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Droprate boosts, Theatre of Blood scaling/solo, Awakened Vardorvis, Donator store changes

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Droprate boosts

Players have been asking for improved droprates for a while. This will be part one of this, this is very experimental and we'll see how it goes!

Donator droprate boost

Silver donator+ - 3% boost
Gold donator+ - 4% boost
Platinum donator+ - 5% boost
Master donator+ - 7% boost
Godlike donator+ - 10% boost
Legendary donator+ - 14% boost

5% Permanent droprate boost - 70 points first donator store

The boost is stackable with the x1 - x10 boost and village boosts

Meaning if for example a player is a godlike donator and x1 with the village boosts.. Can obtain 10 + 8 + 3 + 3 + 5 = 29% boost at GWD!


Theatre of Blood

Solo/duo Theatre of blood has never been easier now with HP scaling added!

Npc HP scaling & solo TOB edits
The enemies' health scales now according to player team size.
Enemies have their health adjusted to a five-man encounter, but will be lowered to 87.5% and 75% in 4-man and trio or lower sizes respectively. Duo and solo will have the HP lowered to 70%

Xarpus now drops the objects players have to stand on depending on the size of the party

The raid now also scales spawned NPCs by bosses

Sotetseg damage has been lowered against the player he targets with the big orb attack

The black interface sticking around has been fixed


Awakened Vardorvis has been released!

The boss' health increases from 700 to 1,400.
The boss now absorbs stat drains.
An extra Swinging Axe is added to the fight, so three axes are swung until 50% of his health, after which four axes are swung instead.
Swinging Axes inflict damage upon spawning. Axes that spawn in the middle locations have a hitbox extending one tile in front of them.
Bleed damage is increased from 3 to 5.
The spores from his Strangle attack have less time to be destroyed before the tendrils tighten.
Vardorvis' Head can now also use a magic attack (resembling a blue crescent wave) to disable protection prayers.
If the player stands next to the tendrils surrounding the arena for more than 4 ticks, they will hit for over 30 typeless damage.

You can fight him by using a Awakener's Orb at the start.

He has a 3/120 chance at unique loot, making it a 1/40 chance at rolling the unique, without event!



Donator stores

Players felt the prices were to steep, some were changed to tackle this.

Most prices of items in the donator store has been changed + the permanent droprate boost item has been added

5% permanent droprate boost: 70 points

Lightbearer from 70 to 65 points
Mystery box from 10 to 8 points
Super Mystery book from 18 to 16 points
Pet box from 35 to 31 points
Pvp armour mystery box from 38 to 28 points
5x Super mystery book bundle from 75 to 67 points
Elite void bundle from 32 to 30 points
25x slayer skip pages bundle from 10 to 6 points
Dragon bones 100x bundle from 11 points to 7 points
10x clue step skip pages from 8 to 7 points
30x stamina potions from 6 to 5 points
100x black chinchompa from 8 to 7 points
150x Anglerfish from 6 to 5 points
3x Ancient shard from 6 to 5 points
5x herb box from 20 to 12 points
100x Crystal shards from 9 to 7 points
x500 cannonballs from 5 to 3 points
25x Crystal keys from 40 to 30 points
200x cooked karambwan from 6 to 5 points
Double drop scroll from 9 to 4 points
Avernic defender from 55 to 40 points
Blade of Saeldor from 220 to 145 points
Scroll box (master) from 8 to 3 points
Abyssal Bludgeon from 100 to 45 points
Imbued heart from 20 to 15 points
Tormented bracelet from 18 to 15 points
Eternal boots from 20 to 19 points
Pegasian boots from 23 to 21 points
Primordial boots from 23 to 21 points
Inferno cape from 90 to 88 points
Fighter torso from 8 to 7 points
Blessed spirit shield from 35 to 15 points
Armadyl godsword from 35 to 30 points
Dragon Pickaxe from 20 to 18 points
Dragonfire shield from 28 to 22 points
Armadyl crossbow from 35 to 33 points
Saradomin's blessed sword from 15 to 12 points
Dice bag from 90 to 75 points
Monkey from 50 to 40 points
Craws bow from 25 to 15 points
Slayer skip page from 3 to 2 points
Enhanced crystal key from 5 to 3 points
Dharok set from 18 to 16 points
Ahrim set from 20 to 18 points
Karil set from 20 to 18 points
Guthan set from 19 to 17 points
Torag set from 17 to 15 points
Verac set from 17 to 16 points

Also roughly 30 items has a different price in the wise donator store that changes every X hours


Other fixes/QoL:

Chambers of Xeric party interface fix

Only the first preset is now available for non donators, after that the 2 other ones that were previously free is now locked behind bronze donator+

Better rates to obtain the sceptre from Pyramid Plunder

Increased price of Frozen Tablet at Sigmund by 60000 instead of 30000

Increased price of Strangled Tablet at Sigmund by 70000 instead of 35000

Added Duke, Awakened Duke, Vardorvis, Awakened Vardorvis to boss hiscores on website


Updates posted on discord:

Vardorvis fixes/QoL & more:
Vardorvis: Fixed vardorvis slayer task
Best time had 10 seconds added & removed some pb's of some players
While strangled all damage against you is now blocked
Now does melee attack even later during head gaze to have more room to pray
If clue scroll drop from Vardorvis or duke will now turn to scroll if on
Strangle attack should no longer be able to get cancelled at all
Various other small fixes & improvements done
Fixed ham joint combat options
Can now create a mahogany stock with logs and a knife
Can no longer get a 0 task slayer task
Fixed issue at pyramid plunder causing players to get stuck
Summer pies now also restore 10% run energy

Head gaze & strangle attack now only happen if NPC is below 80% HP
Strangle attack now does between 3 and 7 spores at a time
Vardorvis will do melee attack 2 ticks after head goes away instead
Dash attack spikes now match better
Throwing axes now only spawn inbetween the pillars instead of any of the 3 open tiles between the pillars
Head attack no longer ruins your perfect kill since it is no damage
Head attack prayer hit now hits 1 tick earlier on player
Head attack now only disables player's protection prayers instead of all prayers
Melee attack no longer only hits 10
Fixed collection log
Fixed showing duke KC in item drop announcement
Fixed interface perfect kills part
Removed wrong items in the loottable Vard
Other fixes & improvements

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