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Crystal implings & Qol & fixes

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Crystal Implings

You can now catch crystal implings in Prifddinas. There are 5 implings flying around with a respawn timer of 30 minutes.

The crystal implings got lots of great loot, including the elven signet which has a 10% chance to save a charge using crystal weapons/armor



QoL/bug fixes/misc

Fixed damage from Hespori to match osrs

Greatly made the vote boss loot better, better overall items & higher chance at uniques

Fixed placeholders for all graceful & necromancer & staff of armadyl

Vorkath spawn now spawns further from the player

Added rogue's den teleport & changed troll teleport location & Added Karamja teleport

Fixes done to farming to prevent able to get it almost unlimited

Fixes done to farming contracts

Added berserker ring (i) in pvp chest & archers ring (i) & warriors ring (i)

Wilderness count now shows if there are more than 4 players in the Wilderness

Fixed barbarian fishing for shark etc

Added spinning wheel to home

Added ability to note weeds at the tool leprechaun

Fixed bird house issue using seeds on the spot & no requirement needed for bird houses

Lots of fixes done to ensure servers uptime



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