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    The Frozen Prison edits: Reduced HP inadequacy Inadequacy will now not switch your prayers as often Reduced multiple attacks and HP at Seren Increased some damage dragon boss Fixed players being able to bug the raid with teleporting You can now cannot take a cannon inside anymore Multiple errors are now fixed Finished raid event Added a timer Added a final portal at end of boss HCIM wont lose their status in the frozen prison raid anymore Added dialogue & things for new start raid npc in raid Reduced highest damage chance from 10 to 5% Way more smaller edits I probably forgot about ^ Raid is pretty much done, released soon! You can still test on world 1 Fixed Dagannoth Rex melee animation Added low stock of gems at gem merchant at home Fixed hydra helm in smoke devil cave Increased thieving XP while wearing the rogue set Fixed multiple food you couldnt eat Added this:
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    Luna-Ps new player guide In this guide: I would like to share a few ways for new players to obtain gold within the game, with little to no requirements. I will be including money making techniques for all types of gameplay. (Skilling, PVM, PvP and more) There will also be information regarding each piece of content within the guide, however this is not a detailed guide to every method shown but is intended to be able to point you in the right direction and hopefully teach you the basics. Tutorial (The tutorial is a great way for a new player to learn about the server and it's custom home area!) To start with let's keep it real simple. ^After you have chosen your game mode and xp rates, you will be asked this^ Simply click 'Yes' or 'No'. (I suggest you click yes for an extra 350k!) Voting (Voting is a great way to support the server and receive awesome rewards at the same time with very minimal effort.) The very next thing you should do before you even move is type in the chat ::vote. Once you do this you will be redirected to a web page where you enter your in game name and are able to vote on 6 different sites every 12 hours. When you have completed voting return to the game and in the chat type ::claimvote to claim your votes! ^^ You should receive messages similar to this. ^ Every 12 hours you will passively earn 450k gp and a random clue casket which could have a rare item inside valuable to other players. Skilling (Skilling is an amazing way to obtain gp, as your levels progress you will unlock alot more profitable skilling methods!) (There are countless ways to make money through skilling but these are some of the easiest and fastest ways as a beginner). Pyramid plunder Pyramid plunder is by far one of the easiest ways to obtain gold as a starter, as the only requirement is 21 thieving. Players may also find a 'Pharoah's Sceptre' within a grand gold chest or sarcophagus. If they do, they will be immediately kicked out by the guardian mummy, as he will be angry that the player has found his master's sceptre. once obtained the Sceptre will increase your loot at the pyramid by 30%! (Without the Sceptre you can expect around 2m gp per hour) There is a detailed guide on how to complete pyramid plunder on these forums. Pickpocketing • Men/Women - No requirements - Located at home or in most cities around the server. • Farmer - Level 10 Thieving - Located north of the (Training Teleport) 'chickens'. • Warrior Women - Level 25 Thieving - Located West of the Ardounge teleport (Cities). • Master Farmer - Level 38 Thieving - Located in Draynor village Market (Cities) Certain seeds can be sold to Sigmund at home for a good price. • Guards - Level 40 Thieving - although having a similar level requirement as master farmers whilst pickpocketing Guards you will only receive gold making it a faster more efficient money maker. At level 50 Thieving you can do the wallsafe quest for access to the rogues outfit, which has a chance to double your loot when pickpocketing. (It is recommended but not needed to obtain the rogues set as it will increase your Gp/Hr by quite alot). [[Quests explained further below]] Ardounge knights located in Ardounge are able to be pickpocket at level 55, these would have to be the best source of raw gp through skilling as you are able to equip the rogues set which will increase your gp per hour by a huge amount. (As your thieving level increases your chance of getting stunned decreases dramatically) -Getting away from thieving but staying with skilling there are other ways of getting starter cash without having to kill anything- Wintertodt (Requirements- Level 50 in Firemaking, an axe, tinderbox and a knife). (Recommended - 4 or more pieces of warm clothing) Here is a link to the OSRS wiki on warmclothing- https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Wintertodt/Warm_clothing One of the easiest sets to get your hands on as a new player would have to be the 'Clue Hunter' set as shown here. (I have also attached here a link to the OSRS wiki on obtaining this set!). https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Clue_hunter_outfit (There is also a helmet that goes with this set, although it does not count as 'warm clothing'). This is more of a mini game and is more fun with other players but you are able to solo this and it can yield some really good profit especially if you get a "tome of fire". Other profitable items consist of (Burnt pages, Dragon Axe, Seeds and different tier skilling supplies). Skilling Events Every 2hrs in a different location spawns The Crystal Tree and the same with The Shooting Star. (Both are set at different times so you wont miss out on one because of the other. Both can be harvested every 2 hours) The Crystal tree - can be a really great passive money maker as you can exchange the mermaid tears you harvest for coin pouches which give 300k-500k gp! The Shooting Star - alike the crystal tree the materials mined from this event can be exchanged for coin pouches too! (Try and get too as many as possible!) (The timer's for Skilling/ Server Events are in your quest logs). (The list of potential money makers for skilling could go on forever! However these are just a few of the fastest and easiest methods for new players to obtain gold). Questing (To be added shortly) Slayer (Slayer is and will be one of the best methods to obtaining wealth as through slayer you unlock the opportunity to kill stronger monsters/ bosses that have the chance of better loot!) To start slayer talk to any 3 of the master's located in the east building at home. (During a slayer task every monster you kill will have a chance to drop a "coin box" or a "slayer chest", - Slayer chests contain a variety of loot including Bloodmoney, Gold and Crystal key pieces. - Coin boxes are exactly as they sound, when you open one you receive upwards of 100k-150k Gp). Turael - It is recommended that if you are starting out that you use Tureal as your slayer master, as he assigns weaker easier tasks. Although the tasks he can assign you will not yield much profit at all and should really only be used for the early levels. You should not go to Turael for slayer tasks once you have reached level 40! You will not profit! Turael can be used to skip a slayer task if it is too difficult to complete or if you are just unable to complete it, he will assign you one of his begginer tasks for you to complete. (This is the only reason Turael should be used after level 40) Krystilia - Is the Wilderness Slayer Master and any task given to you by her must be completed within the wilderness. Wilderness slayer is a very fast and efficient way to train slayer and earn gold! Whilst on a slayer task in the wilderness you not only have the chance to receive the usual coin boxes and slayer chests but you will also be able to obtain the following two items aswell. • Mysterious emblems exchanged at the 'Emblem Trader' in the building north of the slayer masters. • Larrens keys which can be used to open larrens chest (be careful the chest is located at the top of the wilderness). These keys and emblems will boost your gp per hour as you can receive some very valuable armour and skilling supplies. Steve - This is the interface you will receive upon talking to steve. - Although the tasks you receive from 'Easy & Medium' tasks aren't very profitable on their own, I would suggest you try to power through the early levels by just completing any and every task you get. As during these tasks the best loot you will expect to receive will be from the 'slayer chests' and 'coin boxes' - I would consider 'Normal & Hard' tasks to be where you start to make money whilst training slayer as 95% of these task either have alchable drops or items worth selling to other players. - Note to increase profits - Try to bank as many alchable item drops - 'Sigmund' at home will buy them for the same price therefore saving small amounts on runes. Once you have completed a slayer task you will receive some 'Slayer Points'. Slayer Points can be spent at the 'Slayer Point Shop' (Combat Instructor) (There are a few different items you should focus on obtaining such as but not limited too) - • Fighter torso - 400 slayer points - (+4 strength bonus, very good item for melee based slayer) • Salve Amulet (ei) - 120 slayer points - (increase ranged, mage and melee accuracy and damage by 20% to the undead) • Black mask (10) - 1000 slayer points - (16.67% strength and attack bonus against monsters on your current slayer task!). • Mysterious page - 300 slayer points - (used to imbue the Black mask / slayer helmet making the bonuses not only for melee but for ranged and mage aswell!) (More to come) - How to create slayer helm and the requirements. (Boss tasks will be explained in a more advanced slayer guide). PVP In my opinion PvP is a great way to earn gold as a beginner or even as a maxed player. Tournaments are held every few hours and are a good passive source of blood money which can be sold to other players or used to buy equipment and supplies.(you will recieve a small amount of blood money and gold at the end of the tournament if you win or lose!). Bloodmoney is given to you when you defeat a player within the wilderness. (The blood money will spawn where the other player has died) (You are able to spend your 'Blood money' at the blood money store) (NPC - Nieve) *see picture below* (In addition to the above every 2 hours the 'Bloody Merchant' will spawn in a random location within the wilderness) ('His shop changes everytime he spawns' be sure to check his shop out!). *Bloody Merchant timer can be found under 'Server Events' in your quest logs, His location will be broadcast to the server via chat* PKP Points will also be obtained when you defeat another player within the wilderness, which can be used to buy PvP armours and weapons in the PKP shop. Last Man Standing is another really enjoyable and easy way to make money through PvP as it dose not require you to have any requirements. (The easiest way here is to type in the command ::lms and you will be teleported to the minigame). Once you are here you will need a group of 4 or more players to participate. Once you have all joined the lobby you will be teleported to a map where you and the other 3 or more players will fight to the death. (Even if you come last you still receive points for playing) **(More to be added regarding weekly PvP event and the rewards and requirements for that)** Useful Info If you ever need to know information about something in game and you aren't sure of where to look you can use the command ::wiki followed by the item or content you are looking for. For example if you wanted to know the stats and information about a specific piece of armour or a weapon such as a 'fighter torso' or 'dragon sword' you would type into public chat - ::wiki Fighter torso or ::wiki Dragon sword or if you wanted to look up information about a skill such as smithing or fishing you would type - ::wiki Smithing or ::wiki Fishing The OSRS wiki is jamb packed full of useful information regarding every aspect of the game! You should be able to find most information about everything there! (More edits to come <3) •more info on pvp • info on quests / rewards given after completion of quests. • and more I would just like to take the time to thankyou for reading this guide. If you aren't sure of anything explained please don't hesitate to ask below or pm me in game, if I am online I am always happy to help. (IGN: Tds) i hope this isn't too rushed and is able to help some of you out. I will be making a detailed guide for players that have progressed passed this point, it will include bosses/ wildy bosses, high level profitable skilling and raids.
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