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New Arceuus spells, SMB rework, more TOB fixes & more

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Theatre of Blood

Nylocas Vasilias spider waves/boss

Spiders spawn less frequent

Reworked attacks of the spiders entirely and ranged & magic actually does correct attacks now

Vasilias now moves from melee to ranged/magic way faster

Fixed vasilias attacks appearing later

Added proper animations to the spiders

No more double explosion & shows proper anim for exploding too now

Can now properly hit the melee spider with all melee attackstyles

Other small improvements and fixes


Small improvements


Xarpus poison now fully dissapears after boss died (the graphics went away but the damage didnt, this is now fixed)


Arceuus spellbook

Lots of spells has been added to the Arceuus spellbook!

The spells are:

Vile Vigour

Casting Vile Vigour will convert all of the player's remaining prayer points into run energy at a 1:1 ratio. Players can only cast Vile Vigour once every ten seconds.

Shadow Veil

While under the effects of Shadow Veil, players have a 15% chance to avoid being stunned and damaged while pickpocketing NPCs.

Undead/Skeletal/Ghostly grasp

This spell has a base max hit of (depends on spell), and has a 50% chance to stop the target from moving for four ticks (2.4 seconds); streak marks mid-animation indicate a successful bind on the target.

Dark/Inferior/Superior Demonbane

This spell has a base max hit of (depends which spell of the 3), but can only be cast on demonic creatures. Basicly increased damage against demonic creatures.

By default, Demonbane spells have an accuracy bonus of 20% against demonic creatures.


Super Mystery Book

After many requests we have reworked the book.

First off we've reworked the book, if you open and close the book now you will not get new loot, the first time you open the book those items get saved.

We've taken out lots of smaller rewards like dragon cane, some whips, Kodai wand and many others

Overall chances for uniques should be better now!

New items added:
Black Tourmaline Core
Crystal Shards x100
Crystal Keys x50
Pvp pack
Slayer skip pages x25
Enhanced crystal weapon seed
Ancient Essence
Blood Shards
Twisted Ancestral Colour Kit
Torva Platebody
Fangs of Venenatis
Skull of Vet'ion
Claws of Callisto
Zaryte Vambraces
Frozen Cache


Trading Post

Small improvements to the trading post to make it less cluttered.

Ornament kit items now appear as "Orn. kit"

If an item has (uncharged) or (inactive) in its name the name is now removed from the item in TP

If an item appears like 150,0m it will now appear as 150m

Other small improvements


Bug fixes/new additions

Fixed bunch of armor with wrong stats or missing things

Lots of work done to the server to assure a better experience

Work been done to Tombs of Amascut, releasing later this year.

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