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Costume room, discord chat, new events, ToA progress, lots of QoL and fixes

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Costume room

The Construction costume room has been re-added!

You can now put in over 1000+ items in the costume room!

Ultimate ironman may only put in one of each item in the interfaces.

Available to make:

Toy box

Fancy Dress box

Treasure chest (easy,med,hard,elite,master clues)

Armour case

Magic wardrobe

Magic cape rack






Discord chat

We've added a way to be able to talk in the ingame clan chat through discord!
All you need to do is link your account. ;;linkdiscord (discordname) You will get a message from our bot. A code. Type ;;confirmcode (code) and you have linked your account.
After that you can type in ⁠server-clan-chat and it will appear in the ingame clan chat!



Loot keys:

There were some issues with the PK loot keys, these fixes have been added:

- Now properly loads the keys on relog

- Fixed issue when player dies and other player runs out of the Wilderness before the key drops

- Fixed issue with no items dropped into key if player is killed by vengeance


New server events:



Daily chest:

Greatly increased odds uniques

Greatly increased GP rewards

Reworked a bit of the code make it cleaner

Added some new items


Quality of life / Other fixes / new additions:

Preset interface now requires bank pin if player has this enabled

Fixed issue with NPCs not properly dying after receiving a broadcasted drop

Fixed some map clues that were wrong

Fixed an issue with fake XP

Level correction creation divine bastion and battlemage potions

Fire spirit from the bonfire now teleports closer to the player

Added advanced settings that did not properly save (like mouse settings)

Added colossal pouch

Added fixes for Zalcano

The strut at Motherlode Mine now breaks less often

Fixed bounds for catch lobster diary

Reduced walk range certain Abyssal demons in the Catacombs of Kourend

Changed some prices in the third donator store

Changed Scorpia pet npc ID

Increased Nex unique loot chance

Increased stock soul runes at Baba Yaga for ironman

Fixed zombies with wrong respawn timer

Fixed smithing XP Bronze battleaxe

Kalphite queen entrance fixes and now properly tells you you need a rope if you did not put one on yet

Fixed issue with revenant and Demonic gorilla kc not showing in collection log

Fixed spelling mistake desert treasure quest

Desert treasure diary now completes when you complete DT too instead of having to talk to npc again after the quest to obtain the diary

Fixed a bug with lightbearer ring

Fixed a Konar slayer task

Done some edits to ensure a better server experience

Fixed clue spots

Fixed issue with NPCs

Made improvements to claiming vote so server doesnt get random lag if a player claims lots of votes at once


Current Tombs of Amascut progress:

Party system - Complete

Party interface - Complete

Proper map creation - Complete

Consumables within Tombs of Amascut & Consumables interface - Complete

Invocation system/preset system - Complete

Weapons obtained from Tombs of Amascut (fang, staff, lightbearer, masori etc including sounds/spec attack) - Complete

Obtaining all needed animations/graphics/npcs etc. - Complete


Akkha - 30%
Ba-Ba - 90%
Kephri - 55%
Zebak - 85%
Tumeken's Warden - 25%

Not yet started


The current plan is to release the full beta/raid this month if all goes well!

See you soon in the tombs....





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