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Agility & Thieving improvements & more!

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Agility & Thieving Improvements:

Agility Courses Overhaul:

Agility courses have undergone a significant transformation, introducing new opportunities to earn Marks of Grace even at lower levels! Key updates include:

Marks of Grace:

Marks are now obtainable at both the Gnome Stronghold and Barbarian courses.

Improved chances of acquiring Marks of Grace across most agility courses.

Level Adjustments:

The Draynor course now welcomes players starting from level 1 agility.

Experience Gains: The following courses now offer significantly boosted XP:

Barbarian Course (Strength XP too!)
Gnome Stronghold Course

Al Kharid Course
Ardougne Course
Draynor Course
Falador Course
Pollnivneach Course
Rellekka Course
Varrock Course

Thieving Upgrades:

New loot is now available from specific NPCs:

Paladins: Hard clue scrolls
Gnomes: Medium clue scrolls
Heroes: Hard clue scrolls

Improved respawn rates and XP gains, with new loot items for the following stalls:

Crafting: Added Amulet and bracelet molds, gold bars
Monkey Food 
Monkey General

Tea & Wine
Seed, Fur, Fish
Added Mithril crossbow limbs, mithril bolts
Silver: Added Tiaras, silver bars
Added Nature and law runes
Scimitar: Added Adamant and mithril scimitars

Miscellaneous & Quality of Life Changes:

Clue Geodes: Increased chance of finding clue geodes while mining.

Fixed an error in login message double drops



Updates posted on Discord:

We've revamped how the droprate bonus operates for an even better experience.
Previous Droprate Bonus Method: Previously, the droprate bonus aimed to decrease item probabilities proportionally to the boost percentage. The intention was to increase the chances of items falling below their weight threshold in the droptable loop, theoretically making them easier to obtain. However, this approach encountered issues when multiple items were boosted, leading to a higher likelihood of selecting items earlier in the droptable.

New and Improved Droprate Bonus Method: Now, the droprate boost first adjusts the weights of all items according to any applicable drop rate boosts before selecting which item to drop. This means that the droprate bonus fine-tunes the weights, ensuring a fairer and more accurate selection process. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the previous droprate boost not working as intended.

Rest assured, the new implementation should provide a smoother and more rewarding drop rate experience.
Thank you for your understanding and happy hunting!


The Blood Ancient sceptre has been added and can now be made with an ancient sceptre and a blood quartz. It will increase the effects of Ancient Magicks by 10%, with the added effect of being able to overheal up to 10% over the player's base Hitpoints. (similar to anglerfish)

Vardorvis axes have been fixed
Significally buffed the ancient vault chest to make it way more profitable now across all quartz
Buffed Vardorvis table a bit more
Made the frozen & strangled tablets 90K ea in Sigmund right now, was 60k for frozen tablet and 70k for strangled tablet before
Added blisterwood flail
Added some new commands



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