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    This will be a very long post but figured I should post all the tasks before release - See what players think and maybe we can improve on some tasks! Ardougne: Ardougne Easy: Teleport to the RC caves talking to Wizard Cromperty Steal a cake at the Baker's stall in Ardougne Walk across the log balance at Ardougne Pray at the altar in Ardougne Church Chop dying tree at West Ardougne Give two pints, two pints Give picture north of two pints to Councillor Halgriv Fill bucket with sand Yanille Use fairy ring DJP Use Fairy Ring BIS Ardougne Medium: Enter Ourania altar Cast Ardougne teleport Harvest Strawberries at Ardougne patch Catch a shark at Fishing Guild Catch any imp inside Ardougne Smith Mithril bar inside Ardougne Craft some death runes Kill wolf inside Ardougne Pickpocket a Paladin Complete a lap of Ardougne rooftop course Catch a red salamander Check-health of palm tree at Gnome Tree Village Teleport to Watchtower Grow watermelons Ardougne patch Ardougne hard: Steal from fur stall Smith Mithril Platebody inside Ardougne POH through Yanille Smith a dragon square shield inside Ardougne Craft 28 Death Runes at once Talk to a zoo keeper while wearing a whip Give a salmon to penguin in Ardougne Zoo Use the grapple at Yanille After completing fishy situation quest talk to Fishing tutor Browse Wizard Sinina's store inside Mages' Guild) Ardougne Elite: Cook dark crab at Port Khazard Pickpocket a Hero Pick Torstol Ardougne patch Craft 50 Death Runes at once Hire a demon butler Light a redwood log inside Ardougne Create a rune crossbow at Witchaven Pickpocket Master Farmer north of Ardougne Desert Desert Easy: Catch a golden Warbler inside the Desert Mine five clay in the Desert Enter Kalphite Queen Hive Enter the Desert with desert robes equipped Kill a Vulture Enter Pyramid Plunder Sell some artifacts to Simon at Pyramid Plunder Open Bedabin Nomads shop Open Sarcophage first room Pyramid Plunder Kill a Ugthanki camel inside the Desert Use Fairy ring DLQ Desert medium: Climb to the shortcut leading to Agility pyramid Slayer desert lizard inside Desert Catch a orange Salamander Steal Phoenix feather Mine gold inside the desert Cook a lobster at Nardah Create a combat potion in the desert Chop teak logs in the desert Clean herbs Zahur Check what Simon sells items for Pray at Sophanem with smite active Kill Kalphite guardians Desert Hard: Mine some granite Slayer 50 kalphite soldiers Kill Kalphite queen Complete a lap Pollniveach Slay a dust devil at the Desert cave Complete desert treasure and talk to The Archaelogist Burn yew logs inside the Desert Create a mithril platebody at Nardah Get hit inside Pyramid Plunder Trade atleast 10k at Simon Desert elite: Obtain a Pharaohs Sceptre Bake a wild pie at Nardah oven Fletch dragon darts in Bedabin Camp Steal gold chest at final room in Pyramid Plunder Restore atleast 90 prayer points Speak with KQ head at POH Falador Falador easy: Drink Asgarnian ale Climb the Falador west crumbling wall View Sarah's farming shop Kill a white knight Fill a bucket at the waterpump west bank Falador Kill a Duck at Falador park Enter the mining guild through the ladder at Falador Create a mind tiara Mine copper at Rimmington Repair strut at Motherlode Mine Smith iron limbs at Doric's anvil Falador medium: Kill 10 black demons Use the lvl 70 shortcut rocks at Taverley dungeon Charge a fire orb Kill Mogre Pay Heskel at Falador park to watch over farming Grapple Falador wall Pickpocket a Falador guard Trade mole parts with Wyson the gardener Mine gold at the Crafting Guild Squeeze crevice in Dwarven Mine Show a dragon pickaxe to the lady of the lake Kill 50 Falador Guards Teleport to Falador Create magic string at a spinning wheel in Falador Falador hard: Craft 140 mind runes at once Kill Cerberus Kill giant mole Kill 10 Skeletal wyvern Complete falador rooftop course Grab torstol from herb patch at Falador Kill 25 blue dragons Crack a wallsafe Equip a dragon defender Deposit in Motherlode mine hopper Equio a prospector jacket Falador Elite: Craft 252 air runes at once Wear a white 2h sword Find atleast 2 magic roots at once when digging up your magic tree in Falador Jump the strange floor at Taverley Dungeon Mix a saradomin brew inside east bank Falador Perform a cape of accomplishment emote inside Falador Fremennik Fremennik easy: Catch a Cerulean Twitch Kill 5 rock crabs Craft a tiara inside Relekka Browse helm store at Relekka Enter the cave at Waterbirth Island Steal from Relekka's fishing stall Fill a bucket of water at the Relekka Well Enter Troll Stronghold using the Stile by the house Burn oak log inside Relekka Use fairy to Lighthouse Fremennik medium: Kill a Brine rat Jump fence in Relekka Mine coal at Relekka Steal from Keldagrim's crafting stall Travel to Miscellania using fairy ring Show Ice gloves to Foreman in Blast Furnace Smelt some ore at Blast Furnace Kill 50 Dagannoths inside the lighthouse Mine mithril at Relekka Fremennik hard: Teleport to Trollheim Kill 60 Market guards in Rellekka Mix super defence potion inside Rellekka Steal from Keldagrim's gem stall Mine five adamant ore at Jatizso Teleport to Waterbirth Island Smith a runite bar at Rellekka's oven Pump the pump at Blast Furnace 200 times Complete a lap of the Rellekka agility course Fremennik elite: Craft 56 astral runes at once Create a dragonstone amulet at Neitiznot furnace Kill Barrows General Kill Kree'Arra Kill Dagannoth Rex Kill Dagganoth Supreme Kandarin Kandarin Easy: Collect flax at Seers' village Open candle shop at Catherby Kill 10 fire giants at the Waterfall dungeon Complete barbarian agility course Harvest a strawberry allotment patch at Catherby Pray at the church in Seers Village with protect item active Use Fairy ring to McGrubor's Wood Catch a lobster at Catherby Fill a bowl with water at Camelot Drink 3 beers and get drunk at Seers' village bar Cross the coal truck balance log Kandarin medium: Chop a yew tree by the Seers' village church Kill a mithril dragon Mine mithril in the Ancient Cave Teleport to camelot Use fairy ring to Sinclair Mansion (east) Mine coal at the coal truck location Catch a leaping salmon Kill 10 wolves at White Wolf Mountain Wear a Angler hat Show a fighter torso to Captain Cain Chop a maple tree north Seers' village bank Craft a studded body inside Seers' village bank Catch Minnows Cook shark inside Catherby Kandarin hard: Create a zamorakian hasta at Otto Godblessed Kill a runite dragon Kill Cave Kraken Equip a uncharged trident Kill 20 Adamant dragons Trade atleast 30 sharks with Kylie at Minnows Cut a leaping sturgeon Craft a water staff at Catherby Craft a yew longbow at Barbarian Outpost Complete a lap Seers rooftop agility course Pray at the church in Seers Village with Piety active Kandarin elite: Show tormented bracelet to Caleb in Catherby Teleport to Catherby Show occult necklace to Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight in Seers' Village Create rune platelegs inside Seers' village Create a rune hasta by Otto's anvil Pick dwarf weed at the herb patch in Catherby Create a stamina potion inside Catherby Karamja Karamja easy: Pick 5 bananas from the plantation located east of the volcano. Use the rope swing to travel to the Moss Giant Island. Mine some gold from the rocks on the north-west peninsula of Karamja. Travel to Port Sarim via the dock, east of Musa Point. Travel to Ardougne via the port near Brimhaven. Trade Zambo on Musa Point. Catch a lobster north of the banana plantation. Board the ogre boat back to Feldip hills. Attempt the Fight Caves. Kill a snake around Karamja volcano Karamja medium: Kill 10 pirates in Brimhaven Discover hidden wall in the dungeon below the volcano. Visit the Isle of Crandor via the dungeon below the volcano Kill Elvarg Enter Tzhaar area Kill a Tzhaar-Hur Enter Tzhaar Area's firecape zone Cut a teak tree inside Karamja Cut a mahogany tree inside Karam ja Catch a Karambwan Use fairy ring to Tzhaar Enter the Inferno Check health banana fruit tree in Brimhaven Show a Obsidian cape to Kangai Mau at Brimhaven food shop Chop vines in Brimhaven dungeon Walk up stairs in Brimhaven dungeon Go through pipe Brimhaven dungeon Mine gem rocks in Karamja Use fairy ring to south of Musa Point Karamja hard: Obtain a fire cape Mine red topaz Runecraft nature runes Cook a raw Karambwan Complete a boss task Steve Climb vines Brimhaven dungeon Kill 3 iron dragons Kill steel dragon Brimhaven dungeon Jump stepping stones Shilo village Kill Elvarg 10 times Karamja elite: Gamble a fire cape Craft 56 nature runes simultaneously Check-health Palm tree Create antivenom at horse shoe mine Jump on stepping stones in Brimhaven Dungeon Kourend Kourend easy: Catch a gray chinchompa in Kourend Kill a Kourend guard Steal from gem stall Kill a sand crab in Kourend Try Aerial fishing Enter the dungeon that houses lizardmen within Kourend. Enter The Frozen Prison raid. Enter the Woodcutting Guild located in Kourend. Use sawmill at woodcutting guild Browse Mount Karuulm axe shop Harvest some tomatoes in the Farming Guild Mine some iron ore on Mount Karuulm Kourend medium: Enter farming guild Use fairy ring to Chasm of fire Kill a lizardmen Use the Arceuus lvl 52 Runecrafting shortcut Use Xeric's talisman and teleport to Xeric's heart Kill Sarachnis Complete a game of Wintertodt Use level 73 rock climb by Arceuus RC mining Do any reanimation Fish anglerfish Cook Anglerfish Obtain a tome of fire Smith a mithril platebody within Arceuus Kourend hard: Check magic tree health inside Farming Guild Chop a magic tree within Woodcutting guild Kill 20 Wyrms Kill Seren inside The Frozen Prison Loot grubby chest Chop redwood inside Woodcutting guild Light a fire wearing Fire Tome & Bruma Torch Obtain 4000 wintertodt points in 1 game Kill Skotizo Kill 5 Lizardmen shamans Kourend elite: Complete Chambers Of Xeric Bind runes at soul altar Obtain a phoenix pet Wield a Dragon warhammer Complete The Frozen Prison Runecraft blood runes Reanimate a Abyssal Demon Kill Alchemical Hydra Lumbridge & Draynor Lumbridge & Draynor easy: Complete a lap Draynor Course Kill a giant rat in Lumbridge swamp Use Sedridor to teleport to rune essence mine Craft water runes Press total play time in the questlog Pickpocket a man inside Lumbridge castle Burn oak logs in Lumbridge castle Kill a zombie in Draynor sewers Catch anchovies in Lumbridge swamp Make bread in Lumbridge castle Kill a cow in Lumbridge Lumbridge & Draynor medium: Enter H.A.M hideout Complete a lap of Al Kharid course Use the rocks shortcut at the Al Kharid mine Wear Ava's Accumulator Travel to Wizard Tower using Fairy ring Cast Lumbridge teleport Catch a raw pike at Lumbridge Craft a coif inside Lumbridge cow pen Chop a willow tree in Draynor Village Pickpocket Martin the master gardener Go through the underwall tunnel near Draynor Village Catch Essence Impling in Puro Puro Lumbridge & Draynor hard: Cast bones to peaches spell in Al Kharid Palace Squeeze past Jutting wall in Zanaris Catch Ecletic Impling in Puro Puro Harvest magic tree in Farming Patch in Lumbridge Pray at the altar in Duel Arena with smite active Lumbridge & Draynor elite: Chop magic logs in the Mage arena training area Craft a rune platebody in Draynor sewers Craft 140 water runes simultaneously Perform the quest cape emote Talk to Yarlo after completing the Necromancer quest Enchant a Onyx amulet at Lumbridge Morytania Morytania easy: Kill a crawling hand inside Slayer Tower Use Fairy Ring ALQ Visit Barker's shop at Canifis Use a spade to dig down any barrow brothers cave Kill Nikolai within Canifis Chop dying tree in Morytania Cook a lobster inside Slepe Make a iron platebody inside Slepe Enter The Nightmare of Ashihama's zone through Slepe Use compost at the Allotment inside Morytania Enter Port Phasmatys Morytania medium: Take a row boat to Slepe Kill Ahrim the blighted Pray at the altar in Slepe with monk robes on Catch a Swamp Lizard Kill a Experiment Kill Dharok the Wretched Mine Daeyalt Essence Craft runes using Daeyalt Essence Visit Darkmeyer Pick ranarr weed at the herb patch inside Morytania Finish a lap of the Canifis agility course Morytania hard: Kill 20 Vyrewatch Sentinels Kill 10 Nechryael inside the Slayer Tower Make a super energy potion inside Morytania Obtain a piece of barrows equipment Kill 60 Cave Horrors Climb the spikey chain on the second floor Slayer Tower Teleport with the ectophial once Jump on the stones by the fairy ring west of Mort'ton Pickpocket vyres inside Darkmeyer Kill a Abyssal Demon in the slayer tower Morytania elite: Loot the barrous chest while wearing full Dharok Kill the Nightmare boss Complete a run of Theatre Of Blood Make a divine super strength potion inside Morytania Obtain a blood shard by killing Vyrewatch Sentinels Loot a abyssal whip from an Abyssal Demon within the Slayer Tower Varrock Varrock easy: Mine some iron ore at the Al-Kharid mine Browse Thessalias store Teleport to the RC caves using Aubury Mine iron in varrock south east mining area Make normal planks at home Enter second level Stronghold Security Jump the fence in south varrock Chop dying tree in the Lumberyard Put an item in trading post Catch trout in Barbarian village Drink tea inside Varrock Craft bowl inside barbarian village Use a vote ticket on Ur-tag at home Move your house to home Chop a oak in Varrock Varrock medium: Kill Bryophyta Play a tournament game Use teleport to Varrock spell Complete a medium slayer task from Steve Make 20 Mahogany planks at once Check health maple tree in Varrock Complete the Varrock Agility course Use spirit tree at home Wear a Merfolk Trident Change your respawn location Catch a impling inside Varrock Cook a shark inside Varrock Mine the shooting star ore in Varrock Varrock hard: Pray at the altar at Sophanem with smite active Wear Bryophyta's staff Complete a hard slayer task from Steve Chop a Yew tree in Varrock Light a gilded altar burner Check health Yew tree in Varrock Pray at the altar in Varrock Palace with smite active Squeeze through pipe in Edgeville Dungeon Have the Varrock estate agent decorate your house with Fancy Stone Create a rune battleaxe at varrock west bank Light a yew log inside Varrock Varrock elite: Create a Super Combat Potion in Varrock West Bank Fletch 10 rune darts Craft 100 or more earth runes at once Buy a cooking cape from the head chef Decorate your house with Deathly Mansion(Constr. Ivl 90) Western Provinces Western Provinces easy: Catch a Copper Longtail Complete a game in the Novice boat Pest Control Enter Stronghold slayer cave Complete a lap of the gnome agility course Climb down the rocks north of Gnome Stronghold Use the spirit tree to Myth's guild Enter Myth's guild Fletch an oak shortbow inside Gnome Stronghold Kill 5 terrorbird inside Gnome Stronghold Kill a level 1 gnome inside Gnome Stronghold Check health oak tree inside Gnome Stronghold Western Provinces medium: Use sandpit at Prifddinas Move house to Prifddinas Burn teak logs inside Prifddinas Complete a game in the Intermediate boat Pest Control Visit Llian's clothing shop inside Prifddinas Spin flax in Lletya Teleport to Ape Atoll Get hit by the Crystal tree skilling event Kill 10 blue dragons in Myths' guild dungeon Kill 5 red dragons in Myths' guild dungeon Obtain crystal shards at the Prifddinas agility course Climb agility rocks west Feldip Hills Chop a Magic tree in Gnome Stronghold Western Provinces hard: Check health magic tree Pickpocket a gnome Check health palm tree inside Lletya Fish monkfish Chop a Mahogany tree inside Prifddinas Complete a game in the Veteran boat Pest Control Cook monkfish inside Piscatoris Fishing Colony Open the Elven crystal chest inside Prif ddinas Complete a lap of the Prifddinas agility course Enchant any jewelry at the Fountain Of Uhld in Myths' guild Create Wrath Runes Kill 10 black dragons in Myths' guild dungeon Kill Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Western Provinces elite: Kill Zulrah Create a crystal platebody Create a uncut zenyte using the wall of flame at Ape Atoll Wear a full set of elite void (with void melee helm) Fletch a magic longbow on Ape Atoll Create a crystal halberd Create 24 Wrath Runes in one trip Wilderness Wilderness easy: Cast low alchemy at the Fountain Of Rune Enter Wilderness using the lever at home or Ardougne lever Use a bone on the west Chaos Altar Enter Chaos runecraft temple Kill a Mammoth Kill earth warrior Use a Super restore Potion at the Demonic Ruins Enter Kings black dragons lair Participate volcano event Mine any ore inside Wilderness Teleport to the Abyss Equip team cape 26 in Wilderness Wilderness medium: Mine mithril ore in the Wilderness Kill Wilderness event boss Enter God Wars Dungeon in the Wilderness Complete a lap in the Wilderness agility course Kill a Green Dragon in west Wilderness Kill a Ankou in the Cemetery Charge an Earth orb Kill King Black Dragon Smith Mithril ore at the Resource Area Open Larran's chest Obtain a Wilderness key Wilderness hard: Mine runite ore in the Wilderness Complete Wilderness Key Cast one of the 3 godspells on a player Charge a air orb Catch a black chinchompa Smith Adamant ore at the Resource Area Play a Last Man Standing game Kill Chaos Elemental Kill Chaos Fanatic Kill Crazy Archaeologist Kill Callisto Wilderness elite: Fish dark crab at the resource area Create a rune platebody in the resource area Kill 80 Battle Mages in the Mage Arena Steal from Rogues castle chest Kill a Spiritual Mage inside GWD Dungeon (Wildy) Kill Corporeal Beast
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