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Chambers of Xeric scaling, Droprate improvements, fixes & more

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Chambers of Xeric


You can now scale the raid up to 15!

With this new scaling system added we have also fixed scaling of certain NPCs that did not properly scale.

Think about NPCs like..

Ice Demon
Vasa Nistirio
& more!



Added the HP bar interface to Olm hands too and Ice demon

Other small improvements & fixes done to COX



Droprate boost changes:

Changed command ;;drboostlist to ;;drboost

Reworked the ;;drboost interface

Silver donator: 3% to 4%
Gold donator: 4% to 5%
Platinum donator: 5% to 6%
Master donator: 7% to 8%
Godlike donator: 10% to 11%
Legendary donator: 13% to 15%
Milkman: 15% to 17% & 1% extra added for GWD items
Rich kid: 15% to 18% & 1% extra added for GWD items


Added Smolcano pet

Fixed servant hiring diary

Added blazing blowpipe

Added Armadyl twisted bow kit

Fixed issue with a wall for The Bank quest

Replaced magic trees at ;;dz

Fixed an issue receiving the village dr boost

Fixed NPC at TOB not considering new blowpipe venom

Fixed up ;;commands a bit


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