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PVP armor, Aerial fishing, bug fixes, stray dog, Bonecrusher + more

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PVP armor (Vesta/Zuriel/Statius) is now obtainable through 3 wilderness bosses.
Statius = Scorpia
Vesta = Vet'ion
Zuriel = Callisto
All armor drops 1/2500.

Added Aerial Fishing
You can get the Bonecrusher & fish sack & the awesome fish below through the shop. More will be added to it!
You can find the teleport in the interface at the skilling tab.

Bonecrusher is now also obtainable through barrows chests.

Added Karil's effect with amulet of the damned (Rest of the effects will also be added!)

Added God wars altar donator benefit timer (Details on benefits list)

Added Stray dog pet!


Fixed slayer helms not working in certain dungeons
Fixed kraken boss not counting for slayer
Shamans was safespottable. This is now fixed
Changed droptable of Demonic Gorillas. Made Heavy frame ballista etc easier to obtain
Ironman didnt get the starter set. This is now fixed


Soon you are able to auto complete clues daily.
With restrictions how many times everyday depending on your donator rank.


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