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Halloween event 2023, farming guild fix

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Pumpkin.pngHalloween eventPumpkin.png

Death needs help to save Halloween!

He is running out of candy and needs your help getting more candy.

He will give you a shopping list and you have to collect these items!

After the mini quest you can do various activities to get candy points which can be used at the Halloween cauldron (explained below)

You can find him located next to the altar at home


- Complete mini quest for 50 candy points!
- Obtain candy from Pyramid Plunder!
- Obtain candy from The Gauntlet!
- Obtain candy from birdhouses!
- Obtain candy from Tournaments!
- Obtain candy by catching implings!
- Pray at the ectofuntus to obtain candy!


The Cauldron

At home you can find a big cauldron


First of a player can earn a reward every 90 candies. These rewards are:

Halloween wig (frankenstein)
Witch hat
Witch top
Witch robes
Witch boots
Witch cape
Spooky robes
Spooky skirt
Spooky gloves
Spooky Boots
Halloween wig (medusa)
50x barrows reroll scrolls
2x XP scrolls
25x slayer skip pages
75x clue step skip pages
2x halloween mask set
Super mystery book

Also the Cauldron can reach 4 different levels. This can be done server-wide when players donate candy.

The first level is reached after 8000 candies server-wide

The second level is reached after 20000 candies server-wide

The third level is reached after 40000 candies server-wide

The fourth level is reached after 80000 candies server-wide

After reaching a specific level there will be a drop party at home. The rewards of this drop party varies depending on the level the prayer reaches with the cauldron.


It can be barrows reroll scrolls, clue step skip pages, mystery box, vote mystery box, GP, double drop scrolls and more!




Home has been changed with a halloween theme too!




Farming guild

Issue with patches not showing the correct stage at farming guild has been fixed


Halloween discounts & deals:

HWEEN40 - 40% off any item in store above 200 points - 12 available
HWEEN30 - 30% off any item in store above 100 points - 10 available
HWEENPERK - 35% off all perks in the store - 20 available
HWEEN15 - 15% off any item in the store

At certain threshold donated between now and end of the event (will roughly stay a month) you can earn extras with your donations. This includes:
$30+ for super book, 2x XP scroll, 20 clue step skip pages

$100+ for 3 super books, 2x XP scroll, 50x barrows reroll scrolls, 50x clue step skip pages

$200+ for 3 super books, pet box, 4x XP scroll, 2x XP lamp, 100 barrows reroll scrolls, 100 clue step skip pages, 10x slayer skip scrolls

$300+ for 5 super books, pet box, 6x XP scroll, 4x XP lamp, 100 reroll, 100 pages, 40 clue reward caskets, 50 enhanced crystal keys, 25x slayer skip scrolls




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