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New titles, custom pets fixed, Gauntlet increased odds, GE prices, other fixes

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Custom pets are now fixed!


New titles

You can now obtain more than 30 new titles!

You can pick one by typing ;;titles ingame.


Title: Soaked
Requirement: Fill the Fountain of goodwill with atleast 2B, minimum of 10M per donation

Title: Phantom
Requirement: Kill Phantom Muspah 500 times.

Title: Bandos
Requirement: Kill General Graardor 500 times

Title: Armadyl
Requirement: Kill Kree'arra 500 times Title: Saradomin Requirement: Kill Commander Zilyana 500 times

Title: Zamorak
Requirement: Kill Kril Tsutsaroth 500 times

Title: Mole
Requirement: Kill the Giant Mole 100 times

Title: Revenant Requirement: Kill Revenants 1000 times

Title: Villager Requirement: Reach village level 100

Title: Maximus
Requirement: Reach level 99 with all stats Title: Grotesque Requirement: Kill the Grotesque Guardians 100 times

Title: Nightmare
Requirement: Kill The Nightmare 250 times

Title: Barrows
Requirement: Loot over 1000 barrows chests

Title: Tournament Master
Requirement: Win the tournament 150 times

Title: Murderer
Requirement: Kill 500 players within the Tournament

Title: Survivor
Requirement: Win Last Man Standing 100 times

Title: Nex
Requirement: Kill Nex 100 times Title: Zaros Requirement: Kill Nex 1000 times

Title: Fishy
Requirement: Catch atleast 1000 fish Title: Fishing Master Requirement: Catch atleast 10000 fish

Title: Fast
Requirement: Complete 500 laps of the Wilderness course Title: Clue master Requirement: Complete 100 master clues

Title: Clue expert
Requirement: Complete 300 master clues Title: Stoned Requirement: Mine atleast 2000 pay-dirt in Motherlode mine

Title: Farmer
Requirement: Complete 100 farming contracts

Title: Icy
Requirement: Complete Wintertodt 100 times

Title: Plunderer
Requirement: Complete 100 runs in Pyramid Plunder

Title: Quest master
Requirement: Gain at least 5 quest points

Title: Olm
Requirement: Complete the Chambers of Xeric atleast 400 times

Title: True Warrior
Requirement: Complete the Chambers of Xeric atleast 500 times

Title: Friend
Requirement: Open the loyalty chest atleast 50 times


Other fixes

Increased odds for pet & enhanced crystal seed in Gauntlet & increased overall crystal shard gain in Gauntlet

Fixed Grand Exchange prices on the runelite client, you can now properly use loot beams and other plugins that need these prices (Simply restart your client or download the .jar if you use the .jar, if you use the launcher simply restart!)

Increased ::yell characters

Fixed reported issues at Vasilias in TOB

Fixed reported issues at Sotetseg in TOB

Fixed other small things & improvements TOB

Fixed issue with Super mystery book

Fixed issue not receiving a vote mystery book at 30 votes


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