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Christmas event, huge Chambers of Xeric QoL update & more

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Christmas event

Christmas is back in Luna!

Christmas quest

Complete the quest to receive great rewards & access the boss!


The yellow snow boss is back again to try make all the snow yellow, stop him and receive great loot like a corrupted voidwaker, pets, cosmetics & skilling loot & GP!

Some of the obtainable rewards are shown below.

You can find the boss and the quest and the snowball area west of home!

The christmas event has much more to offer but I want to keep some surprises!



Snowball area

It is time to show your snowball throwing skills!

In the area you can fight against other players throwing snowballs.

Its not just ordinary snowball throwing..

You have  chance to headshot players to deal high damage, a chance to fire snowballs 100% faster for 10 seconds & more fun!

There is also a shop specificly for throwing snowballs in the area. Its just a simple shop but with a unique cosmetic and GP!



Christmas tree

Visit the christmas tree at home to receive a free gift! You receive a better gift depending on your donator rank.



Some of the loot:



New Christmas sale!

Use XMAS35 for 35% off all orders above 110 points

Use XMASSCROLL for 40% off all $ scrolls

Use XMAS20 for 20% off everything

At certain thresholds you will earn cosmetics. This can be found on discord #discount-codes for more information or ask ingame to Luna!


Chambers of Xeric

Osrs did an update with QOL for the raid a few days ago.
We wanted to add most of these right now, we will add the remaining ones too!


Various unnoted consumable items (namely common food and potions) will now appear to other players when dropped.
Sped up the growth times of Buchu, Golpar and Noxifer plants.
Scavengers Since Scavengers roll multiple drops, it's possible to get multiple sets of the components above.
Tweaked drops so that whenever any potion secondary would be dropped,
Scavengers now drop more Stinkhorn mushroom, Cicely and Endarkened Juice.
Scavengers now only roll two drops at a time.
Mallignum Root Planks are now stackable.


Tekton no longer resets his Defence when healing at the anvil.


Players can no longer 'splash' on crabs if their Magic bonus is higher than -64.
Attacks no longer have any delay after hitting a crab.
If your attack changes the crab's colour, you won't automatically re-attack.

Ice Demon

Kindling is now stackable, up to a cap of 28.
Lighting braziers and burning Kindling now provide more points.
Now drops Stinkhorn Mushroom, Endarkened Juice and Cicely to each player when defeated.
Reduced the ice demon's Magic defence from 60 to 40.


Standardised drops. Overload drop mechanics remain unchanged.
Melee Vanguard now drops 2 Xeric's Aid and an Elder Potion. Ranged Vanguard now drops 1 Xeric's Aid, 2 Revitalisation and a Twisted Potion. Magic Vanguard now drops 1 Xeric's Aid, 1 Prayer Enhance and a Kodai Potion.

Vasa Nistirio

Reduced Vasa’s Ranged defence.
Vasa will now only heal if a crystal isn't destroyed in time. Vasa now drops a guaranteed Overload(+).


Adjusted the damage formula for Dimitri the Meat Tree: (Woodcutting level / 2) - 2, plus or minus 5.
Both muttadiles will attempt to heal at the Meat Tree when reduced below 50% HP (up from 40%).
Both muttadiles can now be damaged while frozen, even if they were trying to move towards the Meat Tree.
Reduced the max hits of both muttadiles.
Big muttadile will now only swap between Magic and Ranged attacks after using the same style three times, not counting Melee attacks.

Great Olm

Olm's portal swap special now spawns a portal within 10 tiles of players in a solo encounter.
Olm's healing pool attack now has a 'cooldown' of 10 attacks.


Bug fixes & Updates from discord

You'll now be able to see players killcounts for each boss when you view their page, also the rank they sit at overall for each boss.



Re-added Revenant Maledictus, the revenant boss. This was long overdue, it had a bug which is now fixed. In an upcoming update the boss will drop a special revenant pet with a perk. I was not able to do this right now due to ToA

General Graardor now only does ranged attack if within melee range

Multiple GIM fixes

Added ability for custom titles. Coming soon

Fixed ability to set keybinds searching in the advanced settings interface

Overload now goes through absorption potion & multiple other nightmare zone fixes

Gilded pickaxe now works properly

Added GIM icon next to players name aswell visually

Added the proper transformation interface for items that allows you to transform

Fixed certain slayer NPCs not dropping imbued heart

Removed a random vyre in wilderness, he must have been lost

Removed double loot cyclops

Removed taverley dungeon greater demon task konar

Fixed an agility shortcut

Changed the Halloween cauldron to 50000 candies for the last level.

Nex choke attack now spreads players within 1 tile away instead of 2


Did lots of different edits with Zalcano to ensure it will not get stuck anymore

Fixed dragon pickaxe special at ancient essence mining

Doubled the amount you can obtain at ancient essence, you will also get additional double while pickaxe special is active

You can now create & drink Ancient brew from Nex

A dose of ancient brew boosts the player's Magic level by 2 + 5% of their base Magic level, as well as restoring prayer points equal to 2 + 10% of their base Prayer level (with the ability to restore up to 5% over the player's base Prayer level). However, it will also drain the player's Attack, Strength, and Defence levels by 2 + 10% of their current levels.

Re-enabled certain pet perks that were not enabled anymore (Like Lil' Kharil)

Fixed Wilderness lever, it will no longer be stuck if a player logs out halfway after pulling the lever

Added Tombs of Amascut consumables & more in preparation for the huge update

Fixed obtaining ash sanctifier from npc

Lag fixes & improvements

Changed pvm boss back to gnome


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