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  1. DZ3 The donator zone has received a complete overhaul - Smaller map - Thieving area - Red/black chins area - Amethyst mining - Blood/soul/death altar & Dark altar - Bonfire - Gilded altar - Slayer masters & brimstone chest/pk chest - Much more! Bottomless bucket Bottomless bucket has been added and now works as it should Misc/fixes Fixed spellbook filtering Fixed farming guild patches Fixed Frozen Prison issue on the bridge heading to last boss Compost bin fixes, you can now press the compost bin to receive from it too instead of just using bucket on it Temporarily took out ability to wear golden prospector outfit untill further notice Fixed issue with preset interface players losing items if they try to load a preset with items they don't meet the level for Drakans medallion teleports in inventory has been fixed Reduced some common drops in Chambers of Xeric & greatly increased overall loot in Theatre of Blood (common drops) Added correct Amethyst dart gfx Fixed a title Lots of work done to Nex
  2. Revision Update We've updated our data to #204, which includes lots of new things from osrs, think about Nex, the new RC minigame, Tempoross & much, much more! We've got 200+ new items, objects, NPCs and more. This will all be released throughout upcoming months/weeks A little taste of the new revision we've already added the shattered relics variety ornament kit in the PvM store. Which allows you to create multiple different items! We've already been working on Nex and expect to be released within a week/two weeks! The slayer helmets all got a visual update aswell. Added new revenant cave entrances! The Gauntlet: Added two new gauntlet events, a normal gauntlet event that increases your chest rolls by x1 and a EXTREME gauntlet event, which increases your rolls by x2! Can no longer trade at Gauntlet entrance Can no longer drop items at the Gauntlet entrance Fixed issue grinding T3 items and receiving dust instead of shards Increased loot overall obtained from The Gauntlet Bug fixes/misc Trading Post offers now don't appear in the interface anymore after exceeding 14 days Fixed issues being able to take the bird from Aerial fishing outside of the zone You can now place down cannon in upstairs zone in Karuulm Slayer Dungeon Fixed ring of wealth issue obtaining gp etc while not having the ring in either inventory/equipment Fixed cannon shooting reducing crystal armour charges Lots of fixes done for the revision update Temple spider loot fix Fixes done for farming contracts Fixed vote boss pk key drop Added all possible combinings for Blade of Saeldor/Bow of Faerdhinen (c) editions, released when corrupted gauntlet is released!
  3. The Gauntlet T1 drop a 100% weapon frame now after 3 kills if there's none obtained yet T2 drop a 100% weapon frame now after 1 kill if there's none obtained yet T3 demibosses drop their respective T3 items 100% now, and 50/50 chance per demiboss for other t3 pieces Depletion from objects now resets when starting a new Gauntlet Added 1 tick cooking Fixed Crystalline dragon & Dark beast, they now have the correct animations/projectiles & attacks Fixed animations for crystalline spider NPC You can now crush T3 items using pestle & mortar to obtain 80 crystal shards Added Gauntlet KC to Collection Log Items now properly add to Collection Log Fixes done to Hunleffs floor attack and matches osrs more now (You will have 2 more ticks compared to osrs to escape the floor attack before it turns red) Fixed issue with T2 items not appearing in inventory when inventory is full (while wearing the t2 item) Corporeal Beast The Corporeal Beast will now heal 25 hitpoints every 3 game ticks (1.8 seconds) when no players are fighting it, and fully heals if no one has attacked it for three minutes, this allows easier solo - duo play. Fixed issue with zamorakian spear/hasta not working properly on Corporeal Beast from last update Infernal Harpoon Infernal Harpoon has been added! Combine a dragon harpoon with a smouldering stone to create the Infernal Harpoon. The harpoon will require no charges atall and wont degrade (qol) The infernal harpoon has a 1/3 chance to cook fish while fishing, you need atleast 85 cooking too to be able to use this feature! Misc Fixed issue not being able to imbue vampyric slayer helmet Other small fixes to ensure server working properly Started on Corrupted Gauntlet, will be released soon if these fixes are fine! We are slowly starting on working to update Luna to a new revision of osrs. Coming soon!
  4. The Gauntlet The newest challenge for PvM is finally here. We present to you, The Gauntlet. This training ground was designed by the elves to train their mightiest warriors during the God Wars will be open to anyone who proves their worth and unlocks the city. Inside, you enter a race against time to collect the materials you need to prepare youself for the final fight. Forge your own crystal armour and weaponry by defeating crystalline monsters and gathering resources before facing the terrifying crystalline Hunllef. Items obtainable from The Gauntlet: The Gauntlet will provide a chance of gaining tradeable crystal armour & weapon seeds & various other goodies! Ofcourse Youngllef the pet aswell. You can obtain a Enhanced weapon seed, which you can use at any singing bowl in Prifddinas to create a Blade of Saeldor & Bow of Faerdhinen! You can access Gauntlet either by typing ::gauntlet or through the teleport interface in the "minigames" section! Normal Gauntlet requirements: Level 60 attack, level 60 magic & level 60 ranged. Gauntlet has a bunch of titles too! Corrupted Gauntlet will be released a bit later, with a event! Corrupted Gauntlet release will also have Blade of Saeldor and Bow of Faerdhinen (c) version. Lumberjack when fully equipped gives extra mermaid tears yield during the crystal tree event Wearing full Prospector increases yield during shooting star event More useful info in the opening tutorial Gargoyle auto smash fix Lots of Theatre of Blood fixes Changed drop viewer interface, added The Gauntlet in it Renamed slayer chest messages Added correct pet to Skotizo Corporeal beast now ignores cannon damage (as in no reduction of damage) Cave horror now stops doing its special attack while using protect from melee Added Youngllef dialogue & information Performance fixes added for creating maps Added sounds to low and high alchemy Dwarf cannon damage fix (doesn't exceed 30/35 damage now) Added Blade of Saeldor degrading Multiple fixes done for Grotesque Guardians Added ::boosts to show current events on! (Will be worked on some more)
  5. Grotesque Guardians Atop the Slayer Tower in Morytania a new threat has been reanimated. Two grotesques have awoken after they have heard too many of their brethren die in the tower below. To get access to the grotesque guardians you will need 75 slayer and obtain a key to the roof by killing gargoyles when on a gargoyle task. Once you have unlocked the roof and your slayer master has given you a task to kill gargoyles you can opt to take on the fearsome grotesques instead. However, if your slayer master feels like giving you a challenge he may assign the grotesque guardians as a task. Unique drops from Guardians: Granite hammer: Requiring level 50 Attack and Strength to equip, the granite hammer is an excellent primary weapon for low level players. It also comes with an offensive special attack, allowing you to increase the damage of your next hit by 5, and increase its accuracy by 50%. When equipped it will auto-smash Gargoyles (akin to the Gargoyle Smasher perk), though it will act as an ordinary rock hammer when in the inventory. Black Tourmaline Core Black tourmaline cores are rare drops from the Grotesque Guardians. They can be attached to Bandos boots to create Guardian boots. Guardian Boots Requiring 75 Defence to equip, guardian boots provide a strong defensive boost in combat, and offer a noteworthy counterpart to the offensive stats of primordial boots. Granite Dust and Granite Cannon Balls Granite dust drops from the grotesque guardians and can be applied to cannonballs in order to increase their max hit from 30 to 35. Granite dust is stackable, and so are granite-coated cannonballs. However, granite dust and cannonballs are NOT tradeable. Creating granite-coated cannonballs is done by using granite dust on cannonballs. Combining the two has no requirements and can be done with any quantity. Be aware it is not possible to reverse this process. 57098c445810d07bbdbc8903bbb6b859.mp4 Granite Ring The granite ring offers low defensive bonuses across the board, with the exception of a modest ranged defence which comes at the expense of magic defence. It requires level 50 Defence and level 50 Strength to equip. The ring can be imbued in the Nightmare Zone for 500,000 points and as a result will see its stats doubled. You can also use a imbue page to imbue the ring. Granite Gloves Granite gloves offer appealing stats for a mid-level, tradeable pair of gloves. To equip these you will need level 50 Defence and level 50 Strength. Fixes done to ensure more stability for the server Desert amulet 3 teleport fix Fixes done with Galvek/prince black dragon pet Fixed Jelly protect from melee Fixed issue with random vorkath head appearin from a random npc Dragon harpoon while equipped fixed Fixed players being able to use multiple spellbooks due to a bug Fixed bounds for teak log diary desert Fixed bounds for pickpocket master farmer in Ardougne You can now eat cheese You can now use the water taps at Farming Guild Added HP level requirement for NM staff Changed requirements quest cape to 11 points Fixed quest log information for Rick's head puzzle part Multiple fixes done at farming guild & contracts Updated home map allowing quicker entrance to the church
  6. Added Expeditious bracelet When worn, the bracelet provides a 25% chance for a monster killed to count as two kills toward the player's Slayer task without granting additional experience. Added Slaughter bracelet When worn, there is a 25% chance for a Slayer task kill to not count as a kill towards it, but still granting the appropriate slayer experience Mole: Multiple fixes done to the mole boss to ensure the arrow always pointing towards it & not bugging out after digging down. Kril' Tsutsaroth: Fixes done to prayer attack of Kril hitting too often, now matches osrs. Sarachnis: Sarachnis spawns are similar to osrs now, only spawning at 66% and 33% health. Sarachnis is also aggressive now Multiple other fixes done to Sarachnis Misc/bug fixes/new additions Pets also show in table now if you search for them in the bestiary Updated ::commands with new commands Edits done to rock cake to ensure players do not die from it Fixes done to various Farming Guild patches Re-added mithril seeds with a small delay for flowers so FPing with them wouldn't be possible - You can buy them in the shop keeper at home Fixed usage of blighted super restore in fun pk zone You can now dismantle the holy kit from scythe properly Added tournament wins in questlog in PVP Statistics Revenants now also show the droprates of the pvp weapons like Statius's warhammer
  7. The dropviewer has been changed & will also show pets in the interface now! - Most popular section -Npcs/items search - Added dropviewers for TOB/COX aswell Added Pyramid Plunder pet chance Fixed some pet drop issues with certain npcs Fixed Galvek drops (sometimes appeared out of bounds) Fixed pk leaderboard issue, high wilderness still gave super books, changed to normal mystery box now Multiple back-end fixes done for a better overall stability of the server Bow of Faerdhinen has been taken out of TFP loot Chompy chick pet benefit: 50% chance at an additional pk key if you win in the Tournament We've done lots of work on Gauntlet and expect it to be released soon after intensive testing!
  8. Pet perks: Beaver: 1/10 chance receiving double logs Heron: 1/10 chance to note the fish you've caught Rock Golem: 1/10 chance at mining an additional ore Imp vote pet: Double vote points if you claim votes while pet is out Chinchompa: Chinchompa explosion will target a maximum of 12 targets instead of 9 Skotos: Highly increased chance at totem/shard drops inside Catacombs of Kourend Abyssal Orphan: Deal 8 poison damage instead of 4 against NPCs using tentacle whip If you charge your tentacle whip while having pet out you will gain 15k charges instead of 10k Rocky: 5% chance at additional loot while pickpocketting. Corporeal Critter: Less damage reduction using other weapons at Corporeal Beast Misc/bug fixes You can now use sacks/blighted items in the white portal fun PK or pvp instances Fixed ::yell "null" appearing Fixed Trailblazer axe Fixed attack level Blade of Saeldor Fixed XP gain from Karambwanji Re-ordered the new tournament presets Fixed a preset that suddenly had ancestral top instead of Ahrim top Fixed looting bag untradeable issue We've done lots of work on a surprise update, coming soon!
  9. The Inn quest The final quest of the Village saga. Eira in Prifddinas needs your help! She has guests coming over but she doesn't have the proper drinks for her quests! Help her obtain these drinks as you do fun minigames like rock paper scissors along the way. Misc/bug fixes You will now get 10% increased XP everywhere in ::dz3 Fixed wrong loot key ID in Last man standing shop Fixed issue with ::yell after updating it Runelite API fixes Trialblazer axe has been added Fixed issues with adding the holy/sanguine variants of the sang/scythe items Increased vote boss HP by 1k HP Changed color of certain donator ranks in ::yell Changed PK leaderboard rewards, you will no longer get super mystery books, you can now get normal mystery boxes instead
  10. Deadman Mode-style Loot Keys Loot Keys for PKing! With this new setting enabled, you can opt to have your PvP opponents drop their loot in the form of a key That key will contain all of your target’s items, which would otherwise have been dropped on death You’ll need to purchase the ability to gain keys from Skully for 1 million GP You can also speak to him to toggle your ability off and on at any time You’ll be able to receive loot keys by killing players in the Wilderness Using the Loot Key on the chest next to Skully will allow you to see all the loot stored inside the Keys. You can also find a chest at home next to the brimstone chest by the slayer masters, donator zone 1 & 3. You can hold up to five Loot keys at any one time. Should you receive a key after hitting this limit, your next keys dropped will compare value with your others keys and swap your lowest value key with the new key You'll be able to customize your drops from the following options: Decide whether your opponent's food and potions go to the Loot Key, or are dropped normally, allowing you more survivability Change the value threshold of Loot Keys, so that items above a certain threshold will appear normally on the ground Skully is in Ferox Enclave, located slightly East of the banker Skulled players will have a Skull icon over their head that shows how many Keys they hold Tournament - Removed Golden boy from the schedule - Added 4 new presets in the tournament schedule! - Void ranged - Full bandos - Karil - Dharok combination - Ancestral NH Amulet of Avarice Amulet of Avarice will now spawn noted drops in Revenants cave & Wilderness slayer cave while wearing Fixed issue if you logged out/in while wearing avarice losing skull Fixed issue avarice sometimes not skulling you properly while equipping Yell command Player names will also be colored now depending on their donator rank If you ignore a player you wont see their yells anymore Zulrah Being able to hit Zulrah as she switches phases fixed Fixed issue zulrah dying as soon as she switches phases and freezing Prayer Corrected Wym, drake and hydra bones XP to match OSRS Mimic Fixed being able to safespot Mimics 3rd age NPCs Sarachnis Switched sarachnis attack style for one attack to match OSRS You can no longer safespot Sarachnis spiders Cooking Added ability to press the cooking objects (like cooking range) to open the skill dialogue with your current raw food in your inventory if you have the level for them to cook them a8c2bcb4b086dc13df2ebf2228ed0b61.mp4 Crystal Crown You can now properly change crystal crown into any color at anytime Trading Trade now checks if you exceed max value with gp so you can't accidently trade over the limit and lose gp Fixed spirit trees farming issue Added broadcast for Golden tench and slightly lowered droprate Fixed animation for dragon pickaxe(or) Fixed herb patch in Farming Guild Added sanfew effect to Nightmare boss Fixed granite longsword attack stats You can no longer put untradeables into your looting bag Edits done to Wintertodt that allowed you to gain KC outside of the zone Fixed servant hiring diary bug
  11. Added mobile function button Functions: Keyboard If selected, tapping it will cause the mobile keyboard to appear. Tap-to-drop If selected, tapping it will cause the inventory interface to be highlighted red, and tapping an item will drop it instantly. Single-tap If selected, tapping an object acts as the desktop's right-click. If players change the function or disable Single-tap mode via the Controls interface, they must touch & hold in order for "right-click" options to appear on an object. a401624160e122425ead183a4ddce947.mp4 Freeze timers & Vengeance timer Added freeze timer & vengeance time in chat so mobile users can benefit from it aswell considering its a runelite plugin. Misc Fixes done to tournament Can no longer melee Galvek Vorkath safespot fixed & fixed Vorkath sometimes going out of bounds At tournament you will no longer gain XP, only fake XP will be shown Fixes done to farming patches From discord #updates: Increased overall droprate in Theatre of Blood Changed the timer in the interface Added killstreaks to vyrewatches with announcements Fixed tournament player amount broadcast Fixed Grand Exchange shortcut Fixes done for new quest Fixed ::slayer command Wielding dwh now works on gwd door More XP counter interface fixes, you can now properly choose a color & more Spin flax XP fix (gave too much magic XP) Added watchman You can now hit zulrah before form change Pet perks & pet list edits, the pets that do have a benefit right now can be shown in the interface when you click the pet.
  12. New quest! The Bank quest has been added. The wise old man asks you to help him rob the Draynor Village bank! He wants you to obtain a bomb and help him steal gold from the bank. There are 4 ways you can complete the quest, every way has a special reward with it! Galvek: Fixed issue being able to safespot the boss Added new items: You obtain between 60-90k GP every kill Removed some bad loot like adamant arrows, adamant darts, full helm etc. Increased amount of most items dropped by Galvek Reduced droprate of high value items like dragon claws, morrigan outfit Added new items: Full dragonstone armor Dragon platebody Dragon full helm Dragon Dart tips/arrowtips New seeds & made runite noted drops Reworked the character selection interface - Background now moves & changes - Removed the character view & stats - Other fixes to ensure safety - Changed some fonts of text Bank: Fixed "Release all placeholders" button Fixed able to remove & add new bankpins Tournament: Increased GP rewards at Tournament First place: 1.25m Second place: 500k Third place: 300k Participating: 100k At the last remaining 2 minutes a message will be shown showing the amount of players currently waiting for the tournament Added interface showing server-wide information about Theatre of Blood - Deaths - Best time - Attempts - Completions Also shows player specific stats! You can find this information at the scoreboard just infront of the Theatre of blood entrance Pets: You can now click any pet in the pet list interface (;;pl) and it will open a new interface with more information regarding the pet. Xp counter interface Multiple fixes done to the xp counter interface which should function way better now! Added a message if you press the "FOGW: Inactive" in questlog it will now tell you how much GP is left for the fountain Added crystal pickaxe special & weapon information Added wintertodt command ::wt Added slayer command ::slayer to teleport to the masters straight away! Fixed issue with Kree'arra bugging you with her teleport attack Removed double spam "thanks for playing Luna" on login Fixed issue The church quest from Saradomin side Fixes done to farming contracts Added magic shortbow scroll in vote store & nightmare zone shop Fixed issue buying an item from trading post while your bank is full Little Nightmare pet fix Checking crystal armour now displays correct messages Mage arena webs no longer reset Fixed revenant pyrefiend respawn time to match osrs
  13. Added pet list The "rating" of each pet determines how hard a pet is to obtain & has a higher chance to obtain higher level pet perks when fully released. In a future update, you can level your pet using a pet scroll on your pet. Each level determines a new pet perk, with a max level of 5 per pet. Type one of these commands to open the interface: ::pl ::petlist ::pets 6c719821b7727467746350c1a587f4ab.mp4 Misc/fixes Added fruit stall Fixed all food obtained from food stall (able to be eaten, cut like pineapple.. etc) - Lemon - Lime - Strawberry - Papaya (restores energy) - Strange fruit (restores energy & cures poison) - Jangerberries (gives stats) - Cut pineapples with a knife for pineapple slices which can be eaten. Fixed farming issue caused by farming contracts Added 3 new custom pets as event reward for the HCIM event Added title "event winner" Every entry at the vote gambler will now give increase by 1.25m instead of 100k Added new items to broadcast Revenants now also broadcast with KC Lots of small fixes & improvements in TOB Added TOB timers for all bosses & overall (Dont mind these timers, these were done using the perfect necklace for testing!)
  14. Farming guild Farming contracts Guildmaster Jane at the Farming guild needs your help! She will give you farming contracts! Complete these contracts to receive a seed pack, you get a different seed pack depending on the tier/difficulty of your contract task. There are 5 tiers of seed packs. You can pick either easy, medium or hard contracts $500+ donators have the ability to pick their own task 10 times a day. $500+ benefit, pick your own task 10 times a day. Other Farming guild fixes: Fixed redwood patch Fixed Celastrus tree patch Fixed spirit tree patch Fixed most other patches that didn't work before Skill of the day Once a day a random skill will be picked and all players receive a 15% experience boost in this specific skill! You can press the skill of the day in the questlog to see the remaining time for the next skill. UIM storage: Ultimate ironman can now buy a storage for 9 items maximum. The storage costs 5M, you will be able to put a max of 14 items in an upcoming update! The chest can be found south of home, by the shops where NPCs like King Arthur recides. (The same chest group ironman uses for their storage) Theatre of Blood: Fixed issue entering the raid Added the proper interface for Theatre of blood rewards Fixed issue at Xarpus when a player died the player didn't get teleported to Verzik after Xarpus died Fixed other smaller issues in the raid Misc content/bug fixes Hellpuppy pet perk: Cerberus souls will not drain your prayer Lil' champ pet perk: 10% increased damage inside The Frozen Prison (all attackstyles) Lil' verzik pet perk: Increased chance at loot in Theatre of Blood & Increase damage by 5% (all attackstyles) Fixed little Nightmare perk Reworked most of Inadequacy boss You can now properly take pets out of the menagerie room in your Construction house Clue nests goes to inventory if you have enough space You can now properly take pets out of the menagerie room in your Construction house Increased stock size cannonballs & ::dz & falador shops cannon shops are now seperate Fixes done to reward interface Added event winner title You can now also type ::titles to open the title list All NPCs at home "trade" option works now Anti bot fixes Fixed a diary Lots of work done to the pet perks system, available in a future update!
  15. You only need to restart your client, no need for a new client or w/e
  16. Pet perks: This is just the beginning of pet perks. Eventually we will build a system to obtain multiple perks with one pet & a level system. Every pet will have an unique ability, and here is the first bunch of pets with perks! KBD & Galvek: 10% Increased damage against dragons Vorki: 10% increased damage against undead Callisto cub, Vetion Jr, Scorpias Offspring, Venenatis Spiderling: 20% chance at double drops at Revenants Bloodhound: 1/14 chance to complete your entire clue when a step is completed Giant squirrel pet: Increased run regeneration Little Nightmare: Increased all pvm melee damage by 5% Lil' Karil: Increased chance at double hit wearing full karil with amulet of the damned Lil' Dharok: 20% retaliation damage instead of 15% wearing full Dharok with amulet of the damned Added Galvek pet + Metamorphosis and dialogue Skilling events: Tree/rock threshold removed that it goes away after reaching certain shards Event shops: Increased & decreased certain items sell value Overhaul donator store Removed lots of "bis" items and replaced the donator store with lots of new bundles! - 5x Super Mystery books in both static shop & wise donator shop - Complete elite void set (including helms & gloves) - 25 slayer skip pages - 100x Dragon bones - 10x Clue step skip pages - 30x Stamina Potion(4) - 100x Black Chinchompa - 150x Anglerfish - 3x Ancient shard - 100x Burnt pages - 100x Crystal shards - 5x Herb boxes - 500x Cannonballs - 25x Crystal keys - 200x Cooked Karambwan Super mystery book: Took all Phats/santa hats/Halloween masks out except black phat & black santa hat Replaced phats etc with new items including druidic 3rd age & more! Misc/bug fixes Sir Palodemus asks for you to take off your gear first before you can reset a level AFK rock no longer gives clues Slayer skip scroll will check wether you have a task or not Unholy symbol can be made instantly now after you string the symbol Fixed issue if players put in a unique value in GIM chest the value dissapearing Added $ value of donator ranks in ;;benefits Added benefit to ;;benefits Wintertodt: Added more delays to certain attacks so they arent spammed Took Scythe out of wise donator store
  17. We will be adding more custom interfaces as we go to increase the quality of Luna! Gamemode selection interface We felt like a good start with the interfaces is to introduce a gamemode selection interface. Which should leave a better first impression of the server overall 7c2e8434d1da429d23da1db93b6fc3f6(1).mp4 Donator benefits interface We want to attempt to change lots of the commands that lead to the website to also be ingame (mostly for mobile users so they don't have to keep going to the website) Starting with the benefits! 921dc0267a4da314092e546547770859(1).mp4 Shop interface This shop interface below is a temporary interface until we've added the newly made one. I just wanted to get this out as soon as possible to tackle the confusion home has become and drastically lower the amount of NPCs found at home f233c82cadd72ec44778dcabace00700.mp4 Home changes After all the updates we've done the home felt way too cluttered and confusing These probably wont be the final edits but its a great start Some of the noticeable changes - Reduced size bank booths - Reduced size big building with all the shop NPCs - Took out most shop NPCs and replaced with King Arthur - The south building with all the shops now houses the cosmetic chest & group ironman chest aswell - Moved Traveler next to Sigmund - Reduced size building where slayer masters recide - Removed lots of trees & unnecesary statues - Removed lots of flowers - Added more grass - All bank booth "presets" options work now - More smaller edits Pet benefits/perks Our first pet perk has arrived! Stray dog when out will act like a Ring of Wealth & pick up all GP Vote shop: Vote shop has some new items added to be bought! - Mystery box - Super mystery book - Blood shard - Coin pouch - Crystal key - Royal seed pod Sir Palomedes/ skill reset NPC Sir Palomedes no longer has the below level 30 requirement to reset your combat levels to 1 (10 for hitpoints) Sir Palomedes asks for 2.5M per reset instead Zalcano Zalcano bug fixes to ensure him not getting stuck in mining phase Misc content & fixes Fixed issue with items dropped by NPCs that were not deleting properly Reduced pet droprate of all skills + pickpocket thieving pet chance Ironman can now use the mage arena shop Text changed Sigmund prices scroll Fixed yell timer for donators to match interface/website Added more rewards for the daily chest common rewards Bunch of edits done to the tutorial Anti-bot edits have been done Fixed dialogue issue with Bob the cat at home Brimhaven shortcut Increased HP vote boss
  18. Mage Arena You can now kill the mages in the Mage Arena to buy items listed below from Lundails shop in Mage Bank You get inbetween 1-2 points per kill at Mage Arena Wandering trader: Changed timer from 16 hours to 12 hours Re-added certain items: - Scythe of Vitur - Nightmare staff -Volatile Orb - Spectral spirit shield - Arcane spirit shield - Elysian spirit shield - Zenyte shard Misc/bug fixes Added a way for UIM to take items out of looting bag at Ferox Enclave & Home Increased stock of fire/air runes at home Added a check if you try to remove an item from trading post wether your bank is full or not Rune dragon aggressive fixes Added ::sr ::staffroom command (For support and above) Fixed metamorphosis for inferno pet Changes to daily reward chest, added some new items Changed pvm shop coin rewards, made them a bit cheaper
  19. Theatre of Blood edits: Blade of Saeldor temporarily available from Theatre of Blood Added name of the current boss whenever you enter the room as interface Greatly increased chance at obtaining unique Added Theatre of Blood event that increases unique loot even more Temporarily made the reward interface the CoX one untill further notice Fixed issue with Verzik pillar dealing damage to player too late Fixed issue with Verzik pillars hit distance being too great Reduced Vasilias spider spawn by 6 seconds Increased Vasilia strarting to switching stances by 6 seconds Multiple other fixes Added "presets" to Ver-sinhaza bank Added pool of rejuvenation at Ver-sinhaza bank Added holy & Sanguine cosmetic kits to loottable The Mimic: The Mimic has been added to the game! You may fight the boss after obtaining a Mimic chest. You can obtain a chest through 3 ways: 1/15 chance from Master caskets 1/30 chance from Elite caskets Donators have a 1/30 chance to obtain a mimic chest from Hard caskets aswell. Our version of Mimic will always give you rolls from the master casket items. The rolls depend on which clue you obtained the Mimic chest & if you died at Mimic or not. 6 rolls: Master casket 5 rolls: Hard casket 4 rolls: Medium casket Obor: By killing Hill Giants you have a 1/92 chance at obtaining a Giant key, you can use this key at Obors entrance to fight Obor for a chance at the Hill Giant club & many other supplies! Daily reward chest: Every 24 hours you may claim a free chest for your loyalty! Cannon: Putting cannon balls in the cannon should now always work instead of clicking multiple times Added donator benefit: at $1000+ donator if you are within cannon shooting range the cannon will fire cannonballs from your inventory Multiple other small cannon fixes Vote boss: Fixed issue with boss HP getting way too high Slightly reduced healing output from the boss Increased chances at unique loot Donator benefits: Some players felt like donator benefits has been neglected for a while. Therefore we've added some new benefits! $1000+: Dz3 slayer cave is now a multizone At $1000+ donator if you are within cannon shooting range the cannon will fire cannonballs from your inventory Chance to receive mimic chest from hard caskets Less clue steps overall from medium to master clues 20% increased chance at obtaining a pet $500+ 10% increased chance at obtaining a pet $100+ 5% increased chance at obtaining a pet Birdhouses: 50% chance at extra nest from birdhouse ($1000+ benefit) Non-donators birdhouse timer reduced to 40 minutes instead of 50 minutes Any donator: 35 minutes instead of 40 minutes $500+ donator: 30 minutes instead of 40 minutes $1000+ donator: 25 minutes instead of 40 minutes $2500+ donator: 20 minutes instead of 40 minutes $5000+ donator: 15 minutes instead of 40 minutes Pyramid Plunder: Increased chance at obtaining Sceptre Added chance at obtaining several gems & gold bars from plunder Charter Ship charter has been added & all the wanderer traders & shops has been fixed The charter will check your current location & change the interface accordingly if you cannot use a boat to reach the area Fixed multiple gangplanks that didn't work f4e7ad478e59d6f987cd9f7a44428c43.mp4 Teleport Interface: Changed the interface slightly for the search button to search teleports to make it more obvious New teleports: Hill Giants Kurasks Obor The Mimic Crabclaw Cave Crabs: Slightly increased GP output from caskets crabs Fixed issue with items staying forever at sand crabs & other NPCs We've added crabclaw cave as a way for players to train in peace without cannons interrupting them The cave also has King sand crabs Fixed mould creation rings/necklaces etc, the buttons to create 5.. 10.. or all now properly works b3c22e862b58bb1dd1f8489cfb59d6d0.mp4 Zalcano: Fixes done to Zalcano to prevent him from bugging out again during mining phase When standing back up automaticly stop players from mining Pvm store: Added coin pouch Added coin casket Added giant key Changed 3 Onyx requirement from village tasks to 1 Onyx Totem pieces now properly add to your Collection log Hespori items now properly adds to your Collection Log Vorkath head now properly adds to your Collection Log Added pet to Dagganoth supreme (somehow didn't have it) Taken Scythe out of donator store & temporarily replaced with Blade of Saeldor Changed Ammonite crab slayer level from 10 to 1 Added a message to use your food on the cooking range to begin cooking Fixed multiple NPCs with wrong animations Added dragon kite shield creation at the Dragonforge Konar task fixes Fixes done to Kree'arra Character selection button now logs you out aswell Added player blackmarks for several punishments ingame Changed ranger NPC at frozen prison (because Mimic uses the third age ranger!) Fixed players instantly starting a Pest Control game Added announcement Robin Hood Hat Fixed dragon defender & dragonbone necklace stats You can now use the 3rd age ring to change into multiple 3rd age pieces Added bone necklace effect to the necklace (prayer restore every bone depending on the bone)
  20. Reward interface Doing certain activities an interface may appear which tells you you've completed your activity The interface at the moment will appear with - Collection log after obtaining an unique item - Achievement Diaries Theatre of Blood Increased odds at obtaining uniques Fixed an issue with Verzik targeting players during transitioning Increased Vasilia phase 1 spider wave by 6 seconds Decreased Vasilias start with switching combat styles by 6 seconds Fixed issue keeping points using supply chest You can enter the doors using "quick-enter" Other small fixes done Work done on player health orbs/boss HP bar, will be added soon! Zalcano Fixed issue players still mining after mining phase ended Changed how rewards are given out & added a minimum damage to be eligible for loot More small fixes done to Zalcano Misc/bug fixes Changed Rick's head questlog information about the puzzle to make the puzzle more obvious Fixed woodcutting axe animations for certain axes Fixed Dragon harpoon fishing Ranis at Duel arena now reminds you to stay clear of scams or tricks! Konar now gives Aviansies as task Reduced village task 3 onyx requirement to 1
  21. Zalcano Zalcano has been released & is available in Prifddinas. You can access Zalcano through the teleport interface or using the teleport platform in Prifddinas. You can obtain multiple rewards from Zalcano including: - Crystal tool seed - Smolcano - Zalcano shard & much more! Misc/bug fixes Fixed starter staff XP issue Added teleblock restriction attempting to enter Corporeal beast cave & KBD if you are teleblocked Fixed multiple clue spots Fixed a ladder Added pirates in pirates hut in Wilderness instead of witches Fixed axe hut thieving level requirement Added proper description of orbs in questlog (example: red orbs shows "quests" now if you hover over it) Fixed issue at vote boss when players die Fixed issue with player loading that sometimes occurs Added Death Plateau/trolls teleport Added Zalcano teleport Added multiple new illegal usernames Added achievement to Theatre Of Blood Multiple fixes done to TOB Trialblazer graceful kit is now tradeable
  22. Theatre of Blood Fixes done if entire party dies at the same time Slightly increased Vasilia pillars HP Other small fixes to ensure a smooth run Other fixes/misc Fixed Al Kharid shortcut by the palace You can now properly enter the lighthouse and go down the stairs & enter through the door Fixed superior basilisk NPC not being able to get attacked Added Elvarg discord messages with certain loot Fixed some clue steps with wrong location Added animations for ogres When you enter Armadyl boss at GWD you get teleported a bit further now so she doesnt just kick you out of the room Zalcano is finished & will be released soon Multiple other fixes done to ensure a better overall experience in the server
  23. The Theatre of Blood The theatre of blood has been released! There are 6 bosses you will face. The Maiden of Sugadinti At 75%, and 50% hitpoints, the Maiden will spawn two Nylocas Matomenos for every player in the party. The NPCs will walk straight towards Maiden, if they reach Maiden they will heal her. To stop this, players have to freeze them and kill them afterwards. The maiden will also throw blood spots you will have to dodge else they will damage you & heal maiden. Pestilent Bloat The bloat will walk around its room in a square as soon as the party enters the room. If any player is within its line of sight, the Bloat's flies will attack them, causing players to take rapid hits of 10-20 every tick until they are out of the Bloat's line of sight. This will spread to other players in the raid also and can therefore kill a party very quickly. After seven or fourteen cycles of mutilated flesh falling from the ceiling, it will stop moving, allowing players to attack it. After a few seconds, it will stomp the surrounding area, dealing large amounts of damage. If its defence has been reduced, it will regenerate to full when it stomps. If a player is hit by a mutilated flesh, it will deal 30–50 damage and stun them temporarily. Falling flesh can be evaded beforehand by looking for their shadow on the floor. The Bloat will also change direction randomly throughout the fight. Along with this, it will also change the speed at which it is walking. It has two different speeds of moving: walking (one tile per tick) and running (two tiles per tick). Nylocas Vasilias Nylocas Vasilias is the third encounter in the Theatre of Blood, and spawns after killing off waves of Nylocas Hagios, Ischyros, and Toxobolos spiders. During the wave the spiders may explode and deal high damage. The spiders will also hit the pillars around the map, make sure all pillars do not reach 0 hp else your team loses. Vasilias also changes his combat style throughout the fight by changing its carapace, which also indicates its weakness: grey for melee, blue for magic, green for ranged. It will change every 10 ticks (6 seconds), and it will always change to one of the other two styles. Sotetseg Sotetseg is a dark beast that has been corrupted through Haemalchemy. It is the fourth encounter in the Theatre of Blood. Sotetseg stands immobile in the northern section of a 14×15 tiled arena. It launches small red projectiles which can be blocked with Protect from Magic. It also launches green projectiles which can be blocked with protect from ranged. If standing in sotesteg's melee distance he will melee you and hit 50% less damage on protect from melee. Sotetseg will also occasionally fire a large red ball at a single player. All players must stand within a 3×3 area of the targeted player to disperse the damage. If the player does not manage to put protect from magic on once the ball hits he will be 1 hit for full HP. Xarpus Xarpus is the fifth encounter in the Theatre of Blood. The Yarasa King, Xarpus is the last of its kind, and was captured by Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan to be used as a boss in the Theatre. Recovery (Phase 1): Severely weakened, Xarpus will channel the energy of the ground by exhuming a total of 25 skeletons to heal him for rapid bits of 6 health per tick for 15 ticks. This can be temporarily halted by standing on top of the exhumed remains. Poison (Phase 2): Xarpus starts attacking the players after enough time has passed from phase 1 and starts off with the amount of health he had starting from phase 1. He will launch poison at players surrounding him dealing rapid damage which will heal him in return. This poison then occupies that tile for the rest of the fight and deals 6-8 damage each tick a player stands on or crosses over it. Skipping over a poisoned tile will deal a delayed hit. Counter (Phase 3): Xarpus screeches once lowered below 22.5% of its health and stops launching poison around the arena, instead staring intently at one quadrant at a time. If a player attacks it from the area Xarpus is looking at, it will retaliate hitting a 50 and heal half of the damage you hit on him. Verzik Lady Verzik Vitur is a vampyre who rules over Ver Sinhaza. She is the hostess as well as the final boss of the Theatre of Blood Phase 1: Players in the raid must take it in turn to use the Dawnbringer in order to harm Verzik. Any other weapon will have a much lower chance of hitting and will also be capped on damage. It is mandatory to hide behind a pillar, as failing to do so can result in fatal damage. Pillars will also collapse after several attacks and deal heavy damage to anyone next to them when it collapses. Phase 2: During phase 2, Verzik will leave her throne and fly to the middle of the room, collapsing all remaining pillars in the room. Players next to her have a chance of being bodyslammed away which stuns them, and she also tosses out bombs at the players' positions which deal heavy damage if they are not avoided. She can summon multiple Nylocas. When this happens she also tosses a slow purple projectile which can be avoided but if it lands on the tile the player's on it can deal up to 78 damage. This purple projectile also transforms into Nylocas Nathanos which will heal her and can be removed by attacking them once with a poisoned weapon to inflict a heavy poison hit before despawning. The common Nylocas will follow a player and explode if they reach their target for 63 damage, but will also explode after a set amount of time. As her health falls below 35%, she will start using blood spells to heal her, which will drain the player's prayer if prayed against, and periodically summon two Nylocas Matomenos which she will kill off if they persist too long, and heal her for the amount of health they had left. During the first three seconds after she summons them, any damage inflicted will heal her instead. Phase 3: During phase 3, Verzik's true form will be shown, a half spider, half vampyre. She is now mobile and uses all three forms of combat, her ranged attack consisting of barbs and her magic a single blue projectile. These are considered to be her "Auto" attacks. She now has four special attacks. The first she will summon common Nylocas during the fight like in the previous phase, and uses new abilities. She can charge up a powerful attack, creating "safespots" which players can stand on to protect them from this attack. Each "safespot" only works for one player, so they cannot stand on the same tile to protect themselves. She can also launch a green projectile which must be bounced between every player of the team or the player who is targeted will take heavy damage. The order of these attacks are in a set order. The first round of special attacks is Nylos, followed by webs, safe spots, and green projectile. There are four "auto" attacks between each special attack. When she reaches 20% of her health, she will increase her attack speed, and summon a purple magical tornado for each player in the room, which will constantly follow them. If they are hit by the tornado, they will take damage equal to 50% of their current health, healing and empowering Verzik in the process. The tornado will also heal Verzik if a player dies to another attack. Misc/bug fixes Fixes done players being able to safespot certain bosses with bow Fixes done to Inadequacy with a dead bug Fix done at vote boss Increased slayer shop item sizes Added climbing boots for ironman in ironman shops Added a message showing amount of votes left if you go to ::vb Added TOB titles in ::title Added sounds to Sang staff Fixed Zulrah & Galvek NPC rendering Fix done for Karil armour special attack (with full karil) More edits done to ensure less lag in the server & more Zalcano is finished & will be released soon!
  24. Vote boss Every 60 votes a vote boss appears. You can type ::vb or ::voteboss to access the boss Notable features: The boss is focused on healing himself He will throw blood barrage to heal himself He will also spawn exhumes A player needs to start on these exhumes to prevent them from healing the boss He will throw shadow barrage upon close range, which will be ranged hit The boss also has a chance to hypnotize a player, the player will be forcefully moved to the boss. The boss can also throw blood bombs, run away from these, if you explode these bombs next to the boss it will deal high damage to him. Notable drops: - Imp pet -Kodai cosmetic ae66c277b995b8395884e8c51fd41cf7.mp4 Added ore box The ore box is similar to the herb box. You will obtain 10 different ores listed below You receive more coal if you hit coal. The ore box has been replaced with the ores in the shooting star event shop Ores available in box: Dragonite ore Runite ore Adamantite ore Gold ore Silver ore Mithril ore Iron ore Copper ore Coal Added egg sacs The egg sacs allow you to receive 100 spiders' eggs upon opening them with a knife. Available from Sarachnis 1/20 The Frozen Prison Added The frozen prison event which gives players an additional 8% chance at unique loot. Fixed an issue with Inadequacy when players die due to the poison attack Misc/other content Added sinhaza capes Fixed a problem with glass blowing receiving the wrong bucket Anvil in ::dz3 has been put closer to bank Added 1 dragonite rock to dz3 Changed dragonite mining to 90 instead of 95 Mobile users can press examine to pick up items from a loot pile if the pile is above 10 Fixes done to trading post to ensure no errors occur Events announced in server (double drops, CoX boost etc) are now announced on discord #events Fixes done to world boss Decreased defence kree'arra & added correct offensive stats Renamed an achievement diary
  25. You are right, my apologies, fixed!
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