now.


We have fixed Chambers Of Xeric
Changed Zuriel staff stats to OSRS ones
Re-added all emblems to revenants + Rev weapons added back
Increased BM Daily Tasks
Fixed daily task bugs
Increased barrows loot chance

Fixed clue caskets you can now open them in your inventory instead of one by one through bank
Added ::home Added ::train (sand crabs) Added ::dz2 (NEW DONOR SKILLING AREA FOR PLATINUM+)
Changed $ scrolls a bit
Added Crystal chest to home
Added spinning weel to home
Fixed XP scroll dialogue
Removed a Fairy ring teleport
Added a NEW Donator skilling zone for Platinum and up!
Fixed boxes for mobile (Last one is updated tomorrow when I wake up just incase something goes wrong)

Slayer REWORK! It should be better now than before, leave any feedback on it!
All Mystery boxes work for mobile now.
Ironman has ironman only shops now at home
Nerfed Zulrah so she is same as OSRS defense wise
Multiple daily task mobs has been fixed
Increased Mystery Emblems points when exchanging them
Added Patchy to Donor zone - sew items together to make awesome items!
You can now test any wave you want at inferno!

Added Clue step skip papers!
You can use this paper to skip one clue task. They will be tradeable soon and are now named "Tattered Sun Page" - Going to change! They will be in vote store and donator store soon!
The server makes automatic backups of accounts every hour now.
Fixed all slayer helms.
Added almost fully working farming guild.
Have to do some bugfixes still but it should be usuable.
Fixed DFS defend stats
Added autocast for all god staffs and smoke battlestaff
Added Ape Atoll teleport
Fixed 300+ stores around the world for ironman to use Increased stock air rune packs

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