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Boss health overlay, gauntlet, fixes

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Due to the revision update there was an issue with sounds and players disconnecting with area sounds. This is now fixed!

Added boss health overlay




Current bosses that show the hp bar:
Alchemical Hydra
Gauntlet (hunllef)
All of TOB
All of COX
All of TFP


Fixed issue if you get teleported in the boss zone when time runs out the barriers around still were clickable
Now counts attacks for hunllef prayer switch (6 attacks) even if the hit is 0
Can now right click the reward chest to see the droprates for corrupted and normal gauntlet again

Greatly improved loot from gauntlet, chance at pet and enhanced seed has been more than HALVED! There never been a better time to start gauntlet!


Other fixes:

Fixed tournament/pvp issues

Fixed special attack count and should properly match osrs now (was a small bug last update)

Added an interface fix for players playing in resizeable mode with the interface bugging out at times

Can now also use the last row to block a slayer task

Alchemical Hydra bestiary search fixed

Collection log has been fixed and now properly displays KC and can open all bosses

Other small improvements & fixes throughout

Can now hit duke while eye attack is active


Updates posted on Discord past 6 days:

Fixed slayer interface, issue with slayer block, skip task & more

Fixed slayer normal NPCs not showing correct name

Some more slayer fixes

Fixed Duke worldwide deaths not going up

Fixed tab prayer options

renamed triple drops to double

Arclight nerf added to Duke

XP lamp interface fix

Fixed 117HD not properly downloading

Temp disabled afk zone till further notice

More minor fixes

! Trading post has been fully fixed and ready to go! Be sure to restart your client if you havent already! !

Fixed beaver pet

Buy 10 shows buy X now

Fixed NPC facing

Moderators now have a command to specificly block players from using tournament if abused


All drops are noted except for resources and uniques

Can now trade in frozen tablet for 25K GP at Sigmund

Various fixes to prevent players able to take in resources for the next kill

Reset duke timer twice now because of these issues!

Can now use mushrooms and dust to damage Duke

No longer able to use vengeance to break phase 1

Lots of other fixes & improvements!

Slayer boss task amount has been greatly increased

Added loads more checks to make sure a player cannot cheese duke for a faster time

Fixed quick prayer

Added Duke event, 1/70 chance at unique instead of 1/90

Added new titles
Sucellus - Kill Duke 500 times
Baron - Kill Duke 3000 times
Succ - Kill Duke 5000 times
Soulreaper - Kill Duke within 1 minute and 35 seconds
Can now properly look up Duke in bestiary
Multiple other small fixes done to Duke

Accursed Sceptre has been changed, turns out there was an issue with it and it did not match osrs at all.

Fixed support icon

Fixed dragonite smithing interface

On Luna even if your special attack was 100% your special attack counter kept the count up so you had a chance to restore a % of special attack once you use a spec way faster than it should, now your counter is always 0 when special reaches 100% and does not count till below 100%

Fixed issue with personal timer Added some improvements & fixed null errors to Duke

Fixed an issue with PC clients randomly DCing at certain spots, most notable afk area

Fixed an issue with lots of interfaces not properly working with clicks, this includes custom interfaces and non-custom, a notable one is tan hide interface, which is now fixed aswell as many others!

Started on GWD instances for any donator, out soon

Changed timer of soulreaper title to 1 minute 40 seconds instead of 1 min 35 seconds

Fixed accursed sceptre

Preset objects are now universal instead of coords specific

Afk zone is back!

Added a perfect kill counter & shows when player gets a perfect kill

Duke event chance at unique increased from 1/55 from 1/70 temporary

Alchemical Hydra Fixed issue with new drop system

Fixed 25x slayer skip pages box in first donator store


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