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  1. Ohhh myyy goooddnessss <333 amazing as usual!
  2. Simp

    Galvek & hotfixes

    W000t w000t! Time get get me some claws!
  3. W0000t now I can finally finish this one!
  4. Simp

    Darkmeyer-Quest Guide

    Man I got so lost the first time I did this quest xD Thank yuh so much!
  5. Ooooooooooooo ❤❤ aside from the disabling of my pet vvv nice update though nonetheless!
  6. LOL! No more bored cows they all excited af to be in LunaOrs now
  7. Simp

    Herblore Guide

    Yassss! From the Herblore God himself too?!
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