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CoX, upgrading emblems, bug fixes, store edits

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Archaic emblem upgrading

Wilderness slayer tasks now have a chance to upgrade your archaic emblems.

You need to have your emblem in your inventory to have a chance to upgrade your emblem.

Example: If a player has a tier 4 in his inventory & hits the chance to upgrade the emblem to tier 5, turn emblem to tier 5.

If the player does not carry a archaic emblem in his or her inventory, you will not receive upgrades.


Emblem store

- Added Statius' warhammer for 55m bounty points

- Added new dagon'hai robes ornament kit, for 5m each kit

- Took dragon dagger out of store



Chambers of Xeric

In preparation for an upcoming update introducing challenge mode for Chambers of Xeric, we are fixing existing issues in CoX first and add the missing rooms that were taken out at the time because of a bug etc.

This is just some small fixes now, more to come for CoX!

- Added corrupted scavenger chamber

- Increased point amount from ice demon chamber

- Fixed issue with teleport attack of Olm, should hopefully be fixed (I cannot recreate it myself anymore!)



Fixed issue at Verzik

Scythe of Vitur (uncharged) now works properly

Christmas boss is no longer cannonable & increased overall loot from boss

Fixed issue with commands like ::vote ::prices etc not showing correct url

Added waterbirth teleport

Fixed issue creating hydra helm imbued



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