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Nightmare Zone, Crystal Implings, multiple very needed bug fixes + more

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Nightmare Zone needed some edits to make it functional
- Fixed multiple npcs inside NMZ
- Added a shop with cool rewards including (t3) Twisted league outfit & herb boxes & more!
- Added absorption potion
- You can only buy a maximum of 15 herb boxes & 2 xp scrolls everyday
- Lots of other fixes
+ Note, some items have a pretty decent price, this can always be editted to a lower price, I want to see what everyones average points per hour will be.


Fix for slayer bosses,
Players could get a task like Vorkath and could just kill any boss, this is now fixed

You can now use the ancient spellbook for Eldritch and Volatile nightmare staffs

Added Neitiznot helm to ironman shops
Added Crystal Implings to Prifdinas

Slayer caskets coin boxes & brimstone key drop fixed for kraken
Fixed super mystery book freeze issue
Removed pet droprate scroll from Revenants
Fixed Dark Relic
Tells you you need inventory space now when you try to withdraw from Trading Post
Fixed all reanimation spells etc arceuus spellbook
Changed price of imbue page to 5 donor points & slayer skip page 3 points ea
You can now light bug lantern & candles
Fix for adamant dragons

Increased Wyrm bones XP

Pest Control
You can now range and mage pest control portals
Did other small improvements & bug fixes for PC

Fixed "Unknown" location for Crystal trees & Shooting stars events
Removed some bugged swords from blood money store
Temp disabled luna pet
Nightmare totems is now weaker against magic and stronger defence against melee
God wars altars now have a 5 minute timer once you pray on them
Fixed pipe at barbarian outpost



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Ooooooooooooo ❤❤ aside from the disabling of my pet 😢 vvv nice update though nonetheless!

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