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Christmas event, bug fixes/edits

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Christmas update!

Sir Vyvins squire needs your help!

You can find him west of home, or by typing ::xmas!

He has made Sir Vyvins armour pink and needs your help to make the armour white again.

You will be doing various tasks like build a snowman to help save christmas!

After you've completed the quest you will be able to slay our new christmas boss, yellow snow!

Christmas boss information:

- Pray ranged!

- The boss is weak to magic and ranged

- You can dodge his blood attack which will heal the boss if you dont dodge it, shadows will surround you, run away from it!

- The boss has an attack similar to Hunllef and place down tiles you cannot stand on, else it will damage you! He has 3 different types of floor attacks, run from these!

Some of the rewards obtainable from the event:

Snowman ring

Transform into 3 different type of snowmen!


Armadyl (or) kit!


Wearable candy cane!


New pet!


Festive hat!



And many, many more rewards obtained from the christmas chest, you can obtain keys by completing the quest and killing the christmas boss.

Rewards like

- Penguin pet
-  Anti santa outfit
- Santa outfit
- Imp outfit
- Sack of presents
- Prop sword
- GP

& Much, much more!


Other misc fixes/content

Added Amrod, ability to exchange seeds for crystal shards

Fixed step & clue count in collection log

Fixed some things with Zulrah, like able to attack her while going down. Your damage is now delayed till she goes back up instead of being immune.

Added ability to create a kalphite queen private instance

Lots of edits done in preparation of our new website

Fixes done to Verzik

Spin flax spell edits

Added bad words usage

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