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Dz3, bottomless bucket, tob edits & fixes

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The donator zone has received a complete overhaul

- Smaller map

- Thieving area

- Red/black chins area

- Amethyst mining

- Blood/soul/death altar & Dark altar

- Bonfire

- Gilded altar

- Slayer masters & brimstone chest/pk chest

- Much more!



Bottomless bucket

Bottomless bucket has been added and now works as it should



Fixed spellbook filtering

Fixed farming guild patches

Fixed Frozen Prison issue on the bridge heading to last boss

Compost bin fixes, you can now press the compost bin to receive from it too instead of just using bucket on it

Temporarily took out ability to wear golden prospector outfit untill further notice

Fixed issue with preset interface players losing items if they try to load a preset with items they don't meet the level for

Drakans medallion teleports in inventory has been fixed

Reduced some common drops in Chambers of Xeric & greatly increased overall loot in Theatre of Blood (common drops)

Added correct Amethyst dart gfx

Fixed a title

Lots of work done to Nex


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