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Single+ Wilderness bosses, new diary benefits, bug fixes & new additions

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Single+ Wilderness bosses

Callisto, Venenatis and Vet'ion now have their easy single+ variants added - Spindel, Artio and Calvar'ion

You can only enter these areas after completing the medium Wilderness diary.

These variants have less stats, hp and decreased odds for unique loot

The multi-zone wilderness bosses got increased drop rates odds and amounts and removed some bad loot like steel arrows




Hunllef now shows animation when switching attack stances & shows animation with stomp attack for both normal and corrupted Hunllef

You can now use empty vials on fishing spots to fill them with water

Other small fixes & improvements



Players can now go to the ectofuntus and talk to the ecto-token NPC to receive 13 bonemeal (depending on the bones player has in inventory) and 13 buckets of slime every 24 hours - Morytania elite

Players can enter the Spindel, Artio and Calvar'ion areas - Wilderness medium


Bug fixes/content

Doubled GP rewards clue scrolls

Fixed items with wrong stats to equip

Diablo title can now be obtained if you have more than 1000 votes claimed

Seed shop at Draynor village has new seeds now and increased stock amount for all seeds

Fixes done to Ancient godsword - special attack now happens in 8 ticks like osrs instead of 9

Special attack only happens if damage is above 0

More fixes done to TOB & COX

Server back-end improvements

Updates from discord:

Players that already have completed the christmas event can now talk to Santa to obtain the nutcracker outfit

Added a new fun event at the snowball area, players are able to win $ scrolls and much more during these events!

Fixed previous teleports at the portal at home

Fixed ornament DWH not working at godwars

Changed direction snowball shop npc

Lots of other small fixes regarding christmas event

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